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  1. If jokes about oral sex bothered you. Isn’t that the definition of prude.
  2. The large ships have to average Over $400 million revenue per year. For a service business, $75 million in salaries is not bad
  3. Hard to believe captain only makes $150. Need to start tipping him.
  4. Just because something is optional, does not mean it is not expected or the custom. I don't understand the "it's not our culture to tip". This is just an excuse. So if you are traveling to a country that removes shoes before entering a home, do you just say "not my culture"?
  5. I think the steps in the picture look pretty good. The small scrapes probably happen daily. Was this a ship tender or private?
  6. Not sure why you are surprised. In Michaels, they probably get cash tips for drinks for 5 hours a day. Assume $30 per hour in extra cash tips, times 5 hours, times 30 days time 9 months That is $40K per year. Plus salary and shared tips, $60K seams about right for a bartender. That is 7 days as week for 9 months. Not sure why it would be tax free???? Regardless, for a 7 night cruise, assuming you get 5 drinks a day at $15 each, the extra 2% is about $10 per cruise - What is the big deal?
  7. By law handicap parking spaces are reserved only for qualified. Hotel rooms, ramps outside of businesses, ship cabin are required to have accessible options, not reserved. When a hotel or ship is full, they give out the accessible rooms to people that don't need them. Does this mean I can't use ramp. I have a handicap tag for my car, but am not handicapped. I do have some family members that I need to drive from time to time. I would never use the tag and the space if it was not needed. I think the elevator idea is crazy. We usually take the steps, but in the evening when the heels come on, the wife wants to ride the elevator. We just hang out until the crowd goes away. If you can't wait that long because you need your meds, maybe you should be caring them with you. Also for the OP. There are some people in scooters that can walk steps better than some people not in scooters. Reminds me of airplane boarding. 10 people and their families need wheelchairs to board, but when the plane lands, they get up, grab their luggage and run off the plane.
  8. We bought the unlimited for the Vision 12 nighter in 3 weeks. Interested in comments as well btw. Made sense as only about $120 pp more than the 5 night we had purchased
  9. I guess my math is different. I assume $11 drinks (reduced least expensive options), 4 pp pd (assume some port days would impact ability - most people won't drink 4 let alone 5) 14 nights - $1.232. Still don't think 2 people can cruise in a JS for four days at the price - all included -
  10. Not sure I understand the math. Four nights, JS, taxes, transportation, etc. has to be over $2,000. Can’t see how 14 days of diamond is worth more than $1,000
  11. We are booked on the Xpedition for Oct 2021. I just went online and they are still offering cruises on Xpedition through the end of 2021
  12. I’m sorry. Is this the definition of more money then brains? Never had an issue finding a chair in the sun. We don’t look around the pool and like the top deck. We have access to 4 pools and a beach with our homes, so maybe not so important to us, but still never a problem
  13. It took me awhile to stop laughing about X not respecting someone. This has nothing to do with respect. This is business and what they feel will be their best return on investment (right or wrong we don’t know). Seems they want customers that will spend money on their ships. If not, they want to lock them in for the deposit. Not everyone is their target customer. No cruise line want customers that don’t spend on ship, that is where the profit is
  14. with the Elite drinks it was close for us, but the cruise has 7 sea days, so though it would be good. No brainer for our friends with no Elite drinks. However, the price for 4 perks was another $1,300. For WiFi and $300. Not a very good deal.
  15. We just updated our cruise for March 2020. For $1,400 (per cabin) more we got "free" gratuities and beverage package. 15 night cruise, so booze for about $30 per person per day. Decided to do it. We are from RC and will come over as Elite, so we were not sure we would get the booze, but at that prices looked like no brainer. Really a good deal for friends traveling with us as they have no "status"
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