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  1. On our visit to Ushuaia in March 2018 on Emerald Princess we did the morning Princess excursion to Tierra de Fuego National Park. While we usually don't do ship excursions in this case it was the almost the same price as independent tours and we had OBC to use. We had a lovely tour of the park with four different stops and a short time to look at the beautiful scenery at each place. On our return to Ushuaia we had time to walk through the town and shop. We thoroughly enjoyed this port. When we left Ushuaia we cruised the Beagle Channel past the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse and gorgeous scenery to Glacier Alley which was spectacular. A boat tour would take you closer to the small islands in the Beagle Channel but we loved seeing the national park. No matter which tour you choose it is a beautiful part of the world. Hope you have a great cruise!
  2. I always enjoy your reviews and I'm looking forward to this one and to your photos which are always fabulous! The Baltic Heritage cruise I did in 2017 was one of my favourites and I hope you both enjoy your cruise as much as I did. I also hope that you have great weather and calm seas. Safe travels! 😊
  3. As the writer of the review that was linked by sfkaren (thanks 😊) I can highly recommend the Midnight Sun Norway cruise. I had a wonderful cruise and will go back again in the future. It is a pity that Geiranger is not on the itinerary as that was my favourite port but the other ports are all great. I also sailed on Crown Princess for 14 days in 2017 to the Baltics and enjoyed my cruise and time on Crown.
  4. Thanks so much! I can highly recommend this cruise itinerary as I loved everywhere we went and the scenic cruising was wonderful. I am looking for a 2021 cruise but still haven't been inspired yet. Also thanks for the good wishes regarding my son. He is thoroughly enjoying his new career. Hope you have a wonderful cruise to Alaska! 😊
  5. Norris, I am so pleased that you will be doing another of your fantastic reviews. I am looking forward to it and also to seeing your photos which are always excellent. I will tune in to your review when I return from China as I don't think I will be able to access Cruise Critic while I am there. Have a great time in London as well as on your cruise. Safe travels! Allison 😊
  6. Geiranger was my favourite port and the cruising in and out of Flam was my favourite scenic cruising during the cruise. I am so glad that I got to see them both and also Stavanger. 😊
  7. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I looked at the Norway/Iceland cruise for this year but preferred the Midnight Sun cruise itinerary as it only has four single sea days throughout the cruise whereas the one to Iceland has three consecutive sea days at the end of the cruise as well as others during the cruise. It is disappointing that Stavanger, Flam and Geiranger are not on the Princess itinerary for 2021 as I loved all three. Geiranger was my favourite port and the scenic cruising in and out of Flam was outstandingly beautiful. I really wanted to cross the Arctic Circle (one of my bucket list items) so that was another reason for choosing this cruise. I would love to visit Iceland as it looks beautiful but I will probably go on a land trip to avoid the extra sea days. If you like sea days and want to stick to Princess I would seriously consider the Norway/Iceland cruise. Otherwise I would look at other cruise line itineraries for Norway to try and go to Stavanger, Flam and Geiranger as they were wonderful. If you can, go to Honningsvag to see the Midnight Sun as that was amazing. As Norway is so beautiful I daresay the other different ports on the Princess itinerary are beautiful too. It will be interesting to see which cruise lines will be cruising into Flam and Geiranger in the future. No matter which cruise you choose it is a beautiful part of the world and you will have a wonderful cruise. 😊
  8. Thanks Norris and thanks for reading along! I definitely want to go back to Norway as I just love the country, the people and the scenery. There is so much to see and do that it was hard to make choices so I'll just have to return one day! I'm looking forward to reading your review of your cruise to Norway - you are going to do one aren't you? I hope you have a wonderful cruise and that you have great weather. Allison 😊
  9. Thanks so much! I'm pleased that you enjoyed the review and photos as I really enjoyed writing it. 😊
  10. Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed them. For my last two reviews which were after the Cruise Critic website update I have simply used the Cruise Critic site to type up my reviews and post them. I find it easiest to use my phone to type my reviews (which is why there are sometimes typos 😀) and upload my photos directly from my phone. While I miss the Cruise Critic phone app I find it very easy to write my reviews and upload photos using the CC website. Almost all the photos have been taken with my phone and for the few I have used which I have taken with my camera with a good zoom, I simply email the photo from my computer to myself and save the photo to my phone. It is also easy to upload photos to posts using a computer but I just happen to prefer to use my phone. I hope you have a wonderful cruise!
  11. Thank you very much! 😊 We were all very lucky with the weather that day. Although the wind was very cold and blustery at North Cape we were fortunate to have sunshine as well.
  12. I watched your ship leave Honningsvag and here is a couple of photos of you sailing past the opposite side of the peninsula from Honningsvag.
  13. Another vote for the Blue Puffin North Cape Sightseeing tour at Honningsvag. We were also there on June 22 and had a wonderful tour with Monika. In case you are interested I did a review of my cruise on Sapphire Princess and while some ports were different I did go to Trondheim (page 3), Honningsvag (page 4), Lofoten Islands (page 5) and Alesund (page 5 and 6). Norway is absolutely beautiful and I hope you have a great cruise.
  14. On Saturday June 29, 2019 we finished our cruise (Sapphire Princess) at the QE2 terminal. We self disembarked with our luggage at 7.00am and got in a taxi and were at the National Express coach station at 7.15am. The fare was GBP8.00. Our 8.35am bus to Birmingham via Oxford arrived at the coach station at 8.25am and the driver loaded our luggage under the coach according to where you were getting off. We left on the dot of 8.35am and had a comfortable, scenic and leisurely trip through the countryside. The driver then unloaded our luggage at our destination. I can recommend the National Express coach for you to get to Oxford as our trip was easy and inexpensive. 😊
  15. Thank you! There were 1 Australian, 2 US and 2 European outlets in our Deluxe Balcony cabin. I can't remember exactly what was in the bathroom but I think it was a low voltage US outlet. Congratulations on getting married and I hope you have a wonderful cruise and honeymoon! I will keep my fingers crossed that you have smooth seas, sunny skies and that you get into Milford Sound! 😊
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