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  1. If you are talking about the large pool area right at the pier......yes, this is for anyone to use. It was built for the cruise ship passengers use. The pool is quite large (right on the ocean) and there are alot of shops and places to eat. Music playing....etc. Its a nice area to spend the day if you don't want to go out and explore the island.
  2. jcs56

    Where's the Best Food in Mahahual??

    Not sure about Pez Quadro...but at the beach in Majuahal we ate and stayed at El Faro (I think) and the food was excellent; drinks too. We had chips and salsa, quessadillas, tacos and lots of drinks. All excellent. On the way back we stopped at the Drinking Donkey (close to the ship) and the food was excellent too, drinks not as good.
  3. jcs56

    Dunns River Falls

    We did the falls last year and I was so scared to try it. (I am 49) I have a bad back!!!!! However, when we finished...YES I FINISHED!!! I was so excited that I did it. My husband helped out a little and the guide knew I would have some trouble so he helped me too. He was great!!! He just said...."come on Jan...I help you!!!" They know how to maneuver around where it's a little easier. It was sooooo much fun and I am so proud of myself for trying and accomplishing it!!! Yes you can do just the stairs or some of the falls and some stairs. There are I think 3 sections. When I saw the first area to get out I thought it was over but it kept going...some got out. Then there was another time I thought it was over....but it kept going...some got out!!! Like I said I am so proud that I did it...we had a blast!!!! And I would do it again. Try it.....you'll like it!!!:D