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  1. Honestly we feel lucky to have the balcony, got 1 can of Cider 😜 We are both feeling quite gloomy about everything you’ve mentioned. Such a shame, princess isn’t sure what to do but the kitchen delivered us hot fresh dinners after we rejected the original. As normal the staff are amazing. oh, yes there is bridge cam. And for the person asking about confinement, I’m on the ship.
  2. Just no, we’re stuck on a balcony and this is completely unfunny
  3. Yes we have free internet, can’t leave cabins. No access to shops or bars. Staff can’t bring me a can of pringles,,,, basically loads of fun.
  4. Hi all, I would like to know from anyone that has been on the Diamond recently as to whether the tv's are locked or if you have access to all of the functions like most Princess ships, I just want HDMI access and am on the Diamond in January. I'm only asking as I was on the Majestic during it's transformation into a western ship back in 2018, The TV's where actually locked and not a single crew member on the ship could assist me. I ended up buying myself a TV at Samsung in Busan. As you can tell this is a big deal to me. Any information appreciated.
  5. We do, I just got one that was a few thousand $ off. They are always emailed and I have been on Princess 8 times so far if that's any reference. Just make sure you're registered on their official site.
  6. Yes, well just finished a 5 weeker from the land down under and can confirm that Formal is still a thing there and everywhere. I just wear a suit as if I still work in an office and with that said,,, It was way too hot to be comfortable in this though I'm still going along with the tradition. It's not like people dress like trash on regular nights and I do feel that princess needs to deliver on the quality of food based on the fact that you put so much effort into entering the restaurant, not just deliver "Lobster" like it's the richest food type mankind has ever known. I think this tradition will vanish reasonably soon, or at least on summer cruises.
  7. Before it was westernized? Let's just say very relaxed 🙂 Not enough seats and not enough bars. Empty services like the tea bar and the juice bar. Basically we stood waiting while the staff where relaxing and chatting, Our waiter was the most relaxed person I've ever met on princess, we names his sidekick "Relaxo" as everything was too tough for her. Until, after a few days it was like a regular princess ship. I'm not complaining, I loved it.
  8. I've only been on princess for 5 years and not noticed any across the board changes. Different experience on different princess ships. I think the shorter the trip the more likely you'll get younger people, this is logic. The food is not always the same on Golden, Sun, Sea, Majestic and Emerald (The boats I've been on). The staff are always exceptional no matter what and the main reason I stay with princess.
  9. Hi Purple Traveller We did the Shanghai to Brisbane right before this and it was amazing, well after it was westernized to the cruisers wishes anyway. Captain Dino Sagani took over in Singapore and he is my favorite Princess captain, he makes the ship come alive tbh. I will guess that ITV was still filming their show "The Cruise"? It is an amazing ship.
  10. That used to be me, But I like uploading photo's for my friends and family to see. They want to know where I am and photo's will make a story more then just words.
  11. Good point you have there as I've been in the same situation, it's amazing how much of your internet time is taken up with just logging in. A solution for me is using the free wifi on those Hop on Hop off buses in most countries, hardly ideal but it's possible.
  12. Is this what modern day pirates are doing? Instead of boarding the ship they are just trailing and hacking our accounts. In any case Maritime internet is not exactly secure and it is also not exactly that fast, you have more of a chance of getting booted off the network then being hacked by anyone on board. I would suggest doing your banking before leaving home based on the reliability of the network as opposed to security concerns.
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