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  1. Yep only Crows Nest & Carmens from memory .
  2. We are recent Cruise converts and have done 5 in the last 2 yrs , 1xCunard/3xP&O/1xTui enjoyed them all and would happily use any again if the itinerary/package was to our liking . 3 were from Southampton and 2 fly cruises (Malta/Palma) , Ventura/Oceana/Aurora QE Marella Dream The only ship I wouldn't go back on is the Dream , only because we felt it was a bit tired and lacked space to relax at night .
  3. Yes it was total for 2 return tickets . Will have a look at return air fares to compare .
  4. 3rd year running for us travelling down to Southampton , train from M/c Piccadilly to Southampton Central day before , stop in Jury's Hotel . £208 return (1st class) total booked 12 weeks before , tickets discounted disabled rail card .
  5. Just realised that £81.95 includes wife drink (large G & T ).
  6. Yes it was 3 days in before advertised , but just looked at the invoice and was charged £81.95 .
  7. Just back off the Aurora (Friday) , took advantage of the Fosters package 15% off 20 pints .
  8. I always take 4 small bottles of Tropicana , carried on in hand luggage with not probs ever , usually ask the steward to empty the fridge leaving plenty of room for our own juice/water .
  9. Was on Ventura last June 12 nights Canaries cruise and we booked the Retreat for the entire hols , although I thought it was expensive we both agreed it was very relaxing and felt a bit special not having to hunt for sunbed space . The steward was the same every day some got to know her ,and she brought us our lunch when we wanted it and although it was a limited menu it suited us . Generally very quiet with perhaps 10 other couples each day , but would do it again .
  10. Last 2 cruises I have booked the 11.27am train from Southampton to M/C Piccadilly and on both occasions I could have got the earlier 10.27am one . This August I have again booked the 11.27am train as I feel its best to just have a bit of safety time .
  11. Just got back off Dream , was in 7108 Midships , vibration all the time , didn't sleep that well .
  12. No reason given , but most people took up on it and we found it little more comfortable in the theatre which was very hot/stuffy most nights .
  13. On our final evening on QE 2017 cruise the Captain relaxed the dress code to accommodate final packing so no Jackets were required at dinner or elsewhere on the ship .
  14. Left the Oceana on Thursday at Malta , good food all week , only disappointment was the wait every night for Freedom dining , up to 50mins ( waiting for a shared table ). We were allocated a wheelchair access cabin which was huge compared to a std ocean view one , had an enjoyable cruise and met lots of friendly people .
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