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  1. Yes, I'm willing to fly. We wouldn't have anyone sitting next to us (in First), everyone would be wearing masks, and I always wipe down our seat areas with Lysol wipes. I'm an "essential worker" in the D.C. area, so I've been exposed to people throughout the pandemic anyway. If we stick to a road trip, probably somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains or back to Gatlinburg, TN for some hiking in the Smokies. Also kicking around the idea of taking Amtrak up through the Northeast for fall foliage or, if we really need a beach fix, catching a flight down to Florida.
  2. We spent a few days in Gatlinburg, TN in June. We drove there, stayed in a hotel, but pretty much kept to ourselves. We'll likely do another road trip to...somewhere...around Thanksgiving and then fly to Texas to visit family in December. None of this replaces cruising, though, and my grumpiness increases the longer I'm landlocked.
  3. Hopefully this new information from the World Health Organization will be confirmed through continued studies and mean an end to masks sooner rather than later, though there are still questions about who is really asymptomatic and who is just mildly ill. "The spread of Covid-19 by someone who is not showing symptoms appears to be rare, Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization's technical lead for coronavirus response and head of the emerging diseases and zoonoses unit, said during a media briefing in Geneva on Monday." https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/08/health/coronavirus-asymptomatic-spread-who-bn/index.html
  4. I love people watching. I usually get up and have breakfast on the Lido deck or the next deck up overlooking the pool, so I get a good view of the chair hogs emerging to stake out their claims. That in itself is entertaining. On our last cruise a guy showed up to the pool about 8am wearing a speedo (fairly fit, athletic guy, so it wasn't grotesque), a swimming cap (I kid you not) and goggles raised onto his forehead. He walked around to the end of the pool nearest the Blue Iguana Cantina and Guy's and then stepped up on the raised edge around the pool. For the next few minutes, he performed elaborate stretching exercises - flailing his arms around, stretching his back and legs - as though he were about to swim the English Channel. When he was done, he pulled his goggles into place, jumped feet first into the pool, and then hugged the side of the pool for the next 20 minutes before getting out and drying off. It was hilarious and I don't think I was the only observer having a hard time not spitting their coffee out. And that is why I people watch. 🤣
  5. We booked an October sailing and only have a deposit down. If there are not any definitive answers by the time final payment is due mid-July about masks and quarantine/disembarkation procedures in the event the ship has any positive COVID cases, then we will cancel and do a resort vacation instead. Our state now requires masks to be worn in all public indoor places and I have to wear one in all common areas at my office. Wearing a mask causes me anxiety due to a trauma many years ago, but I am dealing with it and wearing one as required. However, I have no desire to wear one on a cruise, as that is my opportunity to relax and decompress. I have also heard the cruise lines are working on procedures to get passengers off ships in the event there is an outbreak onboard, but there will need to be a guarantee in place by our final payment due date to ensure we don't get stuck on the ship for weeks.
  6. Bleh. I have to endure enough boxed lunches during business meetings and conferences as it is. I certainly wouldn't consider the standard cold sandwich (with one wilted lettuce leaf and soggy bread), bag of chips, and cookie acceptable on a cruise. What I would appreciate is an expanded room service menu with more items included at no additional charge. We have an aft-wrap balcony for our next cruise and I anticipate we will want to have some of our meals out there, even if we have to schlep food down from the Lido deck.
  7. I'm one of the people who gets the flu shot every year and STILL get the flu about half the time. And not just a mild case, but the kind that makes you feel like you've been run over by a bus. If (big if) they manage to come up with a vaccine for COVID-19, I doubt I will get it for the first couple of years, just to see if there are any significant side effects and give them time to work the kinks out.
  8. Oops, yes I did mean Oct 17 - thanks for the catch! I showed hubby a video of the aft wrap balcony and he basically said if I didn't book it, he would. He will probably spend the entire week on that balcony and just order room service! 😂
  9. Reduced capacity would be great, plus hopefully less kids since it's October.
  10. As I mentioned it actually is available to healthy people depending on where they live. Our local health department is conducting free mass drive-thru testing events for anyone who wants one and you don't have to have any symptoms at all. Here's a quote from the article linked below: "No ID is required to get tested, and you do not need to show symptoms of COVID-19, have an appointment or a doctor’s note." https://wtop.com/arlington/2020/05/arlington-county-holds-free-covid-19-testing-tuesday/
  11. Do you mean tests (not vaccine)? It is actually very possible to get a test even if you're not sick, depending on where you live. Our area (DC Metro area, so we're considered a "hot spot") has been having free mass drive-thru testing events where anyone can show up and get a test, whether they are sick or not. Last week an event was held near us that tested over 1,800 people in a few hours, most with no symptoms. They are doing another free event next week.
  12. UPDATE: Hubby said "book it" and he promised to keep me sane between now and then. I'm thinking lots of wine will be involved! 🤣
  13. We would be flying. I made the drive from Florida to Virginia when we moved and it's not one I ever want to make again!
  14. I guess it really boils down to this: will I be crushed if it gets cancelled and what do I have to lose? Yes, I will be crushed. And the thing I have to lose is the ability to take a vacation - any vacation - this year. Because of my work obligations right now, I can only take a vacation before mid-August, the week of October 17th, or wait until at least March next year. My job is high-stress, so vacation time is sacred. That's why I'm skittish about hanging all my hopes (and sanity) on a cruise in October. But that aft-wrap is calling my name...
  15. I have a 48 hour hold on an aft-wrap balcony cabin for an October 18 sailing on the Magic from Miami, 7-days, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Mahogany Bay. I'm going completely stir-crazy right now, especially since we were supposed to be on an 8-day cruise this week, and my wanderlust is making this sooooo tempting. On the other hand, we've had two cruises cancelled already and the thought of having the rug pulled out from under me again is crushing. I desperately need a vacation, too, since I am considered an "essential worker" (whatever that means...) and I've been working through the last miserable three months. So...do I book it, hold my sanity together with duct tape for another 4 months to go on vacation, and hope for the best? Or do I just abandon the idea of a cruise this year and find a beach house to crash at for a week this summer? Decisions, decisions...
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