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  1. Can you book the trip with the kids on the reservation (thereby putting their FCC on the cruise), pay for it with all of the FCC, then remove the kids from the reservation? Maybe a loophole. (Note I have not tried this but it might work?)
  2. Would love to hear if this is possible. My points are burning a hole in my pocket! LoL
  3. Do you think that you could do a single meta upgrade (30,000) from oceanview to balcony and then use one of the in-category upgrades (10,000 or 20,000) to get to an AFT balcony? Inquiring minds hoping to take the fam to ALASKA want to know. :)
  4. Masters of the NCL Visa Meta Upgrade System, I need your help! I have a family of 5. We are HOPING to take the Alaska/Denali CruiseTour in the summer of 2021. We have about 80,000 NCL credit card points to play with right now. I think I will definitely need two staterooms to house the whole family. What is my best "bang for the buck" with the meta upgrades? Should I book two OV and then use two upgrades to put both rooms to balcony? Is that even allowed? Should I book two OK? Where would that land us with the upgrade?
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