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  1. We'll be doing this same itinerary on the Breeze in July--will even be in a balcony cabin on Deck 11 as well. We loved the Magic, so I can't wait to sail on Breeze. Look forward to the rest of your review!
  2. We did this tour last year and really enjoyed it. The stop at Lazy Lizard allows plenty of time to eat/drink/wander/whatever. I do recommend Carnival's tour rather than a private excursion due to the timing, but we were also able to get some OBC for turning in a price guarantee claim when we found the same tour offered for less by a competitor.
  3. We've stayed at the Residence Inn on Astronaut Blvd just down the street from the cruise terminal and can recommend it. They have a park & cruise package and they use a shuttle service to the terminal for a nominal fee.
  4. Wow - I didn't know that! Makes me feel much better. Thank you!
  5. Thanks! I hadn't even thought about watching YouTube videos or taking a pre-trip test drive. I guess I just had it drilled into my head so much as a teenager to not get into cars with strangers that the whole Uber thing has been hard for me to wrap my brain around. 🤣
  6. The first thing I do when we get to our cabin is search for bugs (especially bed bugs), before I will even let my DH bring the bags into the cabin. Fortunately we've never found any.
  7. So...if--and it's a big if--we decide to look into Uber or Lyft, how exactly does it work? Yes, I'm a complete ride-share novice. I looked up Uber's website and it looks like we would want the Uber XL, but do we have to wait until we get off the ship to order a ride, then hope there will be a ride available? Or can we book in advance in order to have certainty that our ride will be there?
  8. We're having the same issue in reverse - trying to get from the Port Canaveral Carnival terminal to Disney World. We really aren't interested in Uber or Lyft and don't want to rent a car. We're willing to spend up to $200, but finding a car service with consistently good reviews is next to impossible. I guess reverse engineering this through MCO is an option, but just feels like a waste of time.
  9. Great photos! We will be doing the Eastern on the Breeze in 70 days. Loved the Magic last year, so can't wait to try the Breeze!
  10. We take photos of our passports with our cell phones and then leave the passports in the cabin safe. That way, we at least have the photos if we run into a problem. Other than that, we take our sea pass, drivers license, and credit card.
  11. Looking forward to your review. We're on the Breeze for this same itinerary in July.
  12. Congrats! I've been stalking the website for our July cruise. We just hit final payment date, so I'm hoping some will open up soon.
  13. When we cruise with our son (who is now 20), we bring some magnet hooks and a shower curtain to hang between the closet area and the rest of the cabin. It allows privacy to change clothes and makes it possible to open the bathroom door after showering, so we're not trapped in a steamy bathroom.
  14. We have gone to GS for many reasons (that have noting to do with complaining or removing gratuities!). To have a double charge removed. To get some of the ship's playing cards. To report a security issue (that resulted in the offending party being kicked off the ship). To apply gift cards to our account....
  15. True. Fortunately we're in NoVa about an hour west of D.C., so we're at least a little inland and our population is pretty stable--since we're right on the edge of the still rural areas.
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