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  1. Just finished a delightful cruise aboard the Voyager - Singapore to Singapore - with stops in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia (on Borneo). We disembarked on December 20, so the ship was decorated with greenery, a large Christmas tree and these delightful gingerbread houses that smelled as good as they looked. My DH and I had cruised on the Voyager last January (Bill, I believe we met you on that Caribbean cruise), so we renewed some friendships with the crew that we recognized. The first day the weather was a little dicey, as we had 12' swells and it was very windy. We could not tender at Ko Samui, Thailand, so moved on to Bangkok. Saigon was super. The two stops in Borneo were amazing. Food was delightful. Prime 7 was exquisite as always. Our cabin attendants and butler were hardworking and efficient. Bill, I will write a review of our suite 785 (vibrations and all) soon. Great cruise!
  2. Hey, Bill....hope I did this right. Thanks for all your work on the Cabin Guru site. It has proven very helpful. 160380534_CCRatingTemplate-2.numbers
  3. Congratulations Bill! That will make your wife's b-day even more special. See you soon!
  4. Eliana...what a hoot! I don't think I am going to try either one!
  5. FlyerTalker....thank you so much for all this information. We appreciate the knowledge ahead of time. Helps mistakes from happening. Also, yes, we have been the recipient of a few of the Delft houses, and love them. When we got our first houses, we asked the flight attendants about the liquor inside and they all said it was "nasty!" We have never tried it. :cool:
  6. Hello! Excited about our upcoming trip. We were wondering if anyone has the same flights as us, as we are on a tight schedule. It would be nice to know if someone else is with us going to the same place. We are leaving LAX Friday, Aug. 3 at 1:40 p.m. on Delta Flt. 9468 non-stop to Amsterdam. Then we board KLM Flt. 1109 on Aug. 4 at 10:20 a.m. arriving in Stockholm at 12:20 p.m. Anyone else on the same plane(s) ? We're crossing our fingers and toes for on time flights. If you are interested in touching base with us let me know via this thread. I will be checking frequently. :cool:
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