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  1. It's my nephew and I believe that is what his mom is planning to do as well. Plain t-shirts and docker shorts -- but, if he can wear the basketball shorts for a night or 2 (not formal nights), that would help with not wearing the same thing every night. For formal nights he'll be dressed up 🙂
  2. Just to clarify -- this isn't my child. But, I am traveling with them...as is his mom. We've all discussed the dinner rules -- but, it really doesn't make sense that shorts are allowed -- but basketball shorts are not --- shorts are shorts. He'll dress accordingly in the appropriate clothing. Just curious what they enforce.
  3. He's an 11 year old kid -- it's his 1st cruise. He knows he needs to dress up for the elegant dinners -- just seeing how much they enforce the rules on the other nights. I promise he'll be clean....lol. Thanks!
  4. Yep -- that's what we told him also. Just curious if they enforce this rule. Thx!
  5. Cruising with 2 boys - 11 and 13 -- the 11 year old NEVER wears pants --ever! He has accepted that his mom wants him to "dress up" on the elegant nights but....can he wear basket ball shorts into the MDR for dinner on the other nights? Or - will he need dressier shorts? We'll be on the Panorama in April. Thanks!
  6. anyone know the cost of catching an Uber from the Long Beach pier (Panaroma) to LAX? Just 1 person, probably 2 bags. Thanks!
  7. Its been awhile since I"ve been on cruise critic and it looks like the format has changed. Is there a way to search for your topic rather than reading thru thousands of posts? I'm specifically looking for Carnival gratuity information. Thanks!
  8. I am wondering the exact same thing -- my April 4th sailing shows a return time of 9am on the 11th. I have never been on a ship that didn't dock by 6am. I really want to book the only reasonably priced flight home from LGB -- but, it's at 8:30am. IF the ship really docks early and I self disembark -- I'm 100% confident that I can make that flight because LGB is such a small airport and not far away. However, it is certainly a risky booking...lol. Guess I'll wait another couple of weeks and see what those 1st few cruises have to say about timing.
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