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  1. We got off the same cruise a couple of weeks ago and went to Ocean World at Amber Cove, DR. They have a tropical bird aviary you can walk through and feed the birds. Some of them will even land on you while they eat, which is a great photo opportunity. They also have a parrot show and you can get your photos taken with them.
  2. Having a kid ourselves, we didn't really have a choice but to cruise during the summer. We're looking forward to trying other times of the year and ships with fewer kids (not necessarily none).
  3. Yeah, I spent a lot of time on our balcony that evening and didn't see or hear them. We were in a port the next day, so they had very little time to cause more trouble.
  4. We were in a Deck 10 balcony cabin on Carnival Magic last year and two drunk guys a couple cabins from ours started spitting at passengers on the Deck 5 Promenade. Then they filled an ice bucket with water and dumped it down onto a couple. We and several others called security, who met us to take reports. The two guys were apparently confined to their cabin and then escorted off the ship at our next port.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions! Azamara and Oceania look really intriguing and seem to match up with what we're looking for. Will also check out Celebrity and the others mentioned. I knew my fellow Cruise Critters would have some good suggestions! 😉
  6. We returned a couple of weeks ago from a 7-day cruise aboard Carnival Breeze and it was the most crowded ship we have ever cruised. Surprisingly, we did not have the same feeling about her sister ship, Magic, last year. Mid-way through our Breeze cruise, though, I was tired of standing in lines, searching for an empty table/chair, waiting forever for elevators, dodging kids, kids, and more kids......and was definitely feeling rather anti-social. This was our 7th cruise, having previously cruised Carnival and RCI, on ships ranging from 1,400 to 3,700 passengers. We are about to be empty-nesters (son graduates from college this year!) and my DH and I will be cruising on our own, so we are ready to move up to a different cruise experience. We don't need or want ropes courses, ziplines, rock walls, water slides, or other features that make up the new goliath amusement parks at sea. Give us a small to mid-sized ship with a balcony cabin, a good thermal spa, uncrowded deck space where we can watch the sea slip by, good food options, and we're happy. Budget is still an issue - looking to keep it to around $250/day per person (not including excursions, drinks, airfare, etc.). We'll also be looking to cruise more in non-summer months (unless it's to a cold climate region). So, any suggestions on cruise lines and ships we should be looking into?
  7. We got off the Breeze last Saturday. The ship was clean an the staff was really fantastic. We were on the Magic last year, so we were already familiar with the design and layout of the ship, but the Breeze felt more crowded that the Magic.
  8. We made our scheduled stop in San Juan on 7/31 (Carnival Breeze). El Morro was open, so we visited the fort and then walked around downtown. The roads right around the Governor's mansion were closed with heavy police presence and the umbrellas have not been put back up along La Fortaleza. The shops had just reopened a couple of days before our visit and many of the buildings had large patches of fresh white paint to cover up graffiti that had been spray painted by protesters. We were impressed with how calm everything was and ended up having a great day.
  9. We just got off the Breeze Saturday - Deck 11 spa room. Our muster was in the Ovation theater and didn't take long at all.
  10. We just got back from the Breeze on Saturday. After a day in San Juan, I went out to read on our balcony. Within a few minutes, I got a nose-full of cigar smoke. I looked around and saw a guy standing two cabins forward from us with a cigar in his hand. I gave it a few minutes, hoping he would stop, but he didn't and it was so strong that I started coughing since all of the smoke was blowing in the direction of our balcony. I called down to Guest Services and they said they would send someone up. A few minutes later I heard him talking to someone about it and the smoking stopped. After coming back from dinner that night, there was a letter on our bed from Guest Services telling us that Security had discussed the issue with the passenger and to let GS know if the smoking occurred again. We didn't smell anything for the rest of the cruise, so the "discussion" must have worked. I'm all for everyone enjoying their vacation, but when someone is breaking a rule that prevents me from being able to use something I paid for, then Guest Services is definitely getting a phone call.
  11. We stayed under the galley once on a different ship (Paradise) - and will never, ever do it again. The noise woke us up every night about 3am and did not stop. It sounded like heavy metal crates being dragged across the floor. If it was between a cabin under the galley or nothing, I'd take nothing and find another cruise.
  12. ^What Jamman said. You can go back to the thermal suite/T-pool as many times per day as you want. I'll be enjoying 7 blissful days in a Cloud 9 balcony cabin on the Breeze starting this Saturday and plan to spend a LOT of time in the T-pool!
  13. Hopefully the parks will open before we dock next Wednesday. The main thing we really want to do is see El Morro, so if it's closed that nixes our reason to even get off the ship. The only other time we visited San Juan, we wanted to tour the fort but it was closed. We did San Cristobal instead. It's taken over 20 years for us to get back to San Juan and if El Morro is closed this time too, I'm going to assume we are just never meant to see it.
  14. We do a one-way car rental with Hertz. They have a location in the parking lot between Country Inn and Suites and the Residence Inn, which makes it super easy to drop the car off the morning of the cruise.
  15. A double mattress (also called a "full") is 54 inches in width. Twins are 38 to 39 inches in width, so two twins are equivalent to a king in width.
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