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  1. I used to have a website that contained views of the obstructed view cabins on all the ships and I lost it. If anyone still has the site or knows where to find it could you please let me know where to find it. Thanks for any help!
  2. Princess cancelled our April 11 sail date and on March 12 I filled out the form for the 150% future cruise credit. We received the cruise cost plus the 50% FFC in our account today. I called Princess to inquire about the port taxes and vacations protection we paid and was told that amount will be a credit to the credit card we used and it could take up to 60 days because they are doing them manually. Hope this info helps. I have faith Princess will follow through with the refund. Everyone stay healthy.
  3. That is my plan for tomorrow. Thanks for the help and information.
  4. Thanks for all the information. I knew the cruise critic family would know.
  5. We were just upgraded from and inside to an outside cabin on the Emerald Princess but it has the quad upper beds. Does anyone know how much they stick out from the wall? Are they on both sides of the room? Do you end up hitting your shoulder or head on them? Thanks for information.
  6. Thanks for the link and the information. Really appreciate it.
  7. Can anyone tell me what the obstruction is on the Star Princess rooms 102-121 on deck 8. From the deck plans it looks like the promenade deck is outside the window. Thanks for any help.
  8. I agree. We were on the Royal in December and nothing worked. The IT people blamed it on the Iphone 6 but people with other phones had the same problems. I think they should just throw the darn thing overboard and go back to cruise cards or do it over and do it so it works on all phones.
  9. I agree with everything I agree with everything the poster said. I also went to the help desk 3 times and no resolution. They kept blaming the IPhone 6 for the problems. When trying to find shipmates it would show the floor and then immediately shut off and I would have to sign on again. Got tired of always having to sign on and just gave up using it. It opened the door fine except for one time. With all the hype and advertising they did I hope they get this app working right or just throw it overboard and go back to the cruise cards. It's not worth the hassle. We just
  10. Thanks for your help. We don’t need elevators and usually leave our hotel around noon so we should be in good shape. I know it is so hard to wait till later to board but so much smarter to wait. CC people are the BEST !!
  11. We are on the Royal in Dec and it goes out of pier 91 because I understand it is to big for pier 93. My question is can you still carry on your own luggage and are the luggage scanners the same size as pier 93 ? Thanks for any information
  12. I have Ocean Ready and the Medallion apps on my phone and they both keep loosing our security and profile pictures. I called Princess and they told me to delete the Ocean Ready app and only use the Medallion. Anyone else do this?? I am afraid to delete something and have to start over.
  13. We will be Elite on our next cruise and my question is since both of us will become Elite will we each get a mini bar or is there only one mini bar per cabin? Thanks
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