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  1. The 25% off future cruise credit for our impacted May 18 sailing. We were supposed to receive it by yesterday.
  2. Anyone get their 25% email from RCL yet? We were supposed to get it yesterday and still nothing...
  3. Just got back from Anthem 5 night (shortened) and we had lobster.
  4. Just back from Anthem. The best selection of craft was at the Brass and Bock. I remember Dogfish Head 90 Minute was $7.95. Guessing the other ships would be similar for any craft offerings.
  5. Lobster tails were served on the Anthem on the recently shortened May 18 sailing. Also dont sleep on the Bronzino at Wonderland. Holy moly was that good.
  6. Weird to see Anthem anchored where it is! as an aside - is it required we print the luggage tags at home or can they do it at the terminal/porter?
  7. Our offer says Expired. No word from RCL either way via email though. Everyone else got a rejection email.
  8. Still no word on my bid yet for the May 18 Anthem sailing. I guess now May 19 with this medical emergency. Will they push the reject/accept email back to tomorrow with the change in our cruise date?
  9. I probably would have if it weren’t for my wife’s work schedule. We looked at some upcoming sailings and If we cancel it’s going to be difficult for us to get on another cruise for awhile. I’m glad it’s not just 4-6 hours in Bermuda too. So for now I’ll be there Sunday night (with a cranky infant that’s up past his bedtime) 😂
  10. Anthem boards Sunday 7-9pm departs Liberty 11pm 2 days refunded and option to cancel for 100% refund. 25% toward a future cruise. One day in Bermuda - 9am - 8pm
  11. Any chance of a FULL refund?? If I wanted to cancel now. This is my second cruise in a row where we lost MULTIPLE days!!
  12. Brutal. We lose a day in Bermuda. Any chance of a partial refund??
  13. Ironically that was the last cruise I was on! My wife and I still suffer PTSD from the way NCL handled that! (And because of this lead to us not sailing with them for our next cruise which is this one) Let everyone board, denied any changes to itinerary then right before the ship pulled anchor announced the changes. A lot of unhappy folks on that sailing. Took the wind out of our sails as well so to speak. Ugh. Wish RCL would provide an update and not pull an NCL.
  14. Any news from anyone on board? RCLs call center has been useless with providing an ETA into Bayonne. Guessing they will have to offer some kind of update on her status to passengers sailing on May 18 relatively soon. Seems they are waiting until the last second to do so though. If she’s making flank speed I still don’t see how she could arrive into NJ anywhere near the scheduled time. Some people are estimating Sat evening. Let us know if you hear anything!
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