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  1. I have completed the health notice declaration , it just says if you experience health changes prior to embarkation , return to this page to update When could you select your embarkation time, mine still showing as unavailable for 10 September, thanks
  2. Wonder if its because we don't have a cabin assigned yet?
  3. Ok thanks for reply - I don' know if it "asked" me as such but the option was there - from your comment guessing we can just sort it out when we are onboard !
  4. I'm very confused, booked in a suite as sold to us on the perks benefits - phoned to see if I should book restaurant - operator said yes (at booking was told just rock up and eat, no queue?) so booked a time for each evening in Estrella (think that's the club class dining but not been told , apart from asking on cc??) asked about boarding (10 September) told keep checking app to book - the suite perks are disappearing before my eyes, not that boarding and dining time are the most essential perk but frustrating that they sell you it, as a perk and then it appears it doesn't exist :(
  5. Thanks - we should be ok , in that case!
  6. Thank you, I did think it had to be rubbish or user error ! Leaving the kids home alone as no vaccines so wifi important! How was the Sky Princess ?
  7. Just read a review where the author said that the wifi on Sky Princess was only available if you have an Iphone ! Anyone comment on this ? Surely that can't be correct? My husband and I have Android phones, which work via wifi everywhere else - hoping they will to on Sky or the free wifi package will be useless ?
  8. Do you have to be vaccinated for that one? Just wondering as its Disney, our kids would love it but don't get vaccines ? Thanks
  9. I personally would choose Princess over P&O any day - superior food etc in our opinion ! We have booked a 3 day Sky Princess Staycation over the P&O ones
  10. 10th September, 2021, picked it as we will be vaccinated (for us prefer all pax to be vaccinated) sadly children won't be so 3 days not a big ask for my parents to supervise
  11. How did you find that out ? We are booked on a UK Staycation , on Sky Princess and booked a suite in case it was crowded - will it really be 1000 people as capacity is 3660, we were anticipating 50% hence booking the suite in case we needed to escape!
  12. Booked guaranteed cabin S6 (as unable to book a cabin number) now wondering what it will be like at the front of ship - how rough can it be sightseeing round the UK coast ?? Would never book a cabin here if going through the Bay of Biscay!! Hoping for the best 🙂 Are the cabins good/bad ?
  13. Thank you.....I knew if I asked someone would know ☺
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