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  1. you went from "Americans primary cruising" to "english speaking guests". I have been on several Asian cruises, and a typical RCCL cruise is in China. All the game shows except quest happened. All the entertainment happened, although some shows were actually better since they were just music, and Asian entertainment. Food was the same, but had an Asian supplement on the menu. Specialty restaurants the same. These cruises are American vacations, without leaving Asia (China/Japan). Of course there were changes to some items to follow either local laws, or local traditions. I once went on a cruise from San Juan, and the primary language ended up being Spanish, with English as a secondary announcement. I don't know why people think an Asian cruise is so much different.
  2. I thought the idea is to bid a low number, and hope you get a room for below market value. If a person really wants a better room and they want to pay full price, they just can call and change it, paying the difference. No need to bid the max.
  3. I don't know.....I sailed of Amsterdam, and there were lots of Europeans on that ship......and since all the countries are pretty small, it makes sense it would be all the neighbors also. I also sailed out of Dubai, and I was definitely a minority on that ship also.
  4. Costs? If you are talking maybe an extra $200 per person for a flight but the cruise is cheaper, hotels are cheaper, food/restaurants are cheaper, than cost is definitely not an issue. Med sailings were filled with Europeans and not very many from USA. Percentage is different, but still, not a true statement. The biggest reason, is fear, not cost. It is the fear of the unknown, going to a country, where English is not widely spoken, and the thought that the ship is some way different.
  5. Pretty sure, New Years only happens at Midnight. However, my kids never had an issue staying awake late. The ship is a family ship, so if you see kids, they paid for the festivities also, and more than welcome to have fun (hyped up on soda).
  6. Actually, Australia/New Zealand canceled all cruises and travel to their country, and RCCL is just following their laws.
  7. I am 99.9999% sure that anyone that answers this question is making a guess. I' 99.9999% sure, you will need to wait until they announce what you need for your sailing date.
  8. In 30 years, I never ironed my clothes on a ship, or on any trip, both ship, and land. I'm extremely proud of this.
  9. Ok, you booked with award points from your credit card, but you don't like your credit card TA, so you want to move your booking, but still expect you CC to happily let you use your points outside their organization? That doesn't work that way.
  10. The ships have less staff. So, early dining is seated, and depending on the tables being used, they start seating MDT within the same area as fixed dining. So, in the dining room one table is reserved for fixed, and another is reserved for mtd. Thus, they have the same reduced staff, handling all tables in a staggered way to cut down on congestion in the kitchen and on the dining floor. When capacity increases (not a particular number, but rather how many people come out of hiding), they will most likely change the model of service
  11. It's funny how Americans immediately jump in with saying that you should dress any way you want, and ignore suggestions. Many parts of the world still understand that a formal night or dress you best night, really means that and not a night to wear a t-shirt and jeans. To answer the poster, I don't recall ever seeing a formal night on a night in port where boarding is so late. Than again, I don't remember being on the ship early enough to go to dining room on those nights to care. I believe any cruise over 5 nights has 2 nights.
  12. There is no magical number for capacity. Some people are getting on the ships, without caring about anything as normal. Some are waiting for some magic item, such as covid going away (maybe in 5 years), masking going away (Elections in 2024), or a number of other reasons. Capacity is also driven by international guests that have pretty much dropped to none for many of the same reasons. I'm pretty sure, if they sell the ship at 90% that will be your number for that week. I think too many people are speculating at numbers and I don't think a number exists.
  13. you can just call RCCL and see what cruises do not require a vaccine and/or ask them about it. The contract terms were switched because of a little thing called the CDC and Government restricted the cruise lines ..... but the cruise line did not change the rules. You cancelled the cruise, so they followed the contract and gave you FCC. By the way, I did not same thing, and got FCC. I already used it. Your vaccination choice, is your choice and the main reason for the vaccination rule is that the islands are currently requiring it, so the cruise line has no choice but to require it.
  14. Well, if I was you "father" or "mother" and/or sister/brother, I would be saying goodbye for a week. But if I really needed a baby sitter, I would just recommend that DH join us, and leave you with the kids. Why would everyone's vacation be ruined? But honestly, it would be very unlikely that it would happen since most areas have already past herd immunity.
  15. Sorry you tossed your husband, was it because of the shirts? By the way, I'm wearing one today at work. I'm not a fan of boring, single color button down shirts.
  16. home test is an antigen test. PCR test is a more detailed test and a lab is needed.....you can't possibly do it at home. So anytime, or any country that says PCR test is required......you will need to go to a lab, or doctor, or pharmacy. Going to a lab if you can find one locally, is will give you the fastest results, same day.
  17. I see no issue with large fonts......sounds like someone needs a cup of coffee
  18. I always take a little offence when someone says they are old so therefore, they don't have any modern day technology. Age has nothing to do with not using technology. IPhone, or any smart phone is a mini computer that is used for hundreds of things. As my neighbor said, I won't pay the price to use my phone in Europe, but he got hopelessly lost one day and spent 5 hours trying to get someplace. If he used his "technology" he would of been at destination in 30 or less minutes. Not having this, is a choice not related to your age. No you don't need one on the ship, but it will save you time, and give you easier access to everything both on the ship, and off the ship. Instead of wandering around, using a paper map, and asking directions in other languages. Yes, I'm older, used paper maps, know what a payphone is, and at one time, even asked directions. But I won't waste my time because I don't want a phone on vacation, when that phone is a mini computer to make my life easy. Please don't use "age" an excuse
  19. Most "extra" insurance is designed to take your money, and not pay out. It is mostly based on fear. Sometimes when you buy it 10 times, you could have saved enough to self insure. But for some people, the medical part is important and understandable. You can buy annual policies for much cheaper.
  20. Left last cruise in Bahamas.....2 week trip (empty) to France.....2 weeks in France to refresh.....empty about two weeks to TX to start sailing in TX
  21. This was not true.....we were at a table with another couple. They stopped that a while back.
  22. Depends when your cruise is. Is it this month, or next year?
  23. If you have health concerns......a cruise is not exactly a good place to avoid people. Occupancy is creaping up, and is expected to be around 100% by end of year
  24. If the ticket was already purchased, than the answer is no. If it is in holding for their block, than yes. Don't count on a person on the internet who had one time experience to answer your question, but rather call them and ask them of the policies. It's way more complicated than a simple yes
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