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  1. Im quite interested in this too! Im stuck between going to the hotel Im staying at on the seawall after the cruise OR going back towards IAH (we have a 7pm flight) and using an hotel there for the pool etc before we head to the airport.
  2. Thanks buddy. Coming up at $79 for an UBER X (up to x4 people) so I guess that's pretty good.
  3. Ive just tried to book using that code for next Wednesday (one-way trip) but doesn't seem to work so ive emailed them.
  4. Hi guys, Myself, wife and daughter are looking to take an UBER from IAH to Galveston (holiday inn seawall) next Wednesday afternoon and was wondering what the total price would be - ball park figure? We will only need the small sized uber. We are then looking at doing the same route in reverse after the cruise on Easter Sunday. Any ideas if there is lots of UBER availability around mid to late afternoon once cruise ship has docked back to IAH?
  5. I'll probably give it a miss, too many jumping through hoops/risks to save like 10%.
  6. philly cheesesteak is one of my favourite sandwiches!!! So say if I ordered this after 10pm (im cruising carnival next month) how much would that cost me?
  7. Thanks organized chaos. I sadly suspected as much to be honest but thought I would put it out there. To be fair there isn't that many UK passengers onboard Carnival cruises which depart from the US, which I like because it actually feels like i'm on vacation! I guess my best chance is via ebay if i strike lucky with anybody selling on there but by the time ive paid shipping there is hardly any saving to be made.
  8. Hi guys, I keep on seeing posts where people are recommending 10% carnival AARP gift cards etc in order to bring the cost of the cheers package down. My questions - Has any UK passengers been able to purchase these? If so how and from where?
  9. This one doesn't appear to add gratuities on the per drink price though.
  10. On the current cheers spreadsheet does that not automatically add the 18% grats then per drink?
  11. Quick question guys, We cruise outta galveston soon on a 8-day cruise. Now I know you cant use cheers on day 1 so that leaves us to use cheers on monday through to saturday (X6 DAYS). We finish the cruise sunday morning early AM. Do they charge you for that sunday too (X7 DAYS)? Even though we wont use cheers on the sunday?
  12. Hi guys, I'm booked on to vista in April and have noticed that I can now book a pack and go rate for around $50 less than what I paid for early saver rate. So far I have spoken to two different people (as I wasn't sure I believed the first person) and they have both said that I cannot price match my Early saver rate against a pack and go rate. So is this 100% true or have I just been unlucky with carnival employees who I have spoken to?
  13. I'm gutted I cant just purchase the drinks package for myself only!
  14. I must say I’m intrigued also as to why anybody would feel the need to get their passport stamped. I have friends who do this so I know it’s each to their own but surely a photo of you in a country is a million times better than a stamp?
  15. If there was a risk of not being allowed to board the ship then 100% NO WAY would I ever risk sneaking on a bottle of booze! Reading from other comments it seems that if they did confiscate a bottle you would have to meet up with security in the bowels of the ship for a good old telling off but have to stand in line for ages before that??? Is there like a FTTF type package that could get you to the front of the line for your verbal warning and to retrieve your suitcases (minus the confiscated bottle of rum) from security? 🤣
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