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  1. We are sailing on the Eclipse in March and need to stay connected. Don’t need any streaming, just need for our WiFi calling to work. The “basic” packages says it does not support ViOP such as FaceTime and Skype. Does is support WiFi calling? The Unlimited package which does is a few hundred more.
  2. We leave WiFi calling on all the time. Once set up on phone and with carrier, never worry about it. Even at home we get a better signal over WiFi calling.
  3. We were in 8588 in Vision in May. No noise or vibration issues. One morning we had a lot of oil like stuff all over balcony. Told steward and cleaned by the time we returned from port. Only issue was the windows in the spa above slant out and balcony is not very private. But view is great and we’d do it again
  4. We were looking at guaranteed jr suite for a cruise next year. $1,000 less. Are jr or full suites ever obstructed view?
  5. The first question I ask for any deposit is if it is refundable and the terms.
  6. Not a cruise, but heading to the states from Cabo and are waiting to board (tarmac boarding). We (Wife me and dog) are called up to the counter. I though we were getting bumped to 1st class, but when we got there, they would not look us in the eye. Proceeded to tell us our luggage was buzzing and we had to go open it. The plane is starting to board and they take us down to the front of the line. I can see our bag, on the tarmac, under the nose of the plane and 2 guards around it. So they escort us to the bag and by this time they are boarding and everyone is walking about 40 feet from us looking at us (I would have too) and right there on the tarmac they make us open the bag, which was no longer buzzing as the battery had died. I pulled out the razor (which was supposed to stay in Cabo and not be in the bag anyway) and showed them, but since it was dead, they were not convinced that was the source of the buzzing and they searched the bag as people continue to walk by. No other battery operated items were found. Finally allowed to put everything back (I kept the razor with me) and board. Funny now, not then
  7. I did not ask my TA, just looked online. But have now asked her to take a look. I assume Silverseas is all inclusive. We only booked an Xpedition Suite for the balcony and space. The standard rooms looked very small. Appears SS standard rooms are pretty nice
  8. I will check with our TA again, but we were told it included Business class
  9. I thought you could go in the website and "turn off" your advertising emails?
  10. We are on the Xpedition and have the Quito (2 days before, 1 day after) package. We are in a Xpedition suite, which includes a suite in Quito and business class to Baltra. Total, not including flights from the US, about $15K for both of us. After your post I looked at Silverseas and the pricing was $10K to $15K per person for their base cabin. I did not look at details, but assume this price does not include Quito. Unless I am missing something, looks like Silverseas is almost double the cost????? What am I missing???
  11. The crazy thing is they have the B@lls to actually list the "retail" price. After these posts, I decided to see what my 8 year old 2 tone blue faced Sub was worth. Wow! I guess I have to increase the insurance amount.
  12. On Vision boarding day was not included. Only Chops was open and it was for Key and some others, but not for Unlimited. I guess it depends on ship.
  13. I've been wearing watches for over 50 years. My Zorro watch still runs, although I don't wear it. Bought my first high end watch 22 years ago and try to buy a new one every few years. I do not buy them for investments or to sell them in the future. I buy them because I wear them and love watches. Watches are a very personal thing - I have certain tastes as do others. People love AP, not me. I would never buy a watch on the ship as they really don't have much selection or brands I'm interested in and I don't think the deals are very good. I have bought a watch in Diamonds international (all AD's) and I have been present when 3 others we were traveling with bought watches at DI. All good deals and no issues. My son-in-law bought a Chronomat at DI in Cozumel for a few hundred above Gray market, way more that 10% discount. (I was checking on the internet). He got a good deal as it was an older model (still new watch) that they really wanted to sell. He went wanting to buy his first good watch, but did not have a specific watch he wanted - worked out great. So no problems for me with DI, as long as they are a AD for that brand. I usually fall in love with a specific watch, then the hunt is on to find it. I bought an UN at DI and got about a 10% discount. The best place to buy or look at watches, IMO, is Vegas. Every brand in multiple stores and great selection. They do discount about the same and will not charge sales tax (they mail the box to avoid charging tax).
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