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  1. Hello , its been forever since i have been here, i am looking for last minute oasis summer cruise in august was given the price of $1521 per couple inside room, is that a good deal? Thank u :)
  2. We booked yesterday for August 3, I know it's an inside n since it a guarantee so late in the game we will probably be stuck on deck 1 😳 but paid 1679$ for 4 for 8 days , so I guess I'll deal w whatever room 👍 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Hi all it's been awhile since I have been here but I figured this will be the best place to go to for help, Friends of ours are coming from out of the country next week and going on the allure with 2 girls one is 18 months 1 will be ayew days shy of 3 years old. They asked me about the kids clubs and how safe they were?? Also what is allowed to bring on board (I brought a pack of water once is that allowed here? Juices for the girls ? Stuff for the room?? Any other tips would be extremely helpful, let just say I am extremely jealous :( but very happy for them.
  4. Hello all, I havent been on RCC since 2003 and i see that lots of changes have been made , i have been reading thru lots of posts to see what i need to do but still need your input, please tell me what i need to do for our liberty cruise in 35 days !!! what reservations i need? anything plz :):):)
  5. Thank u all for the good wishes. Host Mick thanks for asking, my daughter has a disease thats called Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) type IV , shes is doing great right now she had 3 massive surgeries this year and is finally doing well, she is in a wheelchair, but working hard to get to walking again. hopefully we will get thru the cruise with no major incidents :)
  6. We just got the CALL from make a wish my baby girl is getting her wish, which is THE DISNEY DREAM:):):) WE GO ON AUG 28, BRING ON THE INFO !!! WE CANT WAIT AND I CANT WAIT TO SHARE OUT TRIP WITH THIS BOARD ! IT WILL be our first disney cruise, the kids second cruise they have been on a carnival cruise before and had a blast .
  7. Hi Golfinseq, I would love to chat with u and get your thoughts, i am looking into getting a job for royal at the pier and wanted to see if its even worth it? is there ant way we can exchange emails and ill send you my questions?? Thank u :)
  8. Hello, just booked the ncl dawn for $ 830.oo balcony cabin!!!
  9. You guys are great . Thanks for all the great ideas! ill post pics when we get back! cant sleep....:D :D :D
  10. Hello, Thanks for the askin, boy almost 10 (next month) girl 6 1/2, and another girl 3.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply , i just found this pic: http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2295478440102129461eNArnU and my son seems happy withit... like he has a choice now!!:D
  12. Hello all, We have been on 7 this will be our kids first. we leave tomrrow on the fascination and they are sooo super excited. wanted to know from anyone who can tell me if i should take anything speacial for them such as costumes? or anything like that? they want to bring the disney lanyards so they can hook up the keys. ill take any:) :D suggestions? thanks
  13. Well I have officailly created a monster, my son who we are takin on his first cruise tomrrow on the Fascination has googled anythig he can find on the ship, byt still is unsure of the pool looks can anyone tell me if the pool looks like this: http://www.sky-chaser.com/image/outdoors/outship.jpg http://family.webshots.com/photo/2966372220101003548cRyXGV or just the regular blue way? no change really , but everyday he asks me if i posted the question so i figured id suprise him today? thanks!:)
  14. wow is all i can say you guys are amazing, Thankyou all for these great tips! love them all and writing them down!!:) :)
  15. Hello, wanted to ask for some advice and tips from all here! this will be our 8th cruise but my kids first cruise, THey are girl 3, girl 6, boy 9. so excited!! wanted to ask if you could sugguset what to take along , what do i need more??
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