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  1. Exactly! I assumed things I probably shouldn't have. Why are we given the option of choosing to pay gratuities? Sorry, I didn't intend this to become a debate on gratituities, I was just curious. I completely agree with zdad59 each to their own, and basically give where you can and be generous to others. Its all about respecting one another.
  2. Thank you, I heard the solo events were good on this ship so I'm looking forward to checking them out.
  3. Wow, that came across harsh. As I said I always tip at the end of the cruise, I have read many forums where people don't. I don't necessarily agree with you that we are obligated to, but that's my option which I'm entitled to. My intention was that I will tip, but do I have to pay the gratituity or can I leave the money in my storeroom for the person who is attending to my room? I'm not sure what to do, or how much is expected or what most people do. My understanding is the crew get paid the hourly rate set by the country they are from, so from Australia the hourly rate is much higher than the US. I'm not saying you don't tip at all, but people in Australia are very relaxed about tipping. It's not a thing like it is in the US. I'm not saying we don't tip but it's different here.
  4. I've never set sail with RCI before, I've only sailed once before with another cruiseline. I noticed I can prepay gratuities. Gratuities are not usually customary in Australia, so I'm wondering if people pay this? I normally leave money in my storeroom on my final day as a thank you. I'm not sure if I should do this or how much? My room is never left filthy, just the bed needs making and drink staff I never tip, its something I never think about. Also, do they have drink package sales? I booked for February 2020 to New Zealand. I'm not a huge drinker but I might have one big night and have a few cocktails throughout the day and soft drinks. I'd rather pay a bit more in advance than be left with a big bill at the end. If they have sales when should I look out for them? I can't find the cost of internet packages, the page keeps crashing or doesn't show the price. I like to be super organised so it's in the back of my mind what I'm doing. I have done a few searches and can't find anything for room 6192 on Ovation of the Seas. Does anyone know if it's a quiet room as there is a bar possibly underneath etc. I'm going solo so I opted for an obstructed view room as it's very expensive going solo. Thanks in advance 😊
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