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  1. That balcony with zero privacy would be a big no for us. Plus, if your neighbor is next to the rail, a quick turn of the head and they are looking into your cabin. We rarely close our blinds and our balcony breakfast is usually robes only.
  2. There was an article that someone has a one minute breathalyzer test. Have and enforce arrival times, wear a mask at arrival, blow and go directly to your cabin while wearing a mask. Assuming negative test, get a call and you are on your way, no mask required. Longer cruises with a lot of ports need another solution
  3. We were in Chile when X cancel the cruise March 14. Exactly 60 days and we got$7K, still owe us $900 We had a Explorer cruise in Oct out of Rome, we decided to move it to next Sept (Odyssey). The cruise was paid for and the new cruise was less money. My TA, after a long fight, convinced them to apply the balance to my Dec 2021 cruise, even though it is against their policy. Then the new cruise price went down and my TA repriced it and they would not give me an OBC or apply to another cruise. I just figured it was better then being pissed waiting for the credit. TheY refused, so I am waiting for $600 from RC. Funny if they gave the money back already, I probably would have used it for planner purchases.
  4. So if they printed your Crown and Anchor status on the masks, I bet that would increase the number of people that would wear one.
  5. Isn’t this like saying, I make enough money to pay for gas, oil changes and car insurance, but can’t make the car payment.
  6. IMO, they will cruise this year, but not a full schedule and not all ships. But taking delivery of a new ship and ongoing payments for current ships, they will need the money until they start a full schedule and passenger load returns to normal. My fear is they will have shorter cruises first (less time to have a major outbreak). We don’t do shorter cruises and 10 days is usually the minimum. We have 3 scheduled next year - 16, 12 and 10 days.
  7. First, probably a board decision and not CEO alone. Second, the board and the CEO work for the shareholders and if they did not do this, they would go bankrupt and the stock would fall further than it has and finally, the CEO probably has $20 million or so in Stock which they don’t want to see drop to zero. Beside selling assets, which no one is buying right now, or selling the company for way less than asset value to some company that has a lot of cash reserves to survive the next 12 months or so, they really did not have other options. What would you have suggested they do?
  8. We hope not too. We are on the Jewel in March - Galveston to Barcelona.
  9. Our club is open for inside dinning. The city seems to be getting back to normal and the golf course was pretty empty today (3 hours and 10 minutes) and tee sheet for next week in pretty empty (seems everyone going back to work, plus the snowbirds heading north) Also, walk the dog about the same time and same route ever morning we are here. Since CV, it has been crazy with other dogs, walkers, runners and bikers. This morning, saw no one - back to normal. In Cabo San Lucas, they were going to open hotels on June 1, Governor changed his mind and said no. Maybe another 30 days. Hotels and beaches are still closed and cars can only have one person. Good news is you can buy liquor again, although it is being allocated. Carry out only for restaurants
  10. On the plane home from Chile in March was the first time we wiped anything down. Wife had wipes and did all the seats and tray table. I’m from the school of you build your immune system by exposure to germs and your immunity system does not develop as well if you are constantly using hand sanitizer and wipes. May feel a little different about Covid 19, but agree with this guy
  11. Stock and bonus is usually part of a compensation package. Salary is part of the package as well. Never heard it called a salary package. AND - many times the stock and performance bonus are achieved by meeting performance goals. Giving Stock at a price point give the executive “skin in the game” and allows him/her to make more money if the company is successful (usually measured by the stock price)
  12. Although you said everything, you did not say specific actions you would take. So for background, we (wife, I and another couple) were stranded in Santiago Chile when X canceled 12 hours before boarding. Yes we were pissed and yesterday, 60 days later, we got our refund. (Still $900 short). Will still cost us for the airfare home. But, although I never reached board level, I made too many board presentations and owned 3 businesses (bought distressed and sold for profit). Customer impact rarely comes up. Share holder value comes up and impact on current and future earns and share price. Sorry but that is reality. Should they fire the CEO of Exxon because the price of oil is down? Anyone can manage in good times, it’s how you manage in a crisis that defines the great one and it is too soon to give a report card, but so far they are surviving, and that is better than most. You, as a customer may not like their actions, but they do not work for you. Since you seemed to have prepared for the virus, I assume you sold all your stocks and took short positions the end of last year.
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