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  1. Thank you very much, everyone!! You put me at ease. The news said no electricity on the island, that's why i though they may skip it..
  2. Hello, My parents are on Anthem of the Sea right now going to San Juan. Went to RCI website to see if there any changes in itinerary -nothing there. They supposed to arrive in San Juan tomorrow at 3 pm. Wanted to know if that is as planned. Does anyone knows? Hope everyone is ok on the ship - probably they were too far away yet to experience the earthquake.. Thank you,
  3. Will do! Tried to call NCL for some other staff, waited for-EVER! so, will be booking onboard. Thank you!
  4. Ok, will do that! Do I need to reserve late night's comedians or whatever is presented or only main theater's shows? Thank you.
  5. Right. I'll play it by ear on the ship. If it's not available - no biggie, plenty of food.. I'm more interested in entertainment or other activities on the ship - last year on Anthem of the Sea we needed to book Sky diving and North Star as well as evening shows. But thank you for your response.
  6. Hello, Over the time i saw here some mentioning about entertainment booking on Escape... So i booked After Midnight show online. Everything else is unavailable to book online. It would be my first time on Escape, so, having too much to learn/see/find out about the ship upon boarding - any suggestions from experienced or just recent "escapers" - where to run first?)) What to book upon embarkation so it would be out of the way? Or something else we need to know to do first thing on the ship? Thank you.
  7. Thank you. Good to know. I think I’ll pass)). Not my kind of fun))
  8. So, if i decide to book it - i should be ready to participate in one of the team? is there an audience who just watches? Thank you.
  9. Washington Mall -yes. Everything else - no. Thank you!! I’ll look it up.
  10. Hello, Going to Bermuda in October for the third time. Loved Tobacco Bay beach (planning to go), love King's Wharf shopping (probably on last half day), love to walk beautiful streets of Hamilton. We walked around Front street until King Street on one side and Par-La-Ville Rd on the other. Walked up to Queen Elizabeth Park then on Reid street. In short, back and forth through the tourist's center. What else is there to see, especially if weather will not permit to tan/swim? No tours, just observing/shopping (where residents shop))). Which side to go, left or right from the Ferry terminal?
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