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  1. I canceled yesterday, the day before their policy. He did ask me if it was because of the virus and I said yes. I would have liked to reschedule for a future cruise and not lose 50%.
  2. Maybe so, our cabin was quiet and in a excellent location. We loved the Blu and the quality. For us it was a win win.
  3. My husband and I just got off the Celebrity Eclipse. It was fabulous. We were in a Aqua class stateroom. We enjoyed Blu every evening. The food was fabulous. No rushing to make a traditional seating. Loved that the mainstream bathrooms had cloth towels. The buffet were so varied, lots to choose from. The shows were also excellent. The captain was present often as well as the cruise director. The drink prices were high in comparison to Princess. The staterooms did not have enough drawer space. Loved the shower with a glass enclosure instead of a curtain. The food compared to Princess of late was a step above. Even the cleanliness of the cabins was much better. These are our observations and we have taken 10 Princess cruises to 3 Celebrity. Celebrity wins.
  4. Yes, you are correct. I am over it. I just chalked it up to poor knowledge on my part. It seems there is always something one forgets to ask. Like I said that we have only recently sailed on Disney, Princess and Holland America. We never had that issue, so who knew. We sailed on Radisson back in 2008, 2009, 2010 and they never had that, so I didn't know. I did book something once on Crystal, but couldn't get the time off and had to cancel and there was no fee and that was about 2 years ago. So I had no idea. I guess I could have read all the fine print and it would have been there, but I didn't. So my fault.
  5. You're absolutely correct. What's $200 in the scheme of things, especially when for most people they will rebook something on the Regent. In our case we won't. It is a lot of money and it was a special occasion, but we felt that the amount of money spent for Regent really isn't for us. So we lost 200.00 in 1 week because I booked online and didn't realize that this was their policy. So live and learn. I would rather lose 200.00 than be out 25,000
  6. In answer to what we decided to do. We have decided to go with Celebrity when we decide to move forward. I canceled my Regent and it is almost 3 weeks and they still have not refunded my 3800.00 deposit, (less the 200) have never had this issue before. I had to have my credit card company get involved now. Decision was the tours I actually looked on their Alaska itinerary to grasp what is included and the majority of the excursions that are included are the very low priced ones, the glaciers etc are a uncharge in fact it is the same as what I could book on another line, so for that reason it isn't for us.
  7. Don't blame Regent, just sorry that they need 200 from all you cruisers for the privilege of booking. The middle range cruise lines haven't come to that yet.
  8. Let me say something. We have been on the Gauguin back in 2004 and 2005 then again in 2009, so it has been awhile for booking a luxury line. We have been on numerous cruises but not the luxury lines, only at these times. I did not use a travel agent, I booked online by myself. They have bombarded me with fancy brochures and emails several times a week advertising promotions, etc. I have 2 personal cruise consultants somehow with them and they have constantly sent things tome. Well we have never traveled to Europe and it is a special occasion and they sent a whole thing about their newest ship the Splendor. The way it seemed being that far out I would have some time to decide without penalty to look into their excursions and exactly what was being offered. I didn't think it would cost me 200 for the privilege. This was a 30000 dollar trip. One that we would do once in our lives. As our budget does not allow for this kind of a trip being available to us always. Now maybe to some people on these boards 200 dollars isn't a big deal, but guess what? It is for us and probably a lot of other people. And maybe I can consider it a blessing as if 200 isn't a big deal to most people that patronize the luxury lines then we are probably fortunate that we didn't pursue it after all. $200 for holding a cabin for two weeks that they didn't have to do anything for is pure ludicrous.
  9. The agent never said that it would be transferable. He said that it was an administration fee that was imposed and not refundable. They still haven't imposed it on the Princess, Celebrity or Holland America lines. Pretty upsetting for a two week look into the itinerary. I could have held this cabin for months and they would have made money most likely has their fares usually climb. I understand what everyone has commented on and yes it was there after the fact in their terms, so it is my fault for not reading the fine print and assuming they were like other lines that I am more familiar with. But assuming is something one should never do.
  10. I put a deposit down on Regent for the Splendor. The sailing is April 2020. I put it down February 15 and I canceled it February 25 only to be told that there was a 200.00 administration fee for canceling. I have never had anything like this ever before. I booked as so I could review the itinerary better as they sent a big push on the Splendor and I didn't want to lose the space just in case. Live and Learn. I won't ever put a deposit down unless I am 100% sure. I think it is wrong of them to this. I won't be sailing with them in the future.
  11. Hi, I have booked a July sailing on this ship. Have only been on the Westerdam years ago. How does this ship differ from the Westerdam? Is there a therapy pool on here and if so does anyone know the charges. Also how are the specialty restaurants? Opinions of this ship for the Alaska itinerary? Do they have onboard lecturers, etc. Also is the MDR food good. The staterooms as well opinions. Thank you
  12. That's what I too have found out researching. We took a RSSC back when it was Radisson on the Paul Gauguin to Tahiti and then one to Canada New England and they both were wonderful. But at this point the price differences are way more than the main stream cruises. We could eat every night in the specialty restaurants and have quite a bit of money left for shore excursions. I desperately would love to cruise them again, but the price difference is huge.
  13. So question? I am reading all the responses. So Do you think that one should not partake in a Regent cruise as a special occasion cruise for fear that another cruise will never be up to their caliber. Regent is quite a bit more money and not everyone can afford this luxury all but once. Just curious.
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