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  1. My son and I were on the Zuiderdam for a Canal in and out; we've all done the Regal Princess as well. One day, we may do Disney, but right now... So the number of kids was the info I was trying to get an idea of, just want to reassure myself that there will be enough folks for them to not to feel lonely:)
  2. We have a spring break cruise in 2020 book for the Nieuw Statendam booked, and as excited as I am, curious to hear about how many kids and any reports from Club HAL - so far, not a lot of family reviews. We originally had a Disney 4 day booked, but at almost 2k less and 3 more days, this was a easy choice, buuut, I'd feel better knowing that our 8 and 13 year old are going to have fun too:)
  3. For those saying there's no need for a library, or that it should be considered a paid extra like the spa, I feel you're rather pissing the reason on why some folks look to HAL in the first place. Time is a luxury. Not make the most efficient choice in travel is a luxury. Being able to pick through a library of bound books, and enjoy the serendipity of finding something to send a few hours with, is a wonderful, rare luxury. Sure, I have several tens of hundreds of books on my phone. But a curated library, as I found on the Zuiderdam when I was on a Canal trip a few years back, was delight, and the experience of sitting in a leather chair, feet propped up, the ocean in front lit by moonlight and a story to read - that unhooking my scheduled brain? was why we booked the Nieuw Statendam for our family trip next year. HAL has a reputation of doing things differently - ie, properly. The loss of of a library is a slide to banality, one I'm sad to see.
  4. We're doing a similar trip MAR of 2020 - my son and I were on a previous HAL cruise on Zuiderdam, the kid's activities were pretty good although not much late night stuff. If you set expectations now that after 10 is going to be 'on your own', the kids can plan to hit the sports deck, play games, or catch a movie. The NS is definitely a good choice for kiddos, tho, since she's going to have the most folks with kids during spring breaks.
  5. Thank you! Makes the beverage package we got as part of our offer somewhat more interesting to a non-bringing diabetic:)
  6. A bit random, but worth an ask:) Does the Statendam have the Coke Freestyle machines like her sister?
  7. I’m giving the Nieuw Statendam a try, as I think she’ll have more kids aboard during spring break than other HAL ships, but yah, I’m annoyed at the lack of a library. The Sky Princes cruising at the same time doesn’t have one either, but if I find a comparable ship that does in the same time frame? Might be enough to turn my head. I wanna get on a big boat and dress up, read random stuff, eat when I want, and not be on pager duty- taking away options in favor of yet another specialty bar/cafe/etc pushes me to other lines...
  8. I read 95% of my books on my phone, but I dearly loved the library on the Zuiderdam, and miss it well before our trip on the Nieuw Statendam. Even the little library on the Regal Princess was a nice visit or two. It's a nice bit of serendipity, something everyone is trying to remove. One of the reasons we're cruising next year is hop away from the hyperplanning needed for a Disney trip, for instance.
  9. I'm just grateful:) We booked the NS for March 2020 with a $2 deposit, and nothing that week on NCL, Princess, or RC can beat the price. We'd originally booked a 4 night Disney cruise, but now, over 2k cheaper and 3 days longer, we're really excited. Our kids are sad about not having the Disney cruise, but my son loved the youth supervisors on the Zuiderdam, and both kids enjoy dressing up for the MDR and such.
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