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  1. All the planning, excitement and counting the days. First glance of the ship on the way to the port. Stepping on board. First glance of the atrium, first lunch, setting sail, ocean breeze....I'm looking forward to the time when all this will be a reality again. I am looking forward to finally visiting Ocean Cay. This could have been our reality in April. Then covid happened. But most of all I'm looking forward to the time when cc message board becomes a lively place again discussing staterooms, drinks, meals, excursions instead of refunds, cancellations and FCC's and this whole covid nightmare.
  2. Us too. Requested FCC on March 21st for April 25th sailing. I had to call to get the certificate as 3 months have passed with nothing. Finally they emailed me the FCC certificate early July but no taxes have been refunded yet. They said soon....
  3. I called the other day and talked to a very nice lady. She was really helpful. She confirmed that mine was done too, and was able to get a copy of it, and e-mailed it to me. Now I wish things could improve so that we could book a cruise with a little bit more confidence.
  4. Thank you. Does it have the amount per passenger or just a total? Are passenger names included?;
  5. What information is included in the FCC certificate that gets emailed to you?
  6. Our sailing was going to be on the Seaside on April 25th. I submitted the request for the FCC on March 21st, but have not received anything yet. I called the Canadian office a few weeks ago I was told they were able to see the amount on my account, plus the amount of port fees etc. that I would get back. Nothing... I was booked through MSC USA which I cannot call directly. The only way to reach them is to call the Canadian office and then ask to be transferred to a US agent. Each time I tried the wait time was long, and I did not have the time to wait it out.
  7. I know... it's a pain. First you have to call the Canadian office, wait until a rep answers and then ask them to get transferred to an American agent. They should be able to transfer you over, it depending on the call volume it can take a while.
  8. Has anyone tried calling the MSC USA office lately? How long was the average wait time? Our sailing would have been April 25th, I requested the FCC March 24th. The e-mail confirmation said I should receive the certificate in about 60 days. I have not received anything yet. I am thinking of giving them a call. I am curious how much time I should allocate. Thank you.
  9. Im waiting for my fcc too. April sailing
  10. I am still waiting to "officially" receive an e-mail with my FCC and the refund of port fees. I am curious, those who have already received the FCC by e-mail what are the T&C attached to it. Thank you.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has received their FCC and if so how long it took. Our sail date would have been April 25th. I completed the form for the FCC on March 21st, received the e-mail confirmation with the reference number in it. Still no FCC certificate received by e-mail. It's been 60 days since completing the form, and past the 14 days after our original sail date.
  12. Yes. The best part of a cruise. One of the best anyway among many others. I miss seeing the endless blue of the ocean, feeling the breeze, the scents, the atmosphere...visiting the islands, the excitement what the next island would bring. I miss a careless week with no cooking, cleaning and real quality time with my family.
  13. I received the same email. Our booking is with the USA office but since we are Canadians I believe it got transferred to the Canadian office.
  14. I received an automatic e-mail today from MSC Canada that my cruise is cancelled. I called the Canada office and explained them how I booked through the USA site etc, and asked how the credit will work. I do not think the agent was very knowledgeable. I do not really blame her, as it is a new and fluid situation. She said that if I cancel, and I can cancel it through the Canadian site, I could get the 125% FCC, and the e-mail confirmation will have instructions on how to redeem the credit. She thinks the Canadian office should be able to help me when it comes to picking a new date for my cruise. Oh, and she said the Canadian office does not offer the full refund, which is offered by the USA office. There is no consistency. I am thinking of going for the full refund through the US site and that way one day I will get my money back. Now that the borders are closed I am wondering when Air Canada will suspend flights to the US and offer the full refund instead of the travel credit that we would need to use till December 2020.
  15. We didn't have a TA. Booked through MSC USA directly.
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