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  1. Rocklinmom--I called Princess and they confirmed that the 240 free minutes would be in addition to the 250 free minutes we get for being Platinum/Elite. I re-fared my cruise and I got a little worried when nothing about the free internet showed up on my Booking Confirmation. But when I looked under the Internet Section it was listed as a Complimentary Gift under Reservations & Purchases.
  2. Have a wonderful time! I will be eagerly awaiting every entry in your blog!
  3. The OP asked about this but I don't think anyone has responded about this particular question. We have a 14-day Alaskan cruise planned on the Golden Princess. This is not a MedallionNet ship, so the promo says we will receive 240 minutes of free internet. Will this be in addition to the 250 free minutes that Platinum/Elite passengers get?
  4. No, I haven't asked Princess, for this is just a "what if" situation. I'm hoping that anyone who has actually been in this situation will weigh in.
  5. Okay, I understand that if I have Platinum Princess Vacation Protection and I use the cancel for any reason option, I get a future cruise credit. Let's assume I book another cruise using that credit as partial payment. I think I've read that the credit amount cannot be insured. Can I still buy Princess Vacation Protection for the remaining cost of the cruise? And if I should cancel this second cruise, what happens to the credit? Does it go back into my account? Would the answer vary depending on the reason for the second cancellation? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  6. Getting ready to book the Majesty for early next year. Please keep the info coming!
  7. I found an article on line from Travel Agent Central indicating that the Majesty would stay in New Orleans year round. Itineraries/booking now available through April, 2020. Sailings for May 2020 through April, 2021 are supposed to open the week of July 22. Let's hope that this is accurate--I'd love to have RC ship here all year!
  8. Looking forward to your comments about the ship.
  9. I'm pretty sure that no one needs an internet package. This is a free service. There are many posts on here regarding Ocean Medallion, so if you have a little time to look around you will find additional information. We are going on the Caribbean Princess later this year, so I'm trying to educate myself as well!
  10. When was the 60-day limit instituted? I'm so disappointed, because I booked a cruise in September for next November that I was going to switch to my travel agent in a few months. This is the first I am hearing about this change.
  11. We were on this cruise as well and enjoyed it very much. My only real complaint was the internet service. Most of the time we would get kicked off with a message that said we were disconnected due to inactivity, when in fact we were trying to connect to a website. I think it was the worst Princess internet service I have ever encountered, but it did work some of the time. I thought the food in the MDR was very good, our service there was great, and entertainment was generally good. This was a California Coastal cruise, so the ports were great. There are always a few things that could be better, but all in all it was a wonderful cruise.
  12. Notification we received for our cruise in a couple of days says cruise director on Ruby is Natalie Costa.
  13. Have any of you sailed with Natalie Costa? I received an e-mail recently indicating that she will be the cruise director on our upcoming Ruby Princess cruise. Has anyone heard of her and have any opinions about her?
  14. Your plans for this season sound fabulous! I'll be following along as I have for the past few years.
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