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  1. Does the Fascination have self service laundry (primarily an iron)? TIA
  2. There are no cows (we breed & raise about 350 cows and calves). And I don't get asked all the time by my husband "can you come help". Oh and I don't have to cook or do any dishes. But I think my favorite is just looking at the miles and miles and miles of beautiful water!
  3. My husband and I both have very short hair and tend to get our scalps burned while in the water. We do NOT want to wear hats in the water and tried scalp/swim caps, but neither of us liked them (mine gave me a major headache). So has anyone used any scalp sunscreen that wasn't white and goopy that worked? Looking for recommendations please. Again - NO hats or swim caps. TIA
  4. We normally take a back pack to put towels, sunscreen, camera, phone, wallet etc. What does everyone do with your valuables when you go to the beach? It will just be the two of us, so we will want to be in the water at the same time. Don't really want to get waterproof bags to take phone, wallet, camera in the water with us, so looking for other suggestions? TIA!
  5. Our PVP said night 2 and 5. Thank you everyone!
  6. Just booked a 7 Day Southern Caribbean Cruise from San Juan in May 2020. Does anyone know when the cruise elegant nights will be? Thank you in advance!
  7. My PVP has not returned my messages for the last couple of weeks. How much longer should I give them before reaching out to Carnival? I don't know if this person was affected by the Hurricane or not. Planning on a cruise in May 2020, but want to get it booked soon! Thanks for any assistance.
  8. Any suggestions on good sunscreen for the Caribbean waters? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for how to keep your scalp from burning? I like to swim, so a hat isn't feasible. I am fair to med skin tone and as long as I have sunscreen on (and remember to re-apply) I don't burn. But I would like to find some sunscreen that isn't sticky or greasy feeling. Thank you!
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