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  1. That many? I expected it to be a very light load, given all the people who would've canceled rather than wait it out in FL.
  2. See you on board @A&L_Ont. We've been waiting out Dorian in Land o Lakes, FL since Saturday
  3. I wonder why it's in port and not at sea - it's definitely big enough it would have required special permission to remain when the port went condition Zulu.
  4. It's obviously going to be expensive during the week that everyone and their brother is trying to rebook. It's like airplane pricing. If you book the flight when *everyone* wants to book it, it's expensive.
  5. So wait for another sale like you did when you booked this one. Royal literally bombards my inbox a dozen times a week with sale offers. Surely one will suffice soon enough.
  6. You aren't paying for anything. They gave you 100% back in future cruise vouchers.
  7. For those of us Canadians it's also nice because by pairing it with Canadian Thanksgiving, we can save a vacation day from work.
  8. Expecting a cash refund is ridiculous. They're giving you 100% of your value back in a future voyage. Or 6/7ths of it back and you still get to go.
  9. That compass isn't Cozumel on Friday - it's Costa Maya Friday, and tomorrow (Saturday) Cozumel - being Saturday. Can't be in Cozumel on Saturday and Port Canaveral on Sunday
  10. Well I mean, thats kind of how these things work - going XRAY is ~24hr ahead of going YANKEE by definition
  11. Pretty sure the previous poster meant to say 'now' rather than 'not'. I checked PC's website, they've definitely set condition XRAY as of 3pm today.
  12. Seems a bit premature for PC to set condition XRAY, no? XRAY is supposed to be 48 hr to gale force winds, and with the latest models showing winds not coming until sometime on Sunday, thats >48 hrs out still.
  13. I've had these chips on my last two cruises (Explorer, AK RT Seattle, early Sept, and Grandeur, SE&Bahamas RT Baltimore, November), both paid as free play from my points earned through the voyage. On Explorer, they had this silly even money bets only rule (reminiscent of the old match play coupons.) On Grandeur, they said these chips are chips as any other and can be played anywhere. If I *pay* $2000 of my real money for these chips, they will be allowing me to play them as cash chips anywhere, or I will be raising proper hell. Seems to be like anything with RCI, nobody knows how it's supposed to work and there is no consistency across the fleet for how these things are administered.
  14. Why wouldn't I? Statistically, I'm going to lose less than the $200 in the process of losing all the promo chips. The math is very clear on this.
  15. Gone from my upcoming cruises too. Wish I had pulled the trigger. Maybe it'll come back.
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