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  1. the reservation in your cabin will most likely be for 5:30.
  2. SeaBands

    Explore 4 Drink Questions

    when we had X4 in the past the bars served us doubles or even triples by swiping our cards 2 or 3 times.
  3. SeaBands

    Passport theft-warning

    we always make copies of our passport to take off the ship and leave the real ones in the safe. Also only 1 credit card and a little cash when getting off anywhere.
  4. SeaBands

    Bringing alcohol on board

    used to bring liquor when HAL didn't enforce the rule. Recently have used RumRunners w/o a problem but usually have X4 or a drink card so I just bring the drinks back to our cabin. They have always poured doubles when I ask for them.
  5. SeaBands

    Pinnacle Grill experience declining?

    No dining area should allow hats . Especially ball caps with messages or worn backwards. Just shows how low class people are.
  6. SeaBands

    Club Orange Press Release November 12

    taking a 21 day cruise we would have to pay $2100 more. Being 5* gives us a lot of perks and we don't need this. I doubt it will survive thru 2019. Just another idea from the bean counters who keep screwing up HAL. Like taking out libraries, putting Dufry in charge of the shops and reducing service all around as well as the decline in food. X and Azamara keep looking better and better. Sailed on Seabourn a year ago it spoiled us. Well worth the higher cost. Too bad they don't sail from Fla R/T.
  7. SeaBands

    Holland America Munster Drill

    If unsure where to go just ask your cabin Stewart. He has a direct line to the munster information.
  8. SeaBands

    Taste of De Librije dinner

    we did it once and enjoyed it. I t was different but might try it again as it has been about 4 years ago. It gets tiresome have the predictable dinners every night.
  9. If you don't pre book you will be assigned 5:30 for your Pinnacle dinner. Just go to the desk there and change it. Don't call as they are not helpful.
  10. SeaBands

    Anyone sailed Rotterdam lately???

    we did a Neptune on it last Feb. Doing 21 days next year just to get away from the cold in central Fl. The ship was ok and we didn't do much in the ports on the 7 day cruise. Just enjoyed the space.
  11. SeaBands

    Wine by the glass?

    most of the wine by the glass is not very good. They should increase the selections,
  12. SeaBands

    HAL Mariner Wine Packages Are No More?

    If they drop the wine packages and 4 = 5* DISCOUNTS we will just have another cocktail with dinner. Don't they know that their cruisers are aware of their games and can outsmart them We've been around the block since we are older and wiser.
  13. SeaBands

    New Club Orange

    as a new 5* I don't see any advantage to this program. I guess it was an other bean counter idea that will disappear quite quickly. Hal has a quality product and changing it turns off the many Mariners who keep sailing. When it ain't broke, don't fix it and charge a lot for something it doesn't need.
  14. SeaBands

    Printing Airline Boarding Passes

    This should be a free courtesy like in most hotels.
  15. SeaBands

    Pinnacle Grill experience declining?

    our last cruise was on the Rotterdam and ate in the Pinnacle twice. Once as a Sel de Mer pop up which was a disappointing compared to the full one on the Kdam. We are doing 21 days on it again and have 4 free Pinnacle dinners so we might try the Sel de Mer if it's a different menu. I like the steak tartar as a starter but order a half portion as it's too large otherwise or fine as a main course. We only order the filet since other cuts are not very good. We like our steaks rare plus. Happy to read that they are again making the salad table side.Pinnacle can't compare to Tamarind but that's limited to a few ships. Their filet is much better but I think having the kitchen topsides helps. We also like when the caviar service was $45 and had it in the Pinnacle bar with iced vodka. Now that the price is almost double we skip it but might try it since we have 3 free dinners. I always wear a jacket to the Pinnacle. My partner likes to dress up at dinner. I don't think I would eat there every night as some people do.