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  1. Nothing if you made your own air and hotel arrangements. We were lucky to be able to change our flights home tomorrow. Just got to Singapore yesterday morning after flying for 20 hrs only to turn right back around tomorrow. On a positive note, we loved Singapore. So clean and friendly. Amazing food.
  2. I didnt say Seabourn deliberately screwed us but they did not handle this properly. We have been in Singapore for three days and it is very safe here. I know someone on Ovation now that boarded Feb 1 from HKG and doing back to back cruise meeting up with us tomorrow. I was just texting her about what to see in Singapore at 12noon local time. She had just received their through sticker on their cabin card. One hour later, they were informed by the Captain the cruise is cancelled. This last minute decision is what I have issue with. The situation did not change in one hour.
  3. Very very disappointed in Seabourn to have us come all this way to Singapore and cancel last minute! They could have cancelled last week instead of sending us the ammended itinerary. We are left to refigure our flights and hotels on our own.
  4. We are leaving today for Singapore to board the Ovation on Feb 15 for the revised sailing calling in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. For those of you conflicted about cancelling your upcoming cruise even at the risk of losing a lot of money, I would advise you to wait until a week prior to your sailing. If there are any concerns Seabourn will do the right thing. They offered us last wednesday a 100% credit towards a future cruise if we cancel or 50% credit for future cruise and $500 onboard credit per cabin if we proceed.
  5. Yes I will update everyone on our Feb 15 sailing. We leave on Tuesday for Singapore.
  6. Just heard from someone on Ovation right now. They made port in Pattaya and Ko Kood and now sailing towards Kuala Lumpur. They embarked from HKG Feb 1 and will be allowed to continue from Singapore Feb 15. They have temperature screening everyday. Seems like everyone is having a good time. Crew and staff outstanding. We are joining the Ovation in Singapore next friday.
  7. Thanks so much PlumeriaLover for your wonderful review! I am so excited for our Feb 15 sailing.
  8. Thanks 2aussiegolfers! I will try to get the eVisa for Vietnam myself. Please post a review of your cruise when you return. Happy Sailing!
  9. Viet Nam recently announced the reduction of visa fee for cruise passengers to $5 for US citizens. How much does Seabourn charge for arranging this visa? And do I still need to get a Cambodian visa if I do not intend on leaving the ship?
  10. Would you mind posting a review after your cruise? Would be very interested to hear about your experience with the ship and the ports and which excursions you took.
  11. That’s great to hear! Would you mind sharing what excursions you recommend, or avoid? Did you use any private tours? Thanks.
  12. Do we have to get the Cambodia and Vietnam visas through Seabourn? Or can we get them on our own? We have US passports.
  13. Thanks for the replies! Yes this is exactly the one I’m looking at. The distance of the ports sound disappointing but having been to Bangkok and Angkor Wat before, it’s not a dealbreaker. Would do this cruise for Vietnam and to get back on a Seabourn ship.
  14. Would love to hear from anyone who has done this itinerary this year. Im thinking of booking this cruise but heard some of the ports are really out of the way and hard to get to the sites on your own. Our previous Seabourn cruise was on the Odyssey which we love and wonder how the larger Ovation can deliver the same high level of service.
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