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  1. My wife saw a great one on FB. Can I take my own portable window air conditioner and install it in my ocean view cabin window? I hear the rooms get stuffy.
  2. Disclosure, I am a proud stockholder. Sure was underlined for a reason. I'll buy every day till the market finds it's bottom, than watch it ride back up and make money. Enjoy!
  3. It's only a loss if you sell low (out of fear) and purchased high. Now is a great time to average down for long holders. Keep buying a little bit more as it goes down day by day. When it goes up, it will go up fast. Then you will have to chase it.
  4. I fixed the email for them. Dear Guest, We are writing this letter because we got our pee-pee slapped by some executives. We still do not know what we are talking about, but here goes anyway. Can’t wait for you to experience everything our private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, has to offer. Before you arrive, we THINK WE have some info to share about your South Beach Full-Day Beach Bed. Prior to the grand opening of Coco Beach Club and our reimagined South Beach area, our plan was to add A LOT MORE beach beds TO A VERY SMALL BEACH. However, we quickly realized we could not accommodate that many beach beds without making it too crowded, SINCE WE ADDED 10 OVER PRICED CABANAS TO SOUTH BEACH. So instead, we created a new venue now known as Breezy Bay at Chill Island WHERE WE FOUND ENOUGH ROOM TO CRAM IN 20 MORE BEACH BEDS ALONG WITH HUNDREDS OF BEACH CHAIRS. MAJOR location change, RIGHT BETWEEN THE OVER THE WATER CABANAS AND THE WATER SPORTS DOCK – still an awesome day at A TOTALLY DIFFERENT beach THAN you were looking forward to. This means your Full-Day Beach Bed will be waiting for you at the new Breezy Bay, instead of South Beach. And good news, you’ll still receive all the same amenities! Plus, you’ll have a wonderful view of the first-ever over water cabanas in the Bahamas THAT WE CHARGE AN EXORBERANT AMOUT FOR! NOT THE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN THAT YOU WERE GOING TO SEE ON SOUTH BEACH. We can’t wait for you to BE FRUSTRATED in comfort, feeling the soothing ocean breeze, soaking up the sun, while watching the waves gently roll in. It’s truly amazing. Thanks for LETTING US DECIDE WHERE WE THINK YOU WANTED TO BE LOCATED ON THE BEACH. We look forward to welcoming you onboard and if you want to learn more about Perfect Day at CocoCay, visit our website here. PLEASE KEEP A WATCHFUL EYE FOR A FOLLOWUP EMAIL SINCE WE REALLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. See you onboard soon! HAHAHA!
  5. Keep the South Beach location. I believe the shorex department is wrong, and the email was in response to the conversation we had with Mr. Bayley. The shorex dept. still does not know their own product. We received the same email this morning
  6. Please take some photos and post them here when you return. Thanks in advance
  7. Go back into your cruise planner and rebook the South Beach Day Bed. They should be listed back in the planner now. Shortly after the Coco Beach Club opened, the shorex group screwed up big time. They moved everyone from South Beach to Breezy Bay and removed the South Beach Day Bed from the planners. They did this without notifying anyone. They got in trouble. The email is reactive. I know a little more about this because we were removed from our South Beach Day Bed a few weeks ago without being noified, and not to happy about it. We made some calls and sent a few emails. The shorex group is cluless. We sent an email to Mr. Bayley. One of his executives at customer relations called us. My guess is that the shorex group was told to notify all the people who were wrongfully moved from South Beach to Breezy Bay had to be notified of the change. But, the shorex group did not have the latest and gratest map when the spoke to the executive. So the shorex group is still behind the times. We just provided the executive with the current map. He is probably going to roll some heads at the shorex group. This is a rebook on Feb 18. We originaly purchased before the new year. They moved us from South Beach to Breezy Bay right after Coco Beach Club opened. The South Beach Day Beds became available again last week.
  8. Maybe they overbooked the South Beach Day Beds. When is your cruise? There are only 10 Day Deds on South Seach. There is 20 on Breezy Bay and 30 on Chill Island. South Beach - More quiet as it is the furthest away from the dock. Flat shallow water. Breezy Bay - Like the email says, a wonderful view of the over the water cabanas. No way would we do that! Chill Island - very crowded with 2 ships in port. Deaper water, good for snorkeling. The new map attached shows the South Beach Day Beds numbered 51-60 (orange) in the center right buble but do show the location. They are past the #64 cabana. See attached photo. The photo was taken the 2nd week after the opening of the Coco Beach Club. Breezy Bay Day Beds are numbered 31-50 (purple) at the top left of the map and are shown right where the email says. Looking right at the over the water cabanas. Nice view huh. Chill Island Day Beds are numbered 1-30 (red) in the bottom left of the map, in the little man made cove.
  9. That is a palm tree at the top of the orange blob not an arrow. The south beach day beds are past the cabanas that are shown on the map. the day beds are not shown on the map. heres a photo
  10. We booked a South Beach Day Bed several weeks ago for our December cruise. We have had a Day Bed on South Beach a couple time in the past. Great location! Just yesterday it was changed to Breezy Bay Day Bed at Chill Island in our Cruise Planner. The Day Beds on South Beach are no longer an option. We have not received an email from RCCL concerning the change. Normally we do when RCCL makes a change/canceleation on their end. The South Beach Day Beds used to be located where the South Beach cabanas are shown on the map.
  11. We booked a South Beach Day Bed several weeks ago for our December cruise. Just yesterday it was changed to Breezy Bay Day Bed at Chill Island in our Cruise Planner. The Day Beds on South Beach are no longer an option. We have not received an email from RCCL concerning the change. Normally we do when RCCL makes a change/canceleation on their end. Looks like they might be doing away with the Day Beds on South Beach. I hope they move some back to South Beach before December. If they do I'll be calling them ASAP to change it back. Otherwise we will probably cancel. For us South Beach is the best beach on the island. We would not be thrilled about a view of the over the water cabanas and the jet ski docks that close to the left. We thought about getting a cabana on South Beach, but for us it's overkill. For now we will hold onto the Day Bed on Breezy Bay in hopes they add some back to South Beach.
  12. Thank you so much Debbi for your kind words. No need to reply, I used the ignore button.
  13. Cococay was a much better destination before RCI corporate decided they need more money. We can honestly say this will be our last trip there. It's a sad day when a cabana, for 8 hours, cost more than the total cost of the cruise. Take a look at the photo again. See the cabana's on the beach. They are priced at $2,000 for our December cruise. The walkway from shore to the over the water cabana's blocks pretty much everything. There is nowhere to swim from the beach. It's disgusting. Imagine what it will look like at low tide. Keep in mind there is still a breakwater that still needs to be built off to the right of the last over the water cabana. In my opinion, RCI made a bad decision. Thank you A&L_Ont for the photo. Much appreciated
  14. The over the water cabanas for our December cruise on the Anthem are currently priced at $4,000 each. 3 1/2 weeks ago they were priced at $1,700.
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