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  1. I have won the trifecta of skin cancers including malignant melanoma - I put on sunscreen every morning and wear protective clothing/hat when outside in the sun or even at the solarium pool.
  2. Sure hoping longer cruises will sail as we are on the Connie B2B in Jan/Feb with an 11 day and 10 day. We had such a great experience on the Millenium in September that we feel very comfortable sailing with Celebrity.
  3. Our health questionnaire asked if you have had a positive test in the past 14 days so you would need to answer yes even if you repeated it and got negative. Spent my life in the lab and one positive and one negative does not mean you get to pick which one you want to be right.
  4. I travel with our water bottles and fill them with ice and water each day. We are desert dwellers so this a habit for us and the water stays cold longer in stainless steel bottles.
  5. If you have light luggage and can walk off I would be okay with the 11:00 am.
  6. Did you do a mock booking to see the actual price of the cabin type you are interested in? As with many businesses the little comment "from $----" does not mean you can book the cabin you want at that price. Currently I see the guarantee, cruise only price as the low number.
  7. Had this discussion with our terrific wait staff in Blu on the Millenium. They were so happy to be working and were extending contracts, in part to all the isolation periods they would go through to go home and then come back on board.
  8. We were able to look up the Move Up offers about two weeks prior to the cruise - it appeared on the bottom of the My Reservation page.
  9. Yes to the PCR - the Tuesday test was just less than 24, Wednesday a bit longer. When we were tested they said allow 48-72 hours. With no weekend in our timing the results were very quick.
  10. We used Walgreen's at the beginning of September. Tested Tuesday mid-day and got the results Wednesday noon. Another test Wednesday morning with results Thursday afternoon. Testing with a weekend or holiday in the mix will lengthen this time frame. No cost to us, registered online 48 hours before testing,
  11. We walked off at 7:30, in the Uber at 7:45 and at the airport by 8:30. This was on Friday morning and there were not any real lines at the check-in for Delta.
  12. DS is also T1 and we have always traveled with a small frozen block (think the blue plastic for coolers) without any problems. Also if the travel time is not long the insulin will be fine in a cooler type bag. Biggest issue was occasionally an agent would not familiar with the insulin pump and want him to put it through the x-ray...... no.
  13. Meet/Greet is a cruise line sponsored event - those others are organized by passengers on a cruise.
  14. Lived our Viking experience - no kids or casino or photographer or art sale. Decor with lots of light and neutrals - the view outside is wonderful. Excellent food. Included tours with excellent local guides (as expected in life some are not that great). Evening shows are less spectacular than many lines but that it not important to us. Having said that I do not see as much value in a luxury line for Caribbean cruising but love it in other parts of the world. And a totally different experience which we really love - a European river cruise.
  15. We live in a desert environment so carrying our own refillable bottle is a daily habit - hate seeing folks by giant pallets of single use plastic bottles.
  16. Still on board last week - big auction was in the Rendevous Lounge on Millenium. Saw it set up but have no idea of the interest.
  17. That is true - but we have just returned from Seattle and did not run into any issues making a 10:30 flight (at the airport by 8:25 with walk off at 0715 and Uber) as well as a MSN flight with no real delays there either. As with any travel, it can change any day and any time. We always look at plan B in the event of running in to long lines.
  18. We got them starting about 3 weeks out and many reminders after that !
  19. We made a 9:50 in Tampa a couple years back. We walked off at about 7:15 (no fog or delays) and were at the airport in plenty of time. Once you exit the terminal head all the way to the left to get past the crush and we had no trouble hailing a cab.
  20. We received an email with the results as a PDF and printed a hard copy for boarding.
  21. The word Classic was on our sea pass which helped until they get to know you, then they just ask for your cabin #.
  22. One difference that may be important to some passengers - the quality of the speakers on Celebrity was markedly better than on RCCL.
  23. On millenium last week we had one positive on day 7 with no other positive among the many close contact and staff tested. Also you may order the embed.com supervised home test kit (there are videos on Utube showing the process which is simple and proctored via internet) for an acceptable test. RCCL is even selling the kits online. The only issue I saw was passengers ignoring the Alaska masking rules.
  24. I would take that flight out of Ft. Lauderdale due to proximity of the airport.
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