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  1. Yes, we could not have been more disappointed in Celebrity’s elimination of the regular 14 day Southern Caribbean cruises. It was a winter event for us for many years. We saw a lot of the same passengers every year. Before we discovered Celebrity’s 14 day cruise, we did a B2B (7 days). It is just not the same for us and we will not be repeating that experience. Perhaps a B2B 10 day cruise, but we really like 14 days. Although it is costing us significantly more money (than on the previous Celebrity cruises), we are trying other cruise lines. In 2020 we tried Regent and for January 2022 we are taking an Oceania cruise. Both 14 day cruises. Seaborne also has 14 day options. The irony of Celebrity’s decision was that it pushed us to other options. We are still booking fall 14 day TA’s on Celebrity, but they are only getting half our business now.
  2. You cannot get a third Pfizer shot?
  3. Congratulations. Great to hear. I have only been in a RS on the Solstice Class, but it was an awesome experience. Enjoy the unlimited Speciality dining. Come back and let us know which ones you like best. You can try them all.
  4. Mr. T, I am so glad that you are finally getting the opportunity to cruise. You certainly had to work hard to make it happen. I am looking forward to your blog. Have a great time.
  5. I would think that all fish sold at a restaurant is frozen at some point to get rid of the bacteria even “fresh” fish.
  6. That is interesting. I believe the process is managed by a third party, but based on your experience Celebrity does not make all cabins available. How much did you save based on the price being quoted to just pay for the full upgrade when you initially bid without using the Mive up process?
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I would be very surprised if you did not win the bid. Enjoy
  8. Occasionally I forget the PVSA is too confusing for me, because I thought for sure that a technical stop could be used under certain circumstances. I need to quit posting about this topic.
  9. Just withdrawn your Promotional Chios in smaller amounts. i do mine as a credit for Video Poker. In my case a draw is a win.
  10. Didn’t Canada refuse to allow a technical stop where no one left the ship? It might be a stretch to consider this protecting their citizens. Seems more like protecting their business interests.
  11. And you are still not able to change your bid (cancel or change the amount) for your pending category? Does not seem right and is opposite of what it says in the bidding platform. Good luck. Perhaps it was a no show or last minute cancellation? Failed Covid test?
  12. Chemmo, so glad that you and your family enjoyed your return to cruising. Silhouette is our favorite Celebrity ship, but we have yet to experience an Edge Class ship. It will be interesting to see if the Silhouette remains our favorite after our Apex experience early in October. Thanks for posting and sharing your experience.
  13. Luminae is your assigned dining room. You can dine in Blu based on availability. Pre cruise reservation are not required nor available. Enjoy
  14. It should have been available in the bar located in the OV area. At least it has always been there previously. Jim’s post 18 explains the OJ situation, but I know it confuses a lot of people.
  15. Since you cruise is over a week away, you are suppose to be able to cancel your bid unless it has already been accepted. You will know for sure when you are charged.
  16. Never heard of such a thing and I cannot imagine that they would. Even the “reserved” seating in the theater on Chic night is just a general area in the balcony section and not an actual seat. I am sure the butter will help you reserve a Cabana.
  17. Unless Celebrity has changed the amenities of the RS and above suites, the premium beverage package, and wi-fi are one of the amenities. The OBC and gratuities are not.
  18. I agree with Jim, it is a good sign that your bid was accepted. You will know for sure when it hits your CC.
  19. Look what I bought a few years ago. I use it for my IPad. Enjoying your Blog. So happy to see that you both are having a great time.
  20. The cruise that Mr T is referencing is a TA scheduled to end in Florida.
  21. Thank you for your response and details. You mentioned a few points that I had not considered. Requiring Celebrity sponsored excursion would be a good way to further limit the number of passengers in port. Also perhaps they will modify the requirement as we get closer to arrival.
  22. October 10, 2021. Simply Sail Suite $6019. Sky Suite $6999. Since the AI includes so much, I would never book with the Simple Sail rate. I was not questioning the difference in prices that you are seeing. I was only questioning your assumption that any increased pricing is due to the AI program, since there are many other factors that impact pricing.
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