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  1. Outatown

    Sea lice in Western Caribbean

    They do not live in fresh water, shower = yes Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Outatown

    Island Princess rooms aft deck 8

    I was on the Island on Baha in the back for a Panama Canal cruise. Increased availability could be due to location. The Horizon Court buffet and Princess Theatre are at the front of the ship. Our dining room entrance was midship. It was a hike, a real hike, to get anywhere on that ship. Therefore, you can eat as much as you wish, because you will be working it off! Lol. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Outatown

    Royal Princess Casino Craps

    I found Craps tables on the larger ships, but that doesn't mean there will be anyone around to run a game. Best clue is to see if there will be a free 'learn to play' morning or afternoon session, then I would expect it to be open that evening. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Outatown

    Princess new unlimited internet

    This is going to get interesting. I can think of lots of complications: Will the current Platinum benefit be discontinued? (There goes a huge incentive to stay with Princess). Will special pricing only be available via pre-pays, creating another 'can't use my OBC issue'? E-Mail vs websites? How are they going to do that? Many Mail services are thru generic websites, so how will they tell what is mail and what is surf? if you fill out a prompt with your email address, maybe that does it? But many sites ask for your address, and they are not Mail services. I don't want to be connected to the world 24/7, will any VP at Princess believe me when I say that? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Outatown

    Alaskan Excursions

    Oh yeah, I would be right there for a Snow Leopard tour, that would be over the top! Then maybe my cat could learn a few things, like please distinguish between an axe murderer and a moth. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Outatown

    Upgraded by Princess but never noticed

    Thanks - at least now I know not to keep looking for something that isn't there. -Jim Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Outatown

    Upgraded by Princess but never noticed

    No Upgrade I cannot find a prompt in my Personalizer that would allow me to specify this choice. Was it there when I originally booked online at Princess, and I just missed it? I suppose I could call in tomarrow, but it just seems like it should be listed.
  8. Outatown

    Changing stateroom B2B

    We did B2B2B on Regal last winter, moved from a bal to ms. We informed our steward a few days before the move, he located and introduced us to our new steward (adjacent area, about 8 doors apart), which was very helpful in verifying the procedure. It was all effortless, and I would have have no concerns about a cabin change in the future. As previously stated, you must go to a holding area, or perhaps even exit the ship for the zero count. When you return, you just go to your cabin. P.s. Don't forget to empty your safe!
  9. Wow - This thread should be given to somebody's grandchild in business school. It is not about the CG or rubber lobsters, it is about the effects of how business operates these days, with their structure of accountability to corporate goals of efficiency and increased profitability lamented into each and every manager and officer. It is no longer satisfactory to say 'we met the expectations of our customers' on this last cruise, we must now say 'we increased our profits by doing more with less, as we said we would'. If that can't be said, guess who is out of a job. This scenario does not generate the kind of performance that translates into a better cruise experience. I have gone to the CG for many years, it has not change at all, I still cannot get something as simple as a red wine reduction sauce to accompany my filet. Asking for A1 is a supermarket experience, not that of a steakhouse. Last meal there on the Regal this winter our table neighbors had terrible ribeyes, full of bristle and fat. I suspect it was the first cuts from the small end, which are better reserved for beef tips or sauces. My point is, in spite of ample opportunity to improve the CG experience, that hasn't happened. Instead we have the Magicband guru from Disney hired to invent a whole new type of experience of cruising, that certainly has resulted in, or planned for, more crew reductions due to system efficiency. That can be the only justification for Medallion Class, otherwise it would have never happened. Time will tell just how this corporate decision plays out, in the meantime I can expect 'less from fewer', and not a better cruise experience. This reminds me of the JCP experiment, hiring the technology guru who tried to replace cash registers with iPads, we all know how well that turned out.
  10. After B2B2B on the Regal in February, we received a blue bag in the MS but not in the balcony, which was the first stateroom.
  11. Outatown

    Denali Cruisetour Question

    Thank you to everyone for commenting. It appears that arrangements for the 8 hour tour can be made. Yea! -Jim
  12. Outatown

    Denali Cruisetour Question

    I have been attempting to learn about the particulars of a Denali Cruisetour that features 'a full day at the park' and includes the History half day bus tour. I am not interested in that tour, but I would be very interested in the 8 hr bus tour that provides more wildlife viewing opportunities. Has anyone been able to do the 8 hr tour instead of the half day? Are special arrangements required? Thanks in advanced to anyone who can provide some insight. -Jim
  13. I second the lens rental route. If you haven't tried it, take some shots at 300 in DX mode, that would make it equivilent to a 450. You will have fewer pixels but you still may be able to get satisfactory results, although this is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Good shooting.
  14. Marketing marketing marketing. "Premium amenities" may imply 'upgraded', but this is not necessarily the case. Balcony vs Mini, only differences I noticed in the Mini on the Regal (Aloha) was (1) a larger table on the balcony, which made entry and exit very annoying, (2) a couple of glasses of champagne in the fridge, uncovered, just sitting there, (3) the sofa and its own tv, and (4) a tub, not a shower only bath. No additional outlets, no changes in bathroom supplies, just a few extra square feet of space.
  15. Outatown

    Has anyone actually eaten in Share?

    We also were on the Regal and tried the CS pork belly. We thought it was delicious. First time takers on that item, but the seasoning and tender meat was excellent, on 2 different nights. Would I order this again? Yes. But I would pass on the other CS 'menu' items.