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  1. k_y30

    Carnival Vista - Not great reviews?

    Actually, somehow you have the uncanny ability to remind me of my grandma learning to text and a toddler who found a box of crayons. Bravo
  2. k_y30

    Carnival Vista - Not great reviews?

    Reading your posts are... interesting, to say the least. You remind me of my grandmother when she first learned to text.
  3. k_y30

    Carnival Cheers! Progam Rules

    I have never had an issue buying myself and my gf drinks without her present through cheers and this is mainly how we buy drinks. You'll be fine, I'm sure it shows the cabin number when they scan the card, as long as you're both in the same cabin I'm sure it will never be an issue
  4. k_y30

    Cove Balcony

    Easily one of my favorite balcony experiences was the cove. Being 10-15 feet from the water was surreal. Never had any issues with smell/noise in our room. If anything, I'm worried about our vista aft balcony coming up, sometimes the smell emanating from the back of the ship is noxious
  5. k_y30

    Cheers to $20 max drink?

    For some of us the $50 a day PP isn't that big of a deal. I know for me the all inclusive experience is well worth the cost. I get it, some people don't make very much money so that definitely becomes an issue but the whole "I don't need to drink alcohol to have fun" is a cheap cop-out. Yes, the vast majority of us don't need alcohol to have fun but some people would get massive bills at the end of their cruise without cheers (seriously, the amount that some people drink is astonishing). So, I get it, you don't like paying the mark-up, I don't blame you but it seems like you really look down on people that do. Not everything in life is about the bottom dollar, sometimes you pay extra for the experience and there's nothing wrong with that
  6. I drink 1-2 gallons of water a day, especially when drinking booze so we always get 2-3 cases of water and we purchase cheers from the fun shops. Nothing else after that, really unless you count excursions
  7. My only complaint about the breeze was the smell emanating from the back of the ship. The last 2 days of our trip we could not use the aft pool or Sun deck/bar because the smell of sewage was overwhelming
  8. k_y30

    Carnival Breeze

    I'd be one of those people, I hate waiting in line. Lol
  9. k_y30

    Cheers Beverage Question

    What in the world would make you think granny has to purchase cheers?
  10. k_y30

    Embarkation security process

    Whenever I see people who get pissy about people smuggling booze, I wonder how many decades past retirement they are
  11. k_y30

    Embarkation security process

    Very easy to strap to your body. Wear a large Hawaiian style shirt and tape them to the small of your back and put the smaller ones in cargo short pockets
  12. I LOVED the IDEA of the pyob station on the breeze, unfortunately, they only had red frog ale on tap the entire cruise and I can't stand the stuff. Im with OP, hopefully they have a wider variety on tap eventually.
  13. k_y30

    Toiletries in the the Vista Havana Suites

    Pretty much everything is made in China nowadays, unfortunately
  14. k_y30

    Early bird gets the chair

    That's why I always get a balcony and now trying out the Havana cabins, hopefully I won't have this problem on my next cruise!
  15. I have to admit, this gave me a good chuckle, touché