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  1. We had 10320 on ovation to Alaska. We previously had star loft, crown loft and aquatheater suites prior. I only say that because we were expecting something more like a star loft and it felt smaller than a crown loft. The loft area was very spacious. That led to a large portion of the main area being beneath the “overhang” if you will .... which made it feel smaller. I too was surprised this was star class but it was a great price for Alaska and star class. Would we book that room again? No We did get to check out room 8320. We booked it for Hawaii (it was cancelled) bec
  2. Thank you to Ourusualbeach !! We decided to bite the bullet and move our cruises from March to May (yes, we gave up our beautiful Star Lofts, but it is worth it). We were able to talk my sister and her family into going with us since the dates are now outside of the school year. We booked B2B... let’s see if it’s a go or no go. Either way, we have two children under 12 and saved an additional 4K$ today. Thanks again for keeping us all up to date on new promos. P.S. when I called the lady said they don’t offer KSF in summer. I asked her to kindly look at the new promos as
  3. I fly to Europe often and lived there for nearly 10 years. I will only fly via Amsterdam. Why? They are helpful, it is one large building (always just keep heading to the transfer hall), and immigration is quick. They have three options: - the manual stamp/stand in line -the passport reader -the short connection line that last One is important! They will call anyone on transfers into Schengen with less than 25 minutes and you skip the line! Yes you have to somewhat push and hold up the passport and be listening for your departure time but it works! We have us
  4. Thanks for this review. I was supposed to be on my way to Vancouver in the Royal Suite with family (total bucket list destination and probably a “never again” room) right now. Last week was a bit of a bummer as we had looked forward to this so much. We booked a land vacation to Hawaii for Later this year. I am enjoying the review and thinking of days past on Ovation to Alaska. Thanks for the review!
  5. Over here waving ... I would love to meet someone who likes to cruise! Single, ready to mingle 🙂
  6. I worked today. And then we celebrated my 40th birthday. Should have been more exciting, but I am thankful mom and dad were able to come and celebrate with me, Pj and my sister and family. We should be boarding ovation of the seas in 12 days, but we now look forward to Hawaii over Thanksgiving. It rained maybe a half inch here yesterday evening, and we had this beauty. It was extremely bright. It’s amazing what kind of feels nature can give us.
  7. I don’t know if I agree with the comment From SNJCruisers. I assure you that we have travel insurance and who would have guessed this over two years ago when I booked? We would have never cancelled for any reason as my work is flexible and my parents are retired. Any event would have been covered. Any money lost is a shame for anyone. We were scheduled on the Ovation for the Hawaii to Vancouver repositioning on the Royal loft suite. I am awaiting a refund of circa $24k for 6 people. I went for the refund as my dad and mom are over 70, ans we don’t know when they can travel again g
  8. You know... life happens. My aunt, who has colon cancer, was rushed to the hospital today and died.. in 1 day. It has nothing to do with the virus, ironically. What is my point? When it is time, it is time. Live life, responsibly and love the time we have with others. Our once in a lifetime Hawaii cruise was cancelled today. We had the royal suite and all 6 of us were so excited. My problem? The FCC is per person and my sister and child will not take future cruises with us. We had kids sail free so the extra 25% anyway covers the loss for the one adult ticket as person 5. I still
  9. My dad is over 70 and aside from timing, we may anyway have to cancel future cruises as he technically has a heart condition (controlled for over 15 years!). Ideally Royal would just let the cruiser sign a waiver of liability. This is anyway what they are looking for, and cruisers should have insurance (and understand it). We would happily sign such a waiver.
  10. Yep that’s me in 1718 sorry I hijacked ... back to regular programming enjoying this thread!
  11. I am sorry I cannot see it somehow ... which week are you both on allure?
  12. Actually ... it may be me. We have 1720 one week and 1718 the other week. I don’t know which is spring break so we are taking two week... one is legit and the other we are taking PJ out of school (haters hate).
  13. We will request Hanna on Ovation in May. She has said that this is possible if we put it in our survey. She is amazing.
  14. We had an A1 on floor 8. We had two small kids and also three seniors. No one cares about noise, and kids took naps with no issue. I admit: the movies can be loud and yes you hear a bit of noise even with the door closed. We enjoyed watching the show and also the view of “nothing” (staring into the distance) after midnight from the balcony. The only thing that did bother us was lots of soot starting day 3. Probably due to the wind. Just wipe off seats before you sit down! I say go for it. The balcony is amazing! Leanna
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