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  1. PurpleTraveller

    Boat drill on Majestic question

    On my cruise on Majestic that started on November 24, 2018 from Sydney we did not have to take our life jackets to the muster drill. If your muster station is in the theatre there are plenty of seats (the crew seat you row by row) but I have once had to stand when I have been in the Casino (not on Majestic).
  2. PurpleTraveller

    The South American and Antarctic experience on the Zaandam

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful penguin photos and videos. It looks like you had good weather for your day. Volunteer Point is my all time favourite excursion I have been on.
  3. PurpleTraveller

    Sail Away on The Majestic

    Congratulations, what a great location to have! Hope you have a great cruise!
  4. PurpleTraveller

    Sail Away on The Majestic

    Thank you, how lovely of you 😊 I think all Sail Aways from Sydney are wonderful!
  5. PurpleTraveller

    Sail Away on The Majestic

    I would try to be somewhere to the starboard and aft. We positioned ourselves on the deck near the basketball court to get these views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as we left on the Majestic.
  6. PurpleTraveller

    April weather South N.Z sounds and Dunedin

    I have cruised twice to New Zealand. The first time was the first two weeks in March and we had beautiful warm and sunny days until we got to Dunedin where we were unable to get into port due to the winds. The weather turned so bad that we had to turn around and sail back up the east coast of the south island and then through the Cook Strait to cross the Tasman. We missed the Sounds and had very rough seas for four days. The second time was November 24 to December 6, 2018 and we had mild and partly cloudy days but missed the Sounds again due to a bad cold front coming over the Tasman, so had to sail north as quickly as we could to miss the expected ten metre swells. We met people on that cruise who were missing the Sounds for the third time and others who had been there many times. It can be a bit like pot luck as to whether you get into the Sounds. If I sail to New Zealand again I will try in mid December or February to avoid the school holidays and hopefully have good weather and get to the Sounds.
  7. PurpleTraveller

    The South American and Antarctic experience on the Zaandam

    I sailed on Emerald Princess from Buenos Aires to San Antonio in March 2018 and had a wonderful time but we didn't go to Antarctica. My next cruise is a Land of the Midnight Sun cruise to Norway in June. Your photos are really inspiring me to plan a trip to Antarctica in the future as I would love to go there. I look forward to reading the rest of your review.
  8. PurpleTraveller

    X cruiser sails Azamara to Cuba Jan 15 to 24 2019

    You are far too kind! I can only dream of writing reviews as good as yours! I look forward to following along the rest of your journey, enjoying your photos and getting inspiration for a new cruise. Allison
  9. PurpleTraveller

    X cruiser sails Azamara to Cuba Jan 15 to 24 2019

    Thank you for your wonderful review and fabulous photos. I have read all of your reviews and each one is better than the previous one. I have been looking for a new and different cruise line as after my Norway cruise on Sapphire Princess in June I want to try something else. This cruise or one like it could be just the ticket. I have also been considering Celebrity as I know you have enjoyed your cruises with them. Once again thank you for letting me follow your journey.
  10. PurpleTraveller

    The South American and Antarctic experience on the Zaandam

    Thank you for your wonderful review and stunning photos. I am thoroughly enjoying following you on your journey. Thanks again!
  11. PurpleTraveller

    New Zealand on Majestic Princess November 24, 2018

    I just checked the Countdown (they are a supermarket chain in New Zealand) website and they have Manuka honey listed in their products so you could also check them out. They have stores in Auckland at 76 Quay Street (very close to the piers) and at 19 - 25 Victoria Street in the city centre. They also have a store at 280 Lambton Quay in Wellington (right near the cable car station).
  12. PurpleTraveller

    New Zealand on Majestic Princess November 24, 2018

    The only place I saw Manuka honey was at Mossops Honey on the outskirts of Tauranga on the way back to the ship from Hobbiton but then again I wasn't looking for it. I have a feeling I saw honey at a couple of souvenir stores in Christchurch but I don't know if it was Manuka honey. I would suggest checking out some gift/souvenir stores in Auckland as that is the biggest city you will be going to in New Zealand. Otherwise you could go to Mossops Honey at Tauranga or try gift/souvenir stores there and at other ports. You should check the US customs regulations for bringing in honey before you come over as you may be able to take it with you rather than ship it. On my tour there were a few people from the US who bought Manuka honey and took it with them but of course I don't know if they had any problems getting it back into the US. Good luck and I hope you have a great cruise!
  13. PurpleTraveller

    Done Machu Picchu in late March?

    I was in the Sacred Valley on March 16 and 17, Machu Picchu on March 18 and 19 and Cusco on March 20, 2018 after a cruise on Emerald Princess. The weather was mostly warm and partly cloudy and made for very pleasant walking tours. At Machu Picchu on the first day it was warm and partly sunny and I was wearing a T'Shirt. We had a small shower in the mid afternoon but we were able to take cover for the 10 -15 minutes it lasted and then spent another couple of hours exploring the ruins until closing time when there was almost no-one there. On our second day it was misty and cloudy and then started raining as we were making our way back down from climbing the smaller mountain. It rained quite heavily and we got quite wet even though we had rain jackets but we didn't mind as it was not cold and we had already seen everything we wanted to see. The queue for the bus was quite long at midday as many people were leaving due to the rain but the buses came quickly and the wait wasn't too bad. By the time we caught our train back to Ollantaytambo that afternoon the sun was out again. In Cusco the weather was warm and fairly sunny in the morning and I was again wearing a T'Shirt. Later in the afternoon it became cloudy but didn't rain. The rain we had did not ruin our visit at all (but it would probably have been a bit disappointing if we had total rain for both our visits) and we had a wonderful time. Here are a few photos. Machu Picchu Day One Machu Picchu Day Two Cusco No matter your weather you will have a wonderful time. Just make sure you have a rain jacket with you, just in case. Hope you have a wonderful visit to Machu Picchu and a great cruise!
  14. PurpleTraveller

    Majestic Princess Sydney to Auckland Patters?

    I was on the Majestic 12 night Sydney - New Zealand - Sydney cruise from November 24 to December 6, 2018. I don't have all the patters but I do have the one for day one. Our formal nights were on the second sea day on the way to NZ on Monday November 26 and on what was supposed to be the first sea day returning to Sydney (we missed the Fjordlands so ended up with three sea days) on Thursday December 4.
  15. PurpleTraveller

    Private Tour Reliability

    In June 2017 I did a two day tour in St Petersburg with TJ Travel. I had a wonderful two days seeing so much in a 16 seat bus and for less than half the price of the ship's two day tour. As the others have said we went to the further sites such as Peterhof and Catherine Palace on day one and to sites closer to the ship such as the Hermitage and Church of the Spilled Blood on day two. TJ Travel also have a spare bus in case anything should happen to your bus such as a breakdown and guarantee that if you should miss the ship that they will get you to your next port at their expense. I would happily use TJ Travel again and there are a number of other well regarded and reputable accredited local tour operators in St Petersburg.