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  1. Wines have always been included. We have 3 on the books and I went back and looked at the description and it does not say food only. It even lists the wines served with each course (although I assume the food and wines will change)
  2. Tthank you both. One couple took the savings. The other had a refundable deposit and wanted to stay refundable.
  3. We are on Radiance next August to Alaska with 2 other couples. All are in Jr Suites. The current price to allow Royal to chose the cabin is $1,000 less then we are paying. We are not going to take it as 1) are are in 1100 (corner aft) and 2) paying with FCC’s that if we got the credit, would not be able to use. The questions is for the other 2 couples. Are there any “bad” Jr suites on Radiance? Any really noisy or restricted view Jr Suites? Any reason not to take it? Thank you
  4. The green in the socks and in the Fanny pack are different shades and clash. The fashion police may remove you from the ship
  5. Is it cool to wear your lanyard and fanny pack together? Do you get extra fashion points if you add your black socks with your sandals?
  6. Outside of the US you will have a hard time using them. We are regulars at a few bars and restaurants in Cabo. Since the waiters know us, they come over with 2 dollar bills, ripped USD and US coins (that they we given as tips) - none of which can they use in Mexico. I give them either USD or Pesos depending on how much I have with me. I have a bank account in Mexico and tried to deposit them, and the bank would not accept them either. I would guess the ship would take them, but high probability the Caribbean islands would not.
  7. I hope they don’t replace lost bands. Otherwise they will be for sale on the ship. Just does not sound like rocket science. Here’s a wrist band, wear it outside your room or be in the un-vaxed category.
  8. I have the same issue. She does not even let me date
  9. With these restrictions, why would any un-vaxed person take the cruise. Hard to believe there would be more than a few in-vaxed adults.
  10. So if someone cruises with my name and C&A number, will I get the points?
  11. I agree. I have never used (don’t think it even have) a debit card. We like the points so just have a credit card on file. Holds are really no big issue, they fall off before they move from pending to confirmed.
  12. And the chances of 2 in same family are?
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