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  1. Oops, yes I did mean Oct 17 - thanks for the catch! I showed hubby a video of the aft wrap balcony and he basically said if I didn't book it, he would. He will probably spend the entire week on that balcony and just order room service! 😂
  2. Reduced capacity would be great, plus hopefully less kids since it's October.
  3. As I mentioned it actually is available to healthy people depending on where they live. Our local health department is conducting free mass drive-thru testing events for anyone who wants one and you don't have to have any symptoms at all. Here's a quote from the article linked below: "No ID is required to get tested, and you do not need to show symptoms of COVID-19, have an appointment or a doctor’s note." https://wtop.com/arlington/2020/05/arlington-county-holds-free-covid-19-testing-tuesday/
  4. Do you mean tests (not vaccine)? It is actually very possible to get a test even if you're not sick, depending on where you live. Our area (DC Metro area, so we're considered a "hot spot") has been having free mass drive-thru testing events where anyone can show up and get a test, whether they are sick or not. Last week an event was held near us that tested over 1,800 people in a few hours, most with no symptoms. They are doing another free event next week.
  5. UPDATE: Hubby said "book it" and he promised to keep me sane between now and then. I'm thinking lots of wine will be involved! 🤣
  6. We would be flying. I made the drive from Florida to Virginia when we moved and it's not one I ever want to make again!
  7. I guess it really boils down to this: will I be crushed if it gets cancelled and what do I have to lose? Yes, I will be crushed. And the thing I have to lose is the ability to take a vacation - any vacation - this year. Because of my work obligations right now, I can only take a vacation before mid-August, the week of October 17th, or wait until at least March next year. My job is high-stress, so vacation time is sacred. That's why I'm skittish about hanging all my hopes (and sanity) on a cruise in October. But that aft-wrap is calling my name...
  8. I have a 48 hour hold on an aft-wrap balcony cabin for an October 18 sailing on the Magic from Miami, 7-days, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Mahogany Bay. I'm going completely stir-crazy right now, especially since we were supposed to be on an 8-day cruise this week, and my wanderlust is making this sooooo tempting. On the other hand, we've had two cruises cancelled already and the thought of having the rug pulled out from under me again is crushing. I desperately need a vacation, too, since I am considered an "essential worker" (whatever that means...) and I've been working through the last miserable three months. So...do I book it, hold my sanity together with duct tape for another 4 months to go on vacation, and hope for the best? Or do I just abandon the idea of a cruise this year and find a beach house to crash at for a week this summer? Decisions, decisions...
  9. We had cabin 10282, which is only 3 cabins from the door going out to the pool. It was the best cabin we've ever had. Never had any noise, even during parties at night since we mostly heard the waves against the side of the ship. It's now our favorite cabin location.
  10. If they're anything like the accounting department at my employer, they may not have had enough laptops with the appropriate software for everyone in accounting to work from home. It took several weeks for our accounting staff to be able to fully function and process reimbursements, some payroll functions, etc. It took time to get everyone laptops with the correct software installed and have IT set everyone up for VPN access. It would make sense that Carnival wasn't processing refunds for a few weeks if they were having to go through this process. For some good news, I called Carnival today to find out how much $ I had in FCC (I had already gotten all of the cash refunds I was expecting and I completely lost count of the FCC) and they said I have almost $1,000 in FCC. I asked how long I have to use it and the rep told me that I have until December 2022, but they they could refund it to me now if I would prefer. I wasn't expecting that, but, sure, I'll take cash!
  11. We were supposed to be on the same cruise. We cancelled 3/9 and got our refund a few days ago, so hopefully yours will be coming soon.
  12. Spring 2020: No way will anyone be able to top the disaster I gave everyone! Summer 2020: Hold my beer.
  13. Just got our refund today for full fare, taxes, and fees ($2,700+) for a sailing on 5/25, cancelled on 3/9. Still waiting on a deposit refund for a 7/18 cruise that we canceled on 3/31, but it's a small amount so no biggie. I'm doing a happy dance (and looking for a beach house to rent so I can still have a vacation this summer)!
  14. People do realize that the staff they have taking bookings and the staff processing refunds are not the same people, right? Not even the same department. I work for a large organization and some of the departments, including mine, frequently take payments for services. But my department cannot process refunds - our finance department has to do that. Same situation with Carnival. In addition, Carnival's offices in Miami were shut down, which means they had to get their staff equipped to work remotely. It was pretty easy for my department to start working remotely because most of us already had laptops and were set up with software and VPN to telework. But it took our finance department several weeks to to equip their staff in order to enable all functions to happen remotely. I was waiting on a reimbursement for some expenses and it took over a month to process, when it normally only takes a couple of days. Carnival's delay in issuing refunds was never about holding onto money. It is due to volume, logistics, and staff resources.
  15. I received another refund this morning to my bank account for a shore excursion - cancel date March 9, cruise date May 25. Still waiting for the cruise fare, but it seems the refunds are picking up steam. .
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