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  1. Oh wow. Good to know. Does not sound like fun..I cannot imagine waiting an hour for attractions like that
  2. Day 7: Sea Day We were beyond bummed that our wonderful week was coming to an end, but this was a really great day. Firstly, after the usual wonderful breakfast we met our group at 8:30 in the library for the Behind the Fun tour. L and I have always been fascinated about how cruise ships work. And for $96 this three hour tour would show us behind the scenes in some of the most fascinating off-limits places. Our guide was Zivi from the HR department and we had a security guard following us around as well to make sure we didn’t get left in any sensitive places or do anything nau
  3. Day 6: Amber Cove I feel like there is a dud in most cruise itineraries and for us this was it. We didn’t see the attraction of sitting by a pool listening to constant blasting music and paying top dollar for Carnival food. Puerto Plata seemed like a cool cultural experience so we checked out the taxi fares and saw that it was $70 round trip. But in fact a taxi representative explained to us, the $70 included stops wherever we wanted and the driver would stay with us. Sweet! So we found our driver Carlos and asked him to take us to a cigar factory, the historic centre and a rum
  4. Day 5: St Thomas We arrived on time at 7am and somehow the Norwegian Encore had beaten us there, despite being scheduled to arrive later. I gave up on the cruise schedules! The way into the port seemed very tricky to navigate and was definitely scenic. We were determined that this should be a good beach day, to make up for grand Turk. There are many beautiful beaches on the island but we wanted one that would be easy to get to and from on our own. We settled on Magens Bay, The main beach of the island. It was also the most popular but not crowded if you walked further along. We
  5. The roasted tomato (very good) on the first night, and the onion and cheese on night 5 or 6 which was wonderful. I was curious about the cold peach and mango soups but didn’t try them as there was a good chance I wouldn’t like them and they’d go to waste. I was already having at least 2 Appetizers per night 🐷
  6. Day 4: San Juan A nice leisurely stop since we didn’t get into port till 1pm, leaving at 9pm. This was also our first day of good weather, FINALLY! It was hot and the wind was finally gone. I was excited to see San Juan again, since a brief visit when starting a cruise here last year. L had never been. I thought it was a great stop, with a beautiful colourful old town, plenty of culture and local food but also beaches for those who wanted them. We spent the morning on deck, finally able to enjoy the weather but struggled to find somewhere cool and relaxing. The main po
  7. I think so too. The decor in the dining rooms and public areas seems very dark and old fashioned. It doesn’t put me off but also doesn’t seem to match Carnival’s vibe. I read she is due for dry dock sept 2020. Wonder what they will do.. He was a great singer! Really got people going too.
  8. Day 3: Grand Turk THIS was the port I was most excited about, as I had seen the pictures of the beautiful beach and clear turquoise water with the ship parked right there. We got into port on time at 8am and had a nice long stop till 4pm. I had cross-referenced at least three different websites and knew the Carnival Sensation was due to arrive one hour before us at 7am but there was no sign of her. She did eventually come steaming over the horizon after midday, I don’t know what happened there. In the end, it was not a great day for the beach. The wind was still very s
  9. Day 2: Sea Day and Formal Night The ‘should-we-shouldn’t-we’ coronavirus stress on embarkation day and our long day of work/travelling to Miami the day before really took it out of us and we were fast asleep by 9pm that first night. So of course we found ourselves at 6am the next day wide awake and decided to see how it was up top. We could feel the ship was still rocking. We emerged on deck 10 into gale force winds and staggered upwards to check out the mini golf. Surprisingly, no-one else was up there playing mini golf in gale force winds at 6:30am so we had the course to o
  10. We got out of guest services just in time to see the sail away out of Miami at 3pm. I like the view of South Beach before we finally enter the open ocean, knowing a whole week of cruising lies ahead. Along with the thrill of seeing the ship and getting on the ship, that is always an exciting moment. It was breezy in Miami and as soon as we got out into the ocean, the real wind hit us. I forget the speed but the ship was rocking and rolling quite a bit that night. Once again I was glad of our cabin location because down on deck 1 I felt we had less movement. We definitely felt it in
  11. Many people seem to love these ships for the same reason. We did have a bit of ship envy when the brand new Norwegian Encore parked next to us in San Juan and we could see people zipping around a racetrack on top in go-karts. But yes the size of the Conquest is nice and I felt we got HUGE bang for our buck. The captain spoke of the ship with real affection when we went to the bridge during our Behind the Fun tour. And oh how good is Guys burger joint. We love that too. Can’t believe it’s free.
  12. Embarkation: MDR was closed on embarkation day so we headed to the buffet. It was very busy but thanks to this forum we went to the little-known area upstairs from the buffet and it was nice and quiet. We wanted to drop our 12 packs of stickin it to the man! cans outside our door even if the room wasn’t ready till 1:30pm but the corridors to the rooms were actually blocked off so the stewards could work undisturbed. Fair enough. Miami was chilly that day so we kept our jeans on and were not tempted by the pools. Plus the main pool had loud music blasting which we didn’t care for. We were
  13. Yikes about the drunken fight. 🙈 Our dining room was a model of good behaviour but maybe that’s because it was early dining!
  14. I’m sorry you had to cancel 😔 It’s a horrible decision to have to make!
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