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  1. A Princess officer has a vlog on YouTube, and in his newest video he explained that something called "green lanes" have opened up in Malaysia and Hong Kong that make it much easier for seafarers to be repatriated. So some ships were leaving the Philippines and relocating for that reason. Check out his videos. Just search for Same Ship Different Day on YouTube. He just got home after being on the Golden Princess for many months. The videos have been very interesting, and he says he will continue them even though he is home.
  2. Question for those of you who cancelled your cruise BEFORE Princess cancelled it: Did the cost of the Princess insurance get refunded to you? I thought I had read at some point in the past that they were going to refund all charges. Mine was processed as a cancellation in normal times would be, which for my timing was loss of deposit and the cost of the insurance. I'm so happy to have the bulk of my money refunded, but I'm just interested in what others have experienced.
  3. For Pammy S: I'm so glad you are home safely. I can answer a couple of your questions from your earlier post. You are correct that there were three deaths--two prior to docking and one at the hospital. I think around 5 people were taken to the hospital initially, but don't know if others were taken in the last few days. On the Princess website, at the very top of the page, there is a link that says "View current Travel & Health Advisories," Click on that, and you will see a list including "Coral Princess Updates." The update from Tuesday indicates there would be 90 inter
  4. Thanks for the update. If you are heading home, have a safe trip. If you are staying in N.O., enjoy!!
  5. To Coralc or anyone else currently on the Majesty: can you update us on your current location and your estimated arrival time in N.O.? Thanks a bunch!
  6. Coralc--Please update us on this if there are any changes. We board tomorrow and received e-mail that boarding is now 3 - 6 PM with departure at 7 PM. We'd appreciate knowing if there are any time changes as we decide what time to arrive at the terminal. What was the weather like that you encountered last night?
  7. I can’t speak for the Royal, but seating in the Piazza on most Princess ships is very limited. The music performances there are rather informal, so people come and go. The classical duos/trios I’ve seen have been top notch!
  8. We'e done the Hawaii cruise once and would love to do it again. As others have said, you have to like sea days to enjoy this cruise. I think Princess and Royal Caribbean's smaller ships are comparable in many ways. Good luck with your decision!
  9. I believe I've read in previous posts that on the first day there is an option for Platinum & Elite passengers to purchase the unlimited internet at a discounted price.
  10. Rocklinmom--I called Princess and they confirmed that the 240 free minutes would be in addition to the 250 free minutes we get for being Platinum/Elite. I re-fared my cruise and I got a little worried when nothing about the free internet showed up on my Booking Confirmation. But when I looked under the Internet Section it was listed as a Complimentary Gift under Reservations & Purchases.
  11. Have a wonderful time! I will be eagerly awaiting every entry in your blog!
  12. The OP asked about this but I don't think anyone has responded about this particular question. We have a 14-day Alaskan cruise planned on the Golden Princess. This is not a MedallionNet ship, so the promo says we will receive 240 minutes of free internet. Will this be in addition to the 250 free minutes that Platinum/Elite passengers get?
  13. No, I haven't asked Princess, for this is just a "what if" situation. I'm hoping that anyone who has actually been in this situation will weigh in.
  14. Okay, I understand that if I have Platinum Princess Vacation Protection and I use the cancel for any reason option, I get a future cruise credit. Let's assume I book another cruise using that credit as partial payment. I think I've read that the credit amount cannot be insured. Can I still buy Princess Vacation Protection for the remaining cost of the cruise? And if I should cancel this second cruise, what happens to the credit? Does it go back into my account? Would the answer vary depending on the reason for the second cancellation? Thanks in advance for your responses.
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