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  1. The place is free. Free beach, free pools, food included, beverage package included. People by business class airline tickets and pay 10 times more than me for a flight. So if someone wants a cabana, they can have it. I'll take the free chair.
  2. I think the words "tips are included" is very clear. Many people just forget what they read.
  3. Tips are always included in the price you pay. Sometimes it in inclusive of the amount you pay. Other times it is added on when you purchase. Either way, you never need to add tips when you go. You already tipped 18%. The same goes for drinks and drink packages. The tip is included. Many people have conspiracy theories on tipping and how they don't get the tips, or it is pooled, or so many other ideas. I look at it like this. I paid my tip and what happens to it after I pay, is none of my concern. I seldom tip extra because the service is as expected. I order, and they deliver my food. Same with drinks. However, if I tipped extra, it is for a reason of really doing something special, and that tip is between me, and the person in receipt of it.
  4. charging a battery takes less power than a hair dryer so you will be fine.
  5. Not to be silly, but this is an island so you are surrounded by water!!!!!!!!
  6. I can't find anything really wrong with this. Sea day = sitting around a tiny swimming pool and drinking frozen drinks while fighting to find a chair to sit in. Watching some line dance, and belly flop contest and possibly donating some money in the casino. Extra day at Coco Cay = sitting around very big swimming pools with a swim up bar, and not having to fight the chair hogs all day. Most likely the casino will be open which I have been on RCCL ships, where the casino was open in the Bahamas since it is a Bahamas flagged ship. So the only difference? More chairs, bigger bar. How is this a bad thing? I like sea days, but this is almost like a sea day but better.
  7. Silly me, but if you have 3 people, and two bathrooms, who gets to share? Plus, you really don't get ready in the bathroom, the vanity is in the room at the desk. A shower, and save and the next person goes. The teenager is only going to be sleeping anyway, so still no issue.
  8. Very easy choice for me. One room, standard Balcony and the kid sleeps on the couch. Getting the extra room is giving up an extra cruise.
  9. Wait and See is the best you can do. In San Juan, this happened, and then it ended. You still have a few weeks to go, and RCCL is most likely looking at contingency plans but they won't initiate them unless needed.
  10. When I went on my first Quantum cruise prior to RCCL having put up "warnings" that this was culturally enriching cruise, they (RCCL) called us two different times to ask us that we understood what type of cruise this was. Now, they have several warnings when you book that this is culturally enriching cruise. Some people however book through other people, who often fail telling them they are going to China....and that maybe things might be different. So people give bad reviews because they did not understand. Just like the pricing structure is different due to various laws and the fact that in China, RCCL is a co-owner due to laws in the country. Similar to Disney having to do things different in some cases. But isn't the idea of going to China to explore the world? So the cruise is a safe place to spend the night as you move around. But it is still filled with Chinese and everyone else is foreigners. People with bad reviews just don't like be a foreigner sometimes, and expect things to go the way they want. It's kind of sad when this happens. As far as polite. I spent many hotel nights in China as well as on the ship. Although the culture is different, the Chinese are very polite. I would also say they are more polite than most Americans were. However, sometime when they are on tours and in groups, they are very pushy but I think that is because they are mostly trying to stay in groups. Break the group into individuals and the result is completely different. My take away is to always go without any stereotypes and go with an open mind and enjoy this type of trip.
  11. Not true for all states. Fl you get a learners permit at 15 to practice driving. At 16 you get a intermediate License which has restrictions which I believe is the same as what the poster is asking. If the drivers license says drivers license, than I would believe it is fine. A learners permit says learners permit. The purpose of the license is to prove you know the rules of the road, which is similar as boating. Know when to stop, go slow, follow directions and signs and understand what the accelartor is and the importance of stopping. So a person with a restricted license should know all these things.
  12. Asian cruises are fun! English is mandatory for all RCCL employees English becomes a secondary language on culturally enriching cruises. Entertainment is mixed but often times visual, and you are in Asia, so why wouldn't you want Asian entertainment? Menu's have Asian dishes but don't expect it to be great. New Spectrum has Asian pay restaurants. Chair Hogs don't exist - Chinese are polite. Smoking is only permitted in the same areas as other ships, and "smoking" is against the law in Asia under a roof. Almost all aspects of the ship is the same, so yes, you can get free tea. Culturally enriching cruises mean you will be a minority, and so if you can handle that, then it's fun. Most complaints happen because people were shocked that they were the minority on the ship. Been on two, and they were both awesome trips. Internet package is up to you, but we always get a data package from our phone company instead.
  13. Tip is 18% so no need to tip extra. (if you want to you can but it's not necessary or customary)
  14. Today, you don't need one. However, there is going to be a requirement soon that you will need one, which will be done online, and is really cheap, a few dollars. I don't remember when it will become effective, so you will need to keep up on it. Never assume and always check.
  15. There is no good reason ever to use a debit card on international travel.....ever. First, merchants don't trust debit cards so they lock in holds. Holds on debit cards take longer to release. Debit cards are easier to have fraud committed against, and harder to contest. You can loose all you money with a debit card but your credit card is protected. RCCL is protecting themselves, and not you. Once you accept all those items than you can enjoy your vacation trouble free.
  16. 18 year old is an adult. Their signature is binding. They can do what they want including travel. They can get their own medical treatment. They can buy a house. They can buy a car. They are an adult. (so no letter needed because parents don't have a say in this manner)
  17. Zip ties can be cut with finger nail clippers - so that's real secure!!!!!! Those tiny locks can easily be picked....And if all else fails, stick a regular pin into the zipper to snap it open.
  18. When a passenger "misses" the ship, they usually can board at the next port. The ship logs that you are not currently on the ship. However, in the case of medical, a hospital clears you to travel there is no reason why you can't rejoin the ship. There are thousands of reasons why you need medical treatment, and each one is unique.
  19. I'm assuming the poster was pushing her own wheelchair and that it was not battery operated. In that case, you can have a wheelchair pusher push you onto the ship. I want to point out however, that they ARE NOT WORKING FOR GENEROUS TIPS!!!!!!! Whether you tip the or not, they are employees that are willing and able to help with getting you on the ship. You will find they will help you on and off at ports also if you are in a chair. They are there to help for you safety. They are the staff of turnaround day, and they don't "volunteer" to work. They are employees who don't mind getting a few extra dollars to push people, instead of doing some other job on the ship during turnaround day.
  20. Please don't listen to those that say you don't need it. It is a requirement, whether or not a person asks for it. Not only should you have the letter, you should have 3 copies of it. It is very possible, the cruise line will keep a copy. You might need it at immigration when returning. You might need it for medical treatment. You might need it for a bunch of other reasons......notice I said, you might need it....which means if they ask, and you don't have it and you are detained (very unlikely) you might be charged with kidnapping (very unlikely), unless you can prove you did not. So yes, all you need is the letter, have multiple copies, and enjoy.
  21. No, you don't, they are adults. This requirement is for kids only. That would be like you needing a letter from your parents, allowing you to go. LOL
  22. All you need to do is get off the ship, and you can shop all you want.....but remember, all those Mexican gifts are made in China still.
  23. I'm sorry, but why would only kids use the water park? Also, Most parks today require an adult to be with the kid. 12 and 13 need to be supervised. As a matter of fact, I believe kids can't do anything on their own for any excursion or activity off the ship.
  24. Show of hands, how many people will actually take an Asian Cruise? The Asian cruise market is way different than in Europe or USA. When I cruise in the USA, I cruise for the ship. When I cruise out of the USA, I cruise for the itinerary, and really don't care much about the activities, or a swimming pool. I wouldn't pay extra to go up in a capsule, but iFly is fun. Bumper cars line look long, but for a 3 minute ride, with a few minutes for loading, the line moves really fast
  25. Many credit cards have computer programs to detect fraud. Some are better than others. For example, the cruise line is dinging your credit card, and the address is in Miami. You are on a ship in Europe. You purchase something in port, have the ship ding in Miami and next day your use it again in port.....program picks it up as fraud. You put in you are on vacation, and list places, than it over rides the program to allow it. It's not really up to RCCL to guess which customer will be ok, and which will not be ok. Rule of thumb, is always let credit card company know. Than make sure you can get text alerts. Finally, always have a back-up credit card.
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