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  1. I have to ask. I see people saying they are doing this all the time. Why book 5 identical cruises in a row? A third of the days you are in Miami for turn over days. Just seems booking longer cruises would be better
  2. We are doing the same. First time ever. But we have 3 dinners scheduled. Thursday Friday and Saturday. Keeping the groups small
  3. We track weather only for storms. To install hurricane protection in Cabo and pool clean up(son-in-law) in AZ
  4. I agree 100%. Once everyone that wants it can get it, no more mask for me. Those that can’t or chose not to get the vaccine, will have to take precautions
  5. I’m talking about single family homes Can’t have flow to attic or up a wall greater then 10 feet. So they place a horizontal 2x4 between studs as fire block. On load bearing walls less then 10 ft they may use a top plate. This horizontal stud can make fishing a wire a PIA. Multi family homes requires a fire barrier is required between units. This is different.
  6. This has probably been posted, but Quantas’ CEO said they plan to require a vaccine to fly. I assume he means international flights.
  7. You have a beautiful property. I just couldn’t live anywhere that these were on my to do list.
  8. I don’t know about Canada, but not true in the US. (After leaving corporate life, decided to do something very different and started a construction company. We do a lot of insurance work). How it works, adjuster comes out and gives a cost to repair and writes a check for the amount, less depreciation and less deductible. After the work is complete, an invoice from the contractor is sent to the insurance company for the full amount of the adjuster estimate. The insurance company writes a check for depreciation . (Now the homeowner has the full amount, less deductible). If the homeowner d
  9. Have to give dogs some time. Cans swam almost everyday. Toward the end, his back legs were not strong enough to hold him up, so doggie life vest. Our 3 year old rescue, loves the beach, not the water
  10. Tequila kill everything. Where are you in Mexico. We are in Cabo and have not been there since February
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