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  1. I most certainly did - very pretty! I'll just lay back, admire the view, enjoy my drink and maybe indulge in a shaved ice while I wait for our adventure to start. 🍸
  2. I'm here on Waikiki beach under a palm tree🌴 waiting to board! Thanks for taking us on another adventure. 🚢
  3. Purple is my favourite colour and travelling is my favourite past-time. I seem to pack a lot of purple clothes when I travel! Just look out for a lady in purple on the cruise! 😀
  4. I did the Land of the Midnight Sun cruise on Sapphire Princess in June 2019 and all your ports except Olden were included on my cruise. One of the best private tours I did was in Honningsvag with Blue Puffin (blue-puffin.com). The tour went to North Cape and two fishing villages where we saw king crabs at one village. The scenery was beautiful and our guide Monica was great. In the Lofoten Islands we did a tour through Arctic Buss which took us to cute villages and wonderful scenery. In Bergen we did our own thing walking around the lovely town and in Tromso our tour was cancelled so we went into town and to the Botanic Gardens which are very close to the dock. I did a review of my cruise and Honningsvag is on page four and the Lofoten Islands on page five.
  5. Ohh, I am so pleased you are preparing another adventure! I love Hawaii and have been eight or nine times but never on a cruise. My passport is out and I will start packing my suitcase! Can't wait!!! 😃
  6. I've been to Singapore three times but never got there but will make sure I do next time, whenever that might be! I know what you mean about missing cruising and travel in general. I have had a Coral Coast of Western Australia cruise for May, a five week trip to Portugal and France for June/July and a two week trip to India for November, all cancelled. 😥 I think you should get out your amazing Tardis and take us on another wonderful adventure of one of your past cruises! I for one would love to see another one of your fabulous and entertaining journeys. 😊
  7. Your photos of the orchids are beautiful! As a horticulturist I love going to Botanic Gardens all over the world but I haven't been to the one in Singapore. Before you finish your wonderful journey I must let you know how much I have enjoyed following along, reading about your trip and enjoying your fabulous photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to allow us all to join you. I will miss my daily travel fix when your journey ends. It has been a delightful escape particularly during this "interesting" time in the world. Thank you. 🌷🌺🌹
  8. Gabrielle Bonheur was better known as Coco Chanel. Have no idea about the other questions. I am sorry your cruise is coming to an end as I have so enjoyed following along. Thank you for taking the time to write your wonderful review. 😊
  9. I did the 14 day Land of the Midnight sun cruise on Sapphire Princess in June 2019. It was a wonderful cruise! My favourite port was Geiranger for the spectacular views from Mt Dalsnibba and the scenic cruising through the fjords. Flam also had fabulous cruising in and out of the fjord. Trondheim is a lovely city and I really enjoyed visiting it. It was amazing to cross the Arctic Circle and have a midnight sun deck party after visiting Honningsvag and the North Cape. The scenery around Honningsvag was very different from the south but equally beautiful. The Lofoten Islands were also very beautiful even with an overcast day. A very difficult decision for you but both cruises go to great places! Norway is a very beautiful country! This is a link to my review of the cruise. 😊
  10. Was the first member of the British Royal Family to graduate from university Prince William of Gloucester? I think Prince Charles was the first heir to the throne to graduate university. I am really enjoying your review. 😊
  11. Oooh!!! I am so excited to be receiving this exceptional prize! I can't wait to use it! 😀
  12. My country place is 320 acres of countryside about 40km north of Bathurst, so there is a lot of wildlife such as kangaroos, echidnas, wedge-tailed eagles, wombats, possums, foxes, an occasional koala, goannas and snakes. We just enjoy the good (and non deadly) wildlife and stay away from the snakes! There are snakes in the suburbs where there is bushland and national parks but they are rarely seen. I have only ever seen three snakes (in 28 years) near my Sydney house on the north shore where we have a national park at the end of our road. I am now living in Bathurst in town and so far haven't seen a snake and hopefully never do! Your wonderful review is definitely a break from the doom and gloom! 😊
  13. Oh Yes! The brown and tiger snakes are very poisonous and a bite can be fatal if you don't get medical treatment very quickly. Red-bellied black snakes are less poisonous and can make you very sick even with medical treatment. Needless to say on the rare occasion we see a snake we treat it with the utmost respect and keep as far away from it as possible! I must let you know how much I am enjoying your wonderful review. I love your style of writing, description of what you are seeing and doing and your great photos. I am supposed to be in France at the moment but had to cancel my trip (like everyone else this year 😢) but thanks to you I can imagine myself on the lovely Majestic Princess and enjoying beautiful locations in the sun. Thank you so much! 😊
  14. Definitely too many! At my country place (about 250km west of Sydney) we get mostly red-bellied black snakes but also brown and tiger snakes. Fortunately we don't often see snakes but I still get a fright when I do! 😱
  15. The answer should be too many! 😂 But my real answer is 100.
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