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    Gluten Free cruising

    I did a Mediterranean/Aegean cruise on the Crown in 2012 with my mother-in-law who has celiac disease. Our Amalfi coast shore excursion included a multi-course lunch at a hotel. I advised the Shore excursions desk of the dietary restriction a couple of days in advance, and checked again with the guide when we boarded the bus, and it had been noted. I brought along GF snacks, as I did throughout our trip, but lunch was great- she was served a GF pasta as a first course, and was told that the chicken main course was gluten free. She couldn't eat the cake that was provided for dessert but they offered a fruit cup. As long as you make your request in advance, there shouldn't be any problem. Also, my mother-in-law really enjoyed the bread served in the dining room at dinner (I tried it and it was surprisingly good). She was also able to have GF bread toasted for her in the kitchen at Horizon Court so she didn't have to use the communal toasters.
  2. cathystejuju

    Princess Excursion - Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

    My mother-in-law and I did this excursion while on a cruise on the Crown last September. The lunch was served at a hotel with gorgeous views of the coast between Positano and Amalfi. The meal included cheese cannelloni, a chicken dish like a Chicken Cacciatore and a custard-filled layer cake for dessert. Wine, water and (I think) coffee were included. It was all quite good. They were able to substitute a gluten-free pasta for the cannelloni, since I had advised the Tour Desk in advance.
  3. cathystejuju

    Gluten Free on Princess

    I did a Mediterranean cruise on Crown Princess last September with my mother-in-law, who has celiac disease. Although I had booked excursions in advance, I went to the Shore Excursions desk once on board and made them aware of her needs so they could inform the tour operator prior to our all-day tour of the Amalfi coast. When we checked in for the tour, I confirmed that the guide had been informed. We had lunch that day at a lovely hotel and my mother-in-law had gluten free pasta for the first course instead of regular cannelloni. With a little advance notice, you'll find that Princess- and the operators they contract to do tours- can do a great job at meeting your needs. I do recommend bringing along some packaged GF crackers or cereal bars for quick snacks when on shore- as long as the food is pre-packaged you should have no trouble taking it off the ship.
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    Very upset canadian

    I received the same E-mail in French as the OP and thought it was a bit strange, given that I have been receiving promotional E-mails from Princess, in English, multiple times a week since I cruised on the Crown Princess in September. No one asked me whether I wanted those E-mails or in which language they should come. I'll have to start paying more attention to which language all my other unsollicited E-mails appear in!
  5. cathystejuju

    New England Cruise lots of ??? leaving Fri.

    I think that your parents' cruise will include a day cruising the Saguenay Fjord, which opens out to the St. Lawrence River at the town of Tadoussac. There won't be any shore excursions as such, just cruising up the Saguenay and enjoying the magnificent scenary of this very deep fjord with huge cliffs on either side. Tadoussac and the mouth of the Saguenay are big attractions for whale-watching, with a large population of mostly beluga whales found in the area, in the summer, at least. It's too bad that your parents will be missing Prince Edward Island but I think they will enjoy cruising up the Saguenay, especially if the weather is good. I would also like to know about the possibility of a half-day tour in New York City at the end of a Canada-New England cruise. My mother will be on the October 6th Crown round-trip cruise and she also doesn't fly out until 6 pm on disembarkation day (October 13). From what I have seen on the Princess site and on these boards, such an excursion doesn't seem to be offered to disembarking passengers. Too bad- I did something similar once in Fort Lauderdale after a cruise and it made the day seem much less long and boring. Hope your parents enjoy their cruise!