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  1. Booked for 3/22 on Anthem with our 19 month old. About 90% certain we are going to be cancelling. We’ve been going back and forth for the last couple of weeks but I wouldn’t feel right putting my son in a situation that would possibly heighten his risk of catching the virus. Yes the possibility to catch it exists everywhere, and yes there doesn’t seem to be data to support children catching severe cases, nevertheless I can’t do it. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long while and I LOVE cruising. This decision has consumed me for the last week or so. Unless something drastically changes between now and next Wednesday, we’re out. My number 1 job is to do what I think is best to protect my kid.
  2. How man bottles of wine can I bring? Is that per person or stateroom?
  3. Thought this thread was about the other “steamer”. 😂
  4. Really enjoyed your review. Thank you for taking the time to write it! We cruised on Anthem with our then 9 month old son and it was very challenging to say the least. He wasn't able to walk yet and just learned how to crawl. The Royal Tots daycare saved the trip for us. After that trip we looked at each other and said "we are never going on another cruise with kids. At least until he's MUCH older." Well, guess what? We're headed back on Anthem in March with our going to be 19 month old! 😂 My question for you revolves around the bar/nightlife. I imagine you tried to relax and have a few cocktails and take in a few music acts with the little one. How did that work out? Was your kid content to watch the band? How long was their attention span good for until they started to melt down and you had to move on? The tips about the second floor of Boleros and the ordering dinner ahead of time are excellent. One of our fears was him being able to tough out a real dinner. Last time we ate mostly in Windjammers when he was with us. (and everywhere else when he was in daycare for the evening). And that light switch wall is one of the things I'm most looking forward to. Our little guy begs to be picked up so he can play with the switches in our house! Edit: also, if you don't mind me asking, how did you work sleeping arrangements? Last time we got a pack and play from RCCL in our standard size balcony room and it took up such a large amount of room it was hard to walk. Our cabin steward had such a difficult time getting it together (we failed) that we didnt want to break it down between sleeps. I think I read you pulled the sofa bed out. Did you use a blow up toddler mattress (forget what they are called) and have him sleep on that? Or did you use the pack and play?
  5. We cruised with our 9 month old (at the time) on Anthem in May of this year. A few quick hitters from our trip: - Absolutely take advantage of daycare if thats an option on your ship. Our little guy was a hand full much of the time so we looked forward to the few hours each night where we could drop him off an go see a show or have a few drinks by ourselves. It saved the trip for us. - Be very flexible. If your little one is cranky be prepared to alter your plans. My wife went in with higher expectations than I did so when something caused our "plans" to derail she took it hard...at first anyway. - The splash areas on these ships can be small and unexciting for a little guy. Sounds like yours may be potty trained by the time you sail. If so that opens up a new world of swim time for them! - The crew adored our little guy. They went out of their way to try to feed him foods he would enjoy and play peek a boo with him. A couple waiters even made him napkin animals which he loved. You could tell many of them had kids they left behind. - I think most RCL ships have bags of toys you can check out of Adventure Ocean so you dont have to overpack toys. We are actually cruising again in March and plan to take full advantage of this. - Spoil them with ice cream! 🙂 - Order Inky the Octopus to the room prior to boarding, he will be on the bed when you get there. We plan to do this for our little guy on this next sailing. I have a feeling he will be carrying around with him the whole trip. - If you see something you want in the gift shop, buy it right then and there, dont wait. We wanted to buy a pull-back toy ship but decided to come back for it later in the trip and it was sold out. - Does your little one take baths or showers? Some folks recommend an inflatable tub for the shower if you don't have a tub in your cabin. Our trip was challenging and stressful in many ways but we had enough fun where we decided to give it another try 10 month later 🙂 This time with a 19 month old who can walk and run. Good luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask. I typed this up really quick but if you have something specific on your mind im sure i can remember. Edit: And we didn't cruise so much for him as we did for ourselves. We knew going in he wouldnt remember it, but I guarantee we'll remember it!
  6. Guess there won’t be any sale on the UBP either? They probably figure all the college kids will buy it at full price anyway.
  7. None of these great “deals” apply to the Mar 15 sailing of Anthem I was stalking. Looking further into it, it appears that’s a popular college spring break week: oh boy.
  8. The 25% off future cruise credit for our impacted May 18 sailing. We were supposed to receive it by yesterday.
  9. Anyone get their 25% email from RCL yet? We were supposed to get it yesterday and still nothing...
  10. Just got back from Anthem 5 night (shortened) and we had lobster.
  11. Just back from Anthem. The best selection of craft was at the Brass and Bock. I remember Dogfish Head 90 Minute was $7.95. Guessing the other ships would be similar for any craft offerings.
  12. Lobster tails were served on the Anthem on the recently shortened May 18 sailing. Also dont sleep on the Bronzino at Wonderland. Holy moly was that good.
  13. Weird to see Anthem anchored where it is! as an aside - is it required we print the luggage tags at home or can they do it at the terminal/porter?
  14. Our offer says Expired. No word from RCL either way via email though. Everyone else got a rejection email.
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