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  1. We were on the Divina in 2017 and we absolutely loved it. At that time it was one of their newest ships, only 5 years old. Yes, older than Seaside, Meraviglia etc., but still stunning and gorgeous. I would cruise her again without any hesitation.
  2. Our first cruise was April 2017. Status expires end of April 2020 while we will be on our second cruise. When I booked our april 2020 cruise I was able to get the 5% voyagers discount but the cruise will not add points and I will have to get a new membership to start accumulating points
  3. We booked our cruise for April 2020 through the USA website way before the Canadian site and office launched. For a while I had issues accessing my account on the USA site, which now appears to be fixed. I am able to log in, see my booking in full details and it gives me the option to add excursions, make the final payment etc.. I am wondering if other fellow Canadians with bookings through the USA website have experienced any issues when making final payments and/or booking excursions etc.
  4. Do you need to pay your cruise in full before you can add excursions etc.?
  5. Do you happen to know how many cruise ships can dock at the same time at the main pier in Ocho Rios? There would be two ships in port the day we are there.
  6. Do you know if two ships can dock at the same time at the main pier in Ocho Rios? I checked the cruise port schedule and the day we are supposed to be in Ocho Rios with the Seaside, there are two ships listed. One is the Seaside, and the other one is the Armonia. I actually would find it cool to see two MSC ships side by side.
  7. Just curious. When doing the web check in do you have to upload the picture? Or you can skip it, I mean do you have to upload the picture in order to complete the web check or you can complete it without the picture?
  8. Did you preorder your water package before your Seaside cruise? Or did you buy it once on board? How much was it? I am sorry I do not know how things work on the Meraviglia.
  9. I had this issue with my booking. I called MSC and they manually reapplied the 10% discount. It took a while, like a couple of weeks, but they did it. Our sailing date is not until April 2020.
  10. The plot thickens... after being booted out from the US site, now I am again able to access my account and everything on the USA website. Our sailing is not until next April 2020 they better get their act together before we book our flights to Miami.
  11. Any experience with cancelling an MSC cruise? Be honest, how painful is it to get your money back. With the Canadian site now up and running, and apparently us Canadians having issues accessing our bookings on the US site, I am seriously considering cancelling our cruise. We only paid the deposit. How long does it take to get the refund. I just want to be prepared. Not a happy camper right now.
  12. Joining the club. Seriously thinking about cancelling. I cannot access my account on the US website. Only the booking if I enter the booking number. On the Canadian site, I am able to log on with my e-mail and password, but my booking details won't show. But my Voyager information appears to be correct. What a mess.
  13. Did you call the USA or the Canadian office? Were they able to access your booking? Now, if we cannot access our bookings on either site, how are we supposed to make final payment, update passenger info, do the web check in? Are we going to be able to call, and they will do it for us, and then send the edocuments?
  14. Those who have issues accessing their booking on the US site, when is your sailing date? Are you paid in full, or deposit/partial payment only? I am afraid soon it will be my turn not to be able to access my booking on the US site anymore.
  15. It makes me wonder why some Canadians have this issue, while others don't. I cannot access my booking at all, or my account through the Canadian site. No issues on the US site where I booked it originally.
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