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  1. And please no ball caps on the men indoors, especially in the dining venues and The Theater.
  2. The service was free at the beginning but not when we disembarked. It could be booked onboard before the end of the World Cruise. Be very sure to read what can't be in the luggage and don't lock the bags. When picking up the bags, Luggage Forward once came a day early and once a few hours early so be ready. Pickup was about 12 days prior to the cruise. They are very customer friendly when called on the phone.
  3. I have a few eyeglass holders with strings to wear around my neck. The card works when inside the case unless you're coming home from the bar and try it on the wrong room. Others have tried the punch without success. Viking has given us nice leather card holders which also work well without removing the card from the case.
  4. I wonder if ships are considering having only passengers and crew on board who have been vaccinated once a vaccine has been approved. What do you think? Kudos to those of you who consistently wear masks. You won't die from wearing one but others might if you do not.
  5. The more you pay, the more you sway, as conventional wisdom says. Low and in the middle is the place for those who don't like the motion of the ocean. We lived on boats for 37 years and want to be rocked to sleep but that sure isn't fore everyone.
  6. Back to the laundry discussion, there was one thing that really amused us as we pondered the reasoning. There were several piles of washed and folded clothes left in the laundry room with a free sign. Did the owners buy too many things along the way? Did they gain too much weight to wear them again? Or were they sick to death of wearing them over and over on the world cruise? I added some items to the piles for all 3 reasons. We learned that the clothes are donated in less fortunate countries, not just tossed out. That's the Viking way, isn't it?
  7. Upgrades were available on our aborted LA to London trip earlier this year once many passengers bailed out in Australia or Bali before Dubai. The upgrades were NOT freebies. We were offered one of the rich folk suites but at 10K, we had to decline. Viking told us that giving free upgrades to only some passengers would make others unhappy. OK, I understand that. When less than 10 passengers remained after Dubai, they were able to move and were not charged, to the best of my knowledge.
  8. We used Red October in St. Petersburg and found them brilliant. We'd been there a couple of times and knew what we wanted to see. They did all of that and more. The first morning they picked us up early (all 6 of us were ready and excited) but things weren't open yet. They took us to a small but gorgeous church, lit in candles, with the priests chanting before heading out for our excursion. One warning: the lunch began with a tumbler full of vodka that was replenished with every sip. The 2.5 day excursion was so good that our guide was tipped almost the same amount that we paid. This
  9. Why should there be worries about it being a one class ship?
  10. One big plus was that the Viking Sun never felt crowded. There were always quiet spots for a drink or a read. We experienced virtually no lines for anything with one exception: the hand washing sinks at the entry to the World Cafe. Taking far fewer clothes was freeing. The high tech laundry allowed us to take only one bag each on the World Cruise. We had cruised extensively with other lines and are now all in with Viking, booking our 3rd World Cruise in a row. It's rather like the first time you fly business class. It's hard to go back to economy.
  11. We had to leave almost $3500 on the table when the Sun was skipping ports and ending up in Dubai. We had booked most of our expensive excursions for the last month of the cruise, and of course, that didn't happen. The $ all went back to our shipboard account, non-refundable. With very limited inventory in the shops, we went to Wendy in Customer Service to ask what to do with the non-refundable credit. She told us several times "not to worry, you'll be taken care of." Well, we're starting to worry. We want it to transfer to our next cruise, not just be out of luck with hard feelings.
  12. The Sun is just now departing Gibraltar for Lisbon. Safe travels to those finally heading home!
  13. We left with tears when you gave that last hug at the gangway. The trip home was problematic for all. The charter was much less than enjoyable and when we got to Newark we found that UAL (and perhaps others) had cancelled all outgoing flights. Viking booked us on the only game in town - JetBlue. It was better than the charter. Viking did an over the top job with horrendous logistics and we praise them to the skies. Avis kept our reservation despite our arrival after midnight in Orlando when we got to the counter. We were confused when the car wouldn't start before noticing it was a hyb
  14. Is the poster driving or flying to Tampa to meet her parents? The border crossing/closing doesn't apply if she's flying. Hope all works out and that we'll get another update. Good luck to all!
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