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  1. Just s/w Costco and Celebrity who confirmed that only 1 FCC voucher pp per cruise to be used by 4/30/2022 and that they cannot be used for cruises with a sailing date after 9/30/2022.
  2. No trick question--just confirmation of what I was asking. Sometimes what you read isn't always true or I may have missed something that was put out to clarify the question.
  3. Funny how most of us are in the same boat (no pun intended) regarding the current cancelations. I have 3 FCC vouchers from 3 canceled cruises ranging from $1200.00 - $9800.00 pp. I have read the FAQ's on the Celebrity website regarding usage of the FCC but I am still confused...please help out. The current expiration to use the FCC is 4/30/2022 for sailings through 9/30/2022 and only 1 FCC voucher per person per sailing. Does that mean that I can or cannot use 2 FCC vouchers per person for my October 2022 sailing?
  4. Does the CC community have any idea of when a flash sale may come about for shore excursions for upcoming cruises? Also, how would we find out--is there email notification or do you just have to keep checking the Celebrity website?
  5. We are booked in the PH for Oct. 2022--1st time. How was the balcony? Any tips you can offer to us to enhance our stay?
  6. Our reasons for booking the PH are many fold--the space inside to spread out, the perceived glamour, the Retreat. Yes, the balcony would be more of an issue if we didn't already live in an area that has over 310 days of sunshine and clear skies a year. However, since you asked and I am quite open about it, the main reason is b/c our planning for a rainy day(s) is upon us. I was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma about 2 years ago and was thought to have only a couple of weeks to survive. After intensive chemo (6 days a week / 24 hours, 3 weeks off and the cycle began again for 6 months) and
  7. Thank you KK99! Your reply was exactly the answer to my question. Not necessarily what I wanted to hear but was succinct and detailed. We had a Villa booked but did not like the idea of 1 sink in the master bathroom. We got a great price on the PH--thousands less expensive than what we had reserved with the Villa so we decided to switch. Enjoy sailing!
  8. Thank you to all who took the time to respond, especially chemmo. I kept my question short so as not to be verbose, but it seems I need to go into more detail. I did, in fact, see almost all videos/diagrams/schematics of the PH that are posted (including the link in this stream of posts) for the past couple of months. All of these videos are just snapshot(s) in time and do not show what happens through the course of a day/night. I even questioned Celebrity reps where I was informed that full sun can be found on some part of the balcony during the entire day (which I found a little hard to
  9. Yes, but did it block out all sun during the day and was it hard to see the night sky?
  10. Thinking of booking the Edge Penthouse and was wondering if the balcony had an overhang that didn't allow for full sun during the day and the ability to see the nighttime sky?
  11. Hi Randy, I was wondering if the upstairs bathroom in the Edge Villa had 2 sinks? I can't get a good picture of the vanity(ies) from any diagrams.
  12. On Dec. 15, I was going to Lift and Shift my 2021 Apex TA to the similar itinerary of the 2022 Edge TA (I didn't like the more Northern route the Apex 2022 TA was taking). I was encountering no problems. However, during the discussion with the Celebrity reservationist, I realized that an upgraded suite on the Edge TA was thousands of dollars less expensive than what I had with the Apex. That being said, I booked a new reservation on the Edge TA and will either cancel the Apex TA with the 48 hour guarantee or wait for a 125% FCC if Celebrity cancels the trip.
  13. I believe that I read somewhere that RCCL is releasing their schedule on 11/9/2020, so I would assume that Celebrity would follow suit.
  14. Just b/c I book doesn't mean it's final. That's the reason for this forum--to get an idea of how people feel. I think that we all know how you feel from the tone of your emails.
  15. I double checked with the big box store shore excursion company after reading your posts. They said that the group is around 15-20 people. I was assured that we would get back to the ship no later than 30 minutes prior to departing from port at the latest, but most likely 45 minutes before departure. The excursion is fully refundable at any time. If the excursion company causes us to miss the boat then they give us $500.00 cash, a hotel night's stay and transfer to the next port. I also discussed that, currently, it seems that there is a trend for excursions to only be ship sponsored. Th
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