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  1. You're a lot more optimistic than I am. I'm giving our Thanksgiving cruise out of Baltimore a 30/70 chance right now.
  2. This is brilliant! We have three cruises booked with total OBC of $1,500 and your post just gave me a way to almost pay for a fourth! 😆
  3. It will be interesting to see whether a court agrees with the part of the Florida lawsuit that alleges the CDC did not provide proper notice and comment under the Administrative Procedures Act. And even if it's determined they didn't, but can claim good cause due to the HHS emergency health declaration, that might not be enough to change regulations permanently.
  4. So what is the end goal before cruises can sail again without 100% of the crew and passengers being vaccinated? Zero COVID cases in the whole world? Because if that's the goal, then the cruise lines might as well sell their ships for scrap now rather than bleed money until they go bankrupt.
  5. LOL - well, I did say "practically." For me, the rock wouldn't make it anywhere near the other side. 😆
  6. We have taken land trips all over the world, but all of our cruises have been in the Caribbean and we have also been to Caribbean resorts more than a dozen times. It doesn't have anything to do with not being adventurous, as we have crossed the Andes, macheted our way through jungle, hopped on open-air buses that looked like they were held together with duct tape and shared seats with roosters. We've roamed through European countries on our own with nothing more than a backpack and a Lonely Planet guidebook. Cost isn't a factor, since we have enough disposable income to vacation however we wan
  7. ^^This. I doubt the Florida EO even has any applicability to the cruise terminals, since they are federal facilities. I though DeSantis made it pretty clear this was about people not being able to go to restaurants, stores, events, etc. He said nothing about cruises or airports.
  8. Something I have been wondering is whether people will be much more reluctant to visit the medical facilities onboard for minor symptoms, considering any report of minor symptoms could result in being quarantined over fear of COVID. People might be more inclined to self-medicate and wait until they get home. I have only visited the medical facility onboard once (on an RCL ship - there was lots of blood and a concussion involved) and I saw people coming in for headaches, allergies, gastrointestinal upset, etc. I would bet that a lot more people will just chug Advil and Pepto in the
  9. I saw the same thing several months ago when I flew out of both Washington-Dulles and Reagan airports, which are in a solidly "deep blue" area so it can't be blamed on "Oh, well it's Texas and Florida..." Heck, you could practically throw a rock from Reagan and hit the CDC offices in D.C. I used the same gangway just minutes after people disembarked from the same airplane I got onto, so the 12-hour requirement the CDC has put on cruise gangways is absolute bunk and IMO is just a roadblock the CDC has thrown in to make it more difficult for the cruise lines to get started.
  10. I have never liked this and hope it is stopped. I don't like to eat at the same table with strangers, much less have their food flung onto me.
  11. That is NOT why they're starting cruises in other countries. DeSantis banned vaccine passports in Florida a couple of DAYS ago. Cruise lines have been sailing out of other countries for MONTHS. And RCL and other lines announced non-U.S. sailings well before DeSantis announced his EO. The only reason cruises aren't sailing out of U.S. ports is because the CDC won't let them. It has absolutely nothing to do with statesprohibiting anything.
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