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  1. Usually, when not in a HC room, the best choice is to have a room with a bed closest to the balcony, and not closest to the bathroom. Although the scooter can get in the door, it can't get around a bed. You might have some issues unless the scooter can be taken apart. Also, does the battery need to be on the scooter to charge it? Next, contact special needs and make sure they supply you with an extension cord. If not already in the stateroom when you arrive, have your room steward help you. Don't know if you have someone to help you, but I am the person that "manages" scooter issues in my household, and can tell you depending on your scooter brand, will depend on how easy or hard a situation can be.
  2. Single cabins are more important because the market shows it is important. However, The cabins are not single cabins! They are still doubles, but they are listed on the Chinese booking page for Singles. A Bow/Stern single room is ¥13,336 per person and a normal (the rooms designed as studio) cost ¥7,289 per person. In marketing, you can't tell a Chinese person, they have to pay double the price.....but if you put on the webpage, to book, one, two, three, or four people, and you pick that you are booking for one person, you will these staterooms being available. So, RCCL is not telling the person they are paying double, they are just quoting a price for a single person. We may think it's the same but it makes sense in that market. Things get a little complicated because we don't book on the chinese page, but rather the US page, and so the booking for cabins are much different. You should note that the two web-pages are not managed by the same group. So when RCCL-China makes a change to handle unique booking opportunities, it is not always translated quickly to the USA page, and with the extremely low numbers pre-covid in booking a Chinese cruise, it most likely is not a big priority. So basically, RCCL did not change cabins, they changed marketing to single customers. Plus, the ship design is the same for either the Asian Market or the USA/European markets. What is different is cosmetics only. Change signs, change a restaurant or two. All of which is cosmetic, and not structure. Therefore the single cabins are just cosmetic change, and not structure. Also, this is Quantum Ultra, so the "sisters" are more like step-sisters. Similar in many design elements, but different in many others.
  3. Just to point out, that Spectrum is in the Asian market. The market is "different" in many ways including the way a cruise is sold. The ship is slightly designed different. The loyalty program is different (The normal plan exists also, but Chinese citizens have a different one). Now, the ships have to sail with less capacity, and a market exists for solo cruises. We don't book on the Chinese website, but if you did you would notice many "differences" also, and it is important to have "single" cabins available for those that want it. It's easy in the USA to tell a solo cruiser that they have to pay double, but it is easier in the Asian market not to say that, but just have a price tag for that cabin on the web-page. The marketing is way different in China, and how vacations are sold. So, just like everything else, there is no reason to speculate. The simple answer is Chinese marketing, and very specific to China.
  4. Mexico opened some "tourist" areas while keeping the rest of the country off limits. Coco Cay is isolated, and could easily be allowed to operate. That's the local government making the exceptions. Just because a place is under a lockdown from tourists, does not mean, they can't make controlled exceptions. So testing will happen in November, and by December, you will see some short cruises, and they will be adapted from lessons learned in Singapore.
  5. First, this is an FCC for a canceled cruise that the poster canceled, not RCCL? Secondly, this is only $1000.00 FCC that can be used on any cruise, including an inside stateroom that holds 4 people, so the poster has lots of choices outside the $52K price tag. They have choices, not the choices they want, but they certainly have plenty of choices.
  6. Well, you live in PA, which is a state locked down for 7 months, and Florida is a state wide open, and staying pretty flat. So, the risk will be around for a long time, and it would be up to anyone booking to decide to go or not to go.......I would have no problem going in November
  7. All these replies with so many of them basically saying no way. Look, One of these days, a ship, is going to sail. It will be the first ship. It will have people on it. Maybe only friends and family for a test run, maybe paying passengers, but it will sail. It will happen in November. Miami, and the state of Florida is basically 100% open for business, and tourism. It is not like other states, or countries. It is open. The ports said they are ready to open. It's a go. Just like in Florida, the country of Singapore is allowing the "first" ships to sail. Technically, RCCL will be the second ship, but the Asian market is opening up also. The European market already opened up with cruises. So you have it, 3 major markets, all ready to start. The engines on the ships are being warmed up and they are just waiting for the approval. Cruise lines are restarting a business, with a new business model. They need to see what works and does not. So get ready, pack your bags, and wait. It's coming
  8. I have done numerous cities on my own in Japan and China. Spent around a total of 10 days in hotels in China, spent a day in Nagasaki, and spent a day in Vietnam on my own. Both Japan and S. Korea teach English in schools. Don't be afraid of the language, but be prepared to manage it. Preparation is the key. Use index cards for address - to the ship or to where you want to go. Use a smart phone to communicate. Also use you smart phone to give you directions. It will tell you bus stops, trolley's, subways etc. Or walking routes. I did a complete self walking tour, In Nagasaki, where it involved 2 taxi rides. One to the farthest and first stop, and the second where the walk was just a little long. The walking tour map recommended the taxi. But we could have walked it also. We ended close to the ship when done.
  9. You know that he is not the first head of state to have gotten it? Nothing changes.......nothing. He will hang out for 10 more days at home, have press releases, participate in government activities when needed, continue with daily briefings. This will have no effect on cruises.
  10. Think as this as not an extension of the no sail order but rather the "transition" order. The transition of sitting idle, and waiting to going with live cruises. Only some ships will start, and those will be going to private islands. It will get ramped up, once more destinations open. It's complicated and complex. So the transition has begun
  11. I have a friend, who knows a person, that says cruises are going to start in November. Problem with 5th party rumors is someone will eventually be right
  12. Cruises already resumed! So false news. However, the big question is will it resume in Florida, and which ones. 100% of the cruises are not going to resume on the same day. It will be staggered reopening, with trials. Those trials have already started outside the USA.
  13. Just a 7 day cruise on Spectrum of the Seas. Wonder of the Seas is delayed building due to Covid, so they rearranged all the Asian cruises to make up for the loss of Wonder. My cruise was affected at end of May. They only have 7 day cruises a couple of times per year. When it was canceled, they gave me 3 choices which were pretty much identical . The one choice was just 4 days later, and the exact same cruise. They offered either a cancelation for full refund, or rebook price protected on any of the 3 identical cruises that they have along with airline change fees. Rebooking they offered $150 per person ($300). I just rebooked 4 days later. I have a balcony. Nothing special. I have no idea if it was less for inside or not, or more for suites. They actually called me to rebook, I did not need to call them. I also got the same room. Maybe because it was same ship, and exactly the same schedule, i don't know. but I got my $300 OBC, and all I had to do was change my vacation date at work....which for me no issues.
  14. When they cancel a sailing they give you alternate choices in an email and if you accept the change you get $300 OBC. I have the exact same cruise 4 days later. Same price and $300 for my troubles. They would have also paid airline change fee but that’s not really free money Like the OBC
  15. State department changed the travel level from level 4 (do not travel) to level 3. Just a little good news that things are changing slowly. China still won't allow anyone in.....but everything is a step.
  16. Just a funny thought....if a person books 12 cruises in 2021, I really don't think they care that much if a cruise is changed, or canceled etc......Pretty sure they will just go with the flow. I only book two, and so far in 2021, I have had a slight change in the one cruise and all I did was shrug my shoulders, updated my vacation schedule in the office, and collected $300 for the change
  17. So, today is Sept 23, and the no sail order ends Sept 30. In the past, the extensions happened well before the last week. Many things are happening right now, including plans being set in, reports completed, and many items under review. With all things happening, I personally believe cruises will begin in November. Things have never been this close in the past, so sit back, wait, and ask again after Sept 30.
  18. Why did you do a CNN move, and take a sentence out of context. First, I clearly said, that I went to Las Vegas, and wore a mask daily. Since it was taken out of context, I will review it. You have a choice to choose to go on a vacation, whether it is a cruise, or a land trip of any kind, or take your vacation, sitting at home......maybe do yard work, or watch TV, or something else, while staying at home. So that is how it works, you choose to either take a vacation, and live with the new restrictions or you don't go and either stay at home, or just go to work. Next time, quote the entire passage, and not just a few words.
  19. At the end of the day, you have a choice. Either stay home, and skip 2 years of vacation, or go on a vacation. Your decision is based on how you feel today, and the level of fear that you have ingested with the news media. I went to Las Vegas, wore a mask inside, and had a good time......but I did not enjoy the mask. My other choice was sit at home for a week and watch TV and listen to the news telling me the horrors that await me. So I choose to go out, and continue to live a slightly "modified life" I have been doing it for the last 6 months, with 2 short vacations, and one week long vacation. I hope someday soon, I can do this without a mask, but until than, I'm not writing off the year. I only have so many left.
  20. As long as you pay the fee for the exclusive area, the food is included in that fee. There are no discounts.
  21. I hope not, that would make it too easy. Maybe they will have a separate line with a sign up - specific line for removing gratuities!
  22. The tip is included in the price. No need to tip extra They do not expect more There is no need to top more than what is expected.....in any restaurant or bar. Never feel guilty not tipping more.....you already tipped Sometimes I leave before the waiter gets a chance to hand me a $0.00 ticket with a tip line I never sign a $0.00 receipt in a specialty restaurant or bar. Tipping is a private and personal choice that does not need to be "bragged" about. Tip extra if you want, but never feel obligated to do so, or "pressured" when a blank receipt is handed to you.
  23. In Europe I don't think offering free shuttles is a thing to do. However, taxi or Uber services are relatively cheap and some hotels do offer shuttles for a fee, but usually more money than a taxi. I would also consider, location for the evening over, distance to the port. You would want to get out of the hotel and walk, and enjoy the afternoon and evening.
  24. Well, I saw something first hand, an issue with a passport name not matching a name on their computer.....and really, I don't care what others do. But someone wants to take a chance, go for it. In the mean time, I won't have an issue. You are dealing with multiple countries, huge amounts of different laws, and the only safe thing is to match.....Anything else, will always have a risk.
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