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  1. I was on one of the canceled cruises as well. I understand it's extremely frustrating to have been canceled SIX times (whew!) but try not to be angry with Virgin about it. They don't control the pandemic or the ridiculous games government is playing with each other. I really do believe this has to do with Florida's little rule. Virgin does not cater to customers with children so they have had zero incentive to do test sailings in order to not require vaccines. However, they may need to throw some together now. Also, when I called the main customer service line today (just after 10
  2. My husband and I just booked this cruise. We're really looking forward to seeing how the Virgin experience is. I'm also quite curious to see if we will only be allowed to visit Cozumel on a Virgin excursion or not - if we can go on our own, I may be setting up a group for snorkeling, drinking and swimming with one of my favorite boat guys.
  3. Agreed. What's done is done. Nobody can go back in time and change it, so what's the point of bringing it up like that? I'm most definitely sure it's something all three of them have thought about during this whole fiasco and they've likely even discussed it. I think whatever decisions they make about their life are theirs only. But IMHO, are you really living life if you're not doing things you love and actually LIVING? Many people don't see value in life if all you do is sit at home. Perhaps some will live longer if they just hole themselves up at home for the rest of their days
  4. I'm sure your partner misses you like crazy! Hopefully you two can just quarantine together. I hope all goes smoothly for you and you're able to get home soon. We'll all be thinking of you!
  5. Amazing news! I am so relieved! Now be sure to do everything possible to KEEP them negative! We are about to enter into the worst of the pandemic here in the U.S. Time to hunker down. More good news: My husband won't be flying at all this month. Delta has cancelled nearly all of their flights in NYC (where he is based) but kept a few so medical personnel can take advantage of flying free to assist in the fight. We are both very happy about that move and wish the rest of the system would follow suit. I still have many friends at several airlines that wish they had the option to just
  6. I'm so so sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed. I was tested one week ago and I'm still awaiting results - lab turnaround is longer than it should be. I'd like to give you some information privately but it doesn't let me send you a private message on here.
  7. So happy to see they made it! I am sure tonight is a night of great rest for all three of you. It's so wonderful to see people come together in such trying times and to be reminded that there are good people out there. Now we all just need to plan a cruise together! When this is all over, of course 😋
  8. Sorry about the confusion, everyone. All scheduled flights were cancelled on ATL-TPA but it appears they reinstated 3 flights after the cancellations took place. Likely aircraft and crew changes resulted in the legal need to completely cancel and reschedule. Hopefully these will all depart as planned! The 7:17PM flight is pretty full, so that is a good sign.
  9. I also miss NWA. I was a flight attendant when the merger began and while DL did bring a lot of growth and new destinations to explore, NWA treated us better and was really like a big family. Don't get me wrong, DL is still by far my favorite of the big three carriers. The flight is departing with about 40 empty seats. A large portion of passengers on this flight are actually DL employees that have likely been displaced during their trips due to all the cancelations. @Kindergirl It appears all flights from ATL-TPA today have been canceled. As well as the majority of t
  10. @Kindergirl @Copper10-8 LAX-TPA has been canceled for the parents. I personally expect them to continue to cancel the route indefinitely. DL may not admit it. Agents will be able to assist on their arrival after they get through immigration and customs but it might be helpful to have someone there to advocate and have Kindergirl on the phone.
  11. I've been following. My husband is a captain at Delta. Today's LAX-TPA flight was canceled, as well as yesterday's. Tomorrow's (your parent's flight) is still scheduled to operate - as of right now. There's about 70 passengers booked on that flight (the plane holds 180). DL is gradually canceling flights day by day as they find it necessary to do so. This is all part of the 70% reduction in service. The fact that they've canceled this flight for the past two days is not a good sign. It will likely be canceled tomorrow, the next day and onward. There is of course a possibility they
  12. We're elite and always exchange our minibar setup for a bottle of wine. I can no longer drink alcohol so we're considering exchanging for the coffee package this time. My husband loves coffee but I hate it. I also cannot have caffeine. Is there anything that can be acquired with the coffee package that isn't coffee or caffeinated? I've ordered hot chocolate before when my husband sat down for coffee and I have ordered the frozen drinks but had them made without the coffee. Would these be included?
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