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  1. Just got off the last sailing on the Harmony. We did the Royal up bid and ended up with a 2 bedroom grand suite! LOVED the suite perks. Now booked on Navigator of the seas and was wondering what the perks are on that ship. I see they don't have coastal kitchen - is there still a suite lounge? Is there a special area by the pool for suite guests? I would appreciate any help you could pass my way. thanks!
  2. So We were just upgraded to the Grand two bedroom suite for our Sunday sailing. Is it still only two bottles of wine for the whole stateroom or bc it’s now two bedrooms can it be four?
  3. We sail on the 8 as well. With all the cancellations they are still giving out upgrades for bids. We got ours yesterday. Hang in there. Right now they are trying their best to get money where they can
  4. Well! I had given up hope as we sail tomorrow (Sunday) and yesterday we got the email that our royal up bid was accepted!! We moved from an ocean view balcony to a 2 bedroom grand suite! Cannot wait!
  5. We will be sailing this Sunday in a 2 bedroom sky class suite. It mentioned that there are certain activities that are only for suite members and it shows someone on the surfing/wave thing. Anyone know what these are referring to? I read somewhere that it's ship tours etc but can't seem to find it anymore. Thanks!
  6. WHOAH! What? A day after? I've been reading it comes out before! Ok then there's hope. lol When I go to the royal up bid page I tried bidding on another room that we had not bid on (we bid on 4 of the 5) and it won't let me. Gives me a "we're sorry but you can't do that now". I CAN adjust the price of the current 4 bids though.
  7. Two people on my roll call (march 8 ) have already received their acceptance email. Our CC hasn't been charged and we still have the option to change our bids... Does anyone know if they roll this out slowly? Or is it done all at once? Jacque
  8. Anyone know if the Starbucks on harmony will take Starbucks gift cards?
  9. Have they said anything about cancelling people who have been in contact with or have been around people from Italy? With open boarders on the European front this is going to be a nightmare to control as far as who is boarding the ships. Anyone have a clue how they are going to handle this? Have they said?
  10. Thank you all for your thoughts on this situation. I was able to talk my mom down last night after she spoke to their doctor. The doc told her "I've told you since he (husband/dad) has gotten sick to avoid busy enclosed spaces... which would be like a cruise. HOWEVER - that's also like a grocery store, costco, etc. So I am not going to tell you not to go on the cruise." We have convinced her to come along on the cruise!!! So happy - as is my 9 year old that was looking forward to spending quality time with her grandma. Thank you guys again for all your info - It was used to help dispel
  11. Looking at cruises to Alaska and seeing a slight difference in cost from one side of the boat to the other - I'm assuming this is bc of the view? The more expensive side beign the better view?
  12. Update on worried mom - So I squelched her initial fears and now she is just "making sure it'll be ok". Interestingly enough her primary concern was my grandmother and the quarantine - even though my father is slightly immune compromised. lol So now she is focused on that. They have cruised several times since he has been diagnosed and have always been OVERLY vigilant about disinfection, handwashing, etc and have been ok. They had a dr. appt today and will be talking to the dr about his thoughts on "allowing" dad to travel on a cruise (i know i know - even though they've done it tons of ti
  13. I borrowed my husband's suitcase (carry on) that he used on his last work trip (driving) when I flew last. I got stopped by security. They asked if I had anything sharp - I was like NOPE. Then proceeded to tear apart my bag... the dumb corkscrew had ripped the inside lining of the little zipper pack and was INSIDE UNDER the lining. I felt so stupid - I don't even drink wine! I could have killed him.
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