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  1. My experience is the same as others in the thread linked by Zephyr173: no issue sending laundry in small batches. My most recent Divina YC cruise was January 2019.
  2. I also have T-Mobile but only have three cruises, all on the same ship in the same region (MSC Divina in the Caribbean). The ship's carrier is TIM at Sea. I leave cellular roaming turned ON, but data roaming turned OFF except in port. So far no unpleasant surprises on my T-Mobile bills. I get SMS texts from TIM at Sea warning me about the call and data charges. It is also interesting when the ship passes within cellular coverage of Cuba and I receive an SMS text about connecting with their carrier. Nearly every place else, I get a T-Mobile SMS text like the one below. The nice thing about having cellular roaming turned ON is that I can receive and place calls if I choose to (at about $1/minute) and SMS text messages. The only time I had roaming charges was on an eight night cruise where I deliberately spent some time on voice calls that added up to $60. I know I'm a novice at this so looking forward to the replies from others. "Welcome to Bahamas! Your T-Mobile plan gives you unlimited data at up to 2G speeds and texts at no extra cost! Calls at 25 cents/min. Visit t-mo.co/intl-roam1 to learn more and view additional calling/data options. Enjoy your stay!"
  3. Sidari, having experienced all the experiences, what do you find appealing about experience levels where the suite/cabin is awesome but the amenity spaces are limited? I spend minimal time in the cabin if the amenity spaces are awesome. So a tiny YC “deluxe suite” is no matter when I have Top Sail etc. I understand it is a different equation for newlyweds, celebrities avoiding paparazzi, and passengers that fall ill, all of whom crave privacy. Reading about the large suites on MSC and the other cruise lines, I’m hard pressed to see the value if I’m never in the suite because the amenity spaces are so awesome. What am I missing?
  4. WOW. If that is correct, then in some cases there are people “upgrading” from large balcony suites to inside YC cabins with ZERO change in amenities. That can’t last long.
  5. I’ve gotten a couple lungs full of ammonia before and it is not a pleasant experience. What ship was this on? Hope you are ok. Sorry but I knew others would make a similar joke and I wanted to be first😂.
  6. On this year's cruise, two in our group did not receive our luggage by dinner time on departure day. Our butler tracked us down in the YC and asked us to follow him to the purser's office. Turns out we had items flagged as suspect during inspections. I had an over-engineered set of nail clippers designed by orthopedic surgeons that was flagged as a forbidden tool, and my friend packed 50 feet of extension cords for her CPAP device based on the travel agent's recommendation. Our awesome butler took care of everything quickly and we never had to wait in line or interact with the purser's staff. (That's our butler behind me in the photo.)
  7. I can't speak for other terminals, but for Miami departures, we were well taken care of starting curbside at the YC tent. I've taken three YC cruises with a friend who is somewhat mobile but prefers the "chariot". The butlers are available with a smile whenever she requests, starting at check-in.
  8. As with sports cars, thoroughbreds, and opera, Italy has a cruise line that combines extreme enjoyment with disappointment. Fortunately, our Orlando-based TA has the intestinal fortitude to obtain our requested cabins and provide advance notice of MSC product changes such as the offerings on the repeatedly-delayed opening of Ocean Cay.
  9. When the weather is nice, walk the promenade on deck 7. There are few people and you can choose the side of the ship that is in the shade. This is also the best route for people in wheelchairs. The elevators fore and aft are right next to the YC areas.
  10. You're so right that YC dining is not to be missed. Does MSC frown upon us giving our black card specialty restaurant vouchers to our non-YC friends?
  11. I've had flowers on my last two Divina cruises. You go to the concierge on the first day and they make the arrangements with the next port agent. Payment is cash in advance. Prices were good. The arrangement in the photo was $60.
  12. I have friends who bring their own wine on MSC and other cruise lines. They have their travel agent negotiate this and I believe they pay a corkage fee when the sommelier decants. Some might wonder why people would want to do this when MSC has such a diverse and changing wine selection to explore, at least in Le Muse. For my friends it is because many wines in their large collection are becoming too old to drink. They bring about 3-4 bottles per day of the cruise.
  13. I met a wonderful couple on my last two Divina "Jazz Fest at Sea" cruises who bring a large quantity of wine with them on every cruise. The sommelier does the decanting and they pay a corkage fee. They have their travel agent negotiate this with each cruise line. We became friends and met up at restaurants in my hometown when they were passing through on other trips. Each time they brought extraordinary wines to the restaurant and paid the corkage fee. One time they brought a vertical, the oldest vintage being 40 years. I believe their collection includes a lot of wines that are getting to the end of their optimum ages, so they are trying to enjoy them before they go bad.
  14. Interesting . . . the Luggage Forward shipping cost calculator does not accept Sundays as disembarkation dates. That rules them out for my next cruise.
  15. Probably goes without saying but check the Roll Call for info on the partial charters. The Jazz Fest at Sea group on the Divina Jan 10-20 2019 sailing is about 230 people, with almost no impact on the other passengers.
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