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  1. Now they are talking about testing people in 3 or 4 days, and it will take 3 days for results. These would not be the Americans who are leaving tomorrow. So that would extend it to at least the 21st.
  2. OP, eat at ports of call. That’s the best way to get authentic food. The food you are eating on Carnival is not very adventurous- not very good any more overall. The “port of call” offering is usually terrible. It’s a real shame because the food used to be very good,
  3. We did the same thing, took a 15 day B2B to turn Platinum. We were Platinum on both cruises, even though we didn’t technically turn Platinum until the last day of the second cruise. I was shocked when the priority luggage tags showed up. It may be because I asked my TA to give Carnival the head’s up. So if you do book, advise your TA or PVP or call Carnival. It might work.
  4. www.marinetraffic.com shows 1.9 knots still, 6:19 am EDT, but also shows her almost to Cozumel, where she’s due at 8 am. I’d like to hear from someone on board. All I’ve hesrd is the person yesterday saying there were “electrical problems” for a few hours.
  5. I’m not onboard. Hence the question mark. Someone posted before that they had an electrical issue that was resolved. And yet... she’s dead in the water again. Check marinetraffic.com
  6. She’s been stopped, going 1 knot, stopped again- for hours. Then she sped up, seemed to be going full speed, and now she’s at 1.9 knots again. Middle of the Gulf, on the way to Cozumel.
  7. Leaving on Dream this morning. Found a great hotel, I’m amazed how terrific it is. Holiday Inn Superdome. It’s right in the middle of the action, lots to do and see. Beds are incredibly comfortable, room is huge. Staff is over the top friendly. $224 a night including all taxes and fees, and that includes 8 days of covered (safe) parking in a ramp. Quick walk to Bourbon street. No transportation to port but I hate being jammed in to a shuttle van anyway. Uber will be less than ten minutes to port. Very very welcome place to see after an 18 hour drive from Buffalo! Omg 😮 Just FYI. Wish me luck, I’m off with my 20 year old and his girlfriend. Close quarters in a cove balcony.
  8. Replying to you right now from my hotel bed :). Holiday Inn Superdome is fantastic, I just signed on to post about it. $224 a night, tax included, for beautiful room with incredible beds and 8 days parking. 25 minute walk to port, I get that that is a bit much but we are taking an Uber. Just FYI in case you’re driving in. The Uber to the port is under ten minutes.
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