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  1. I am on the same cruise and want to fly direct from Toronto and had not tried Flight Ease yet. Figure I may call PCC.
  2. Great pictures of the Kawarthas - you had a great beach. I am sure you are missing your summer visit. It has been one of our quietest (with boat traffic) and breaking temp records this year We are located near Canal Lake on Trent Severn Waterway. Stay safe.
  3. I waited 80 days and received refund today. More money seems to be moving now. Good luck everyone.
  4. Received our refund today for June 7th cruise (80 days). Very happy this is finished. Good luck everyone.
  5. I am 4 star and have been waiting about 65 day now. Also have HAL insurance. Stars and insurance does not put you on top of list for refunds. Notice other people on my cancelled cruise have not received their money yet. A little disheartening when you read about someone on a cruise in October that has received their refund. Our cruise was June 5th. Good luck everyone and stay safe.
  6. Yes I see that it is environmentally the right thing to do - eliminating plastics is happening everywhere. I do feel there should be an exception when there is room service to a quarantined room. For sanitary reasons single packets of sugar, salt and pepper should be provided. You cannot guarantee that containers and contents coming out of room can be properly sanitized for the next user. Dishes and silverware can be put through a dishwasher. I know ship has single use packets as you see them at Half Moon Cay. These paper packets are more recyclable than plastics.
  7. Having returned from Oosterdam there was a lot of self serve in the Lido which really surprised me. The sugar containers (humidity is not their friend) saw people poking knives in to break up sugar clumps. All the handling - germ jamboree. Jams, syrups, peanut butter out in large bowls. Not under glass for sneeze control. Having watched people's frustration trying to get peanut butter into little serving containers and then using fingers. I avoided all of that. I would say be cautious and possibly avoid handling tongs and large spoons. I sent a note to Hotel Manager and nev
  8. I have been unable to log onto or open HAL website last couple of days. Just wondering if this is a widespread problem and other people are having trouble.
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