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  1. We received the email yesterday referencing our February 2022 cruise.

    We probably won’t take them up on it at this time. Thinking is that Princess, like most all businesses, needs the cash flow and they wish to garner some of the stimulus money from the feds. Can’t really blame them. 
    We just don’t want to risk the funds at this time. Besides a better deal may be offered at a later date. 

  2.   We will be sailing on the Grand Princess again next year but this time in a Vista Suite (sweet).  It will be our first cruise in a suite.  Our understanding is that if we so desire, our meals in the Main Dining Room will be in the Club Class section.  So do we still specify a seating time on the traditional dining reservation or simply select anytime dining and go to the Club Class entry whenever we wish?  


  3. We had a similar challenge on a long Northern Atlantic cruise with NCL We contacted NCL a couple of months prior to sailing. They arranged for the Medical Office to accept and exchange cold packs as needed. They apparently have their own sterile freezers and equipment to handle such medical items. This was at no cost to us at that time. We did give them a healthy tip though.

  4. Ship: Coral Princess

    Class: Coral

    Deck: Carib, Deck 10

    Cabin #: C204

    Category: MY

    Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Port / Bow

    Connects With Cabin #: Does not interconnect.

    Accessible: No

    Quiet: Usually. Exceptions are occasional faint music from production shows and passengers letting the door to the front observation balcony slam while going through the Panama Canal.

    Balcony Size: No balcony

    View: Large window

    Privacy Issues: None. There was very little corridor traffic except when going through the PC.

    Wind: None

    Soot: None

    Problems: None

    Comments: The three of us really appreciated the size of the cabin. It is a mini suite w/o balcony. The space which would be the balcony is added to the floor space of the room. We would book this category again should the opportunity present itself.

  5. My husband is a veteran and he receives the Military OBC. We submitted his DD 214 to receive this. We're taking our son-in-law on a cruise. He is active military. What does he need to submit? The form states "a military verification certificate" but he doesn't know what this is. Is his military ID sufficient or does he require more? TIA everyone!



    When I cruised while on active duty I submitted a copy of both sides my Military ID, DD Form 2A, if I remember correctly, with the SSN and ID number blanked out. Worked very time.

  6. In the past we have taken a soccer ball or two from the One World Play Project. They provide a puncture proof soccer ball and for every one purchased they supply one free to a deserving country. We have given them to mostly street kids or schools. We have asked at each port if there was a problem bringing them in and leaving them and each time were told there wasn't a problem and was thanked to the thought.

    That said, we have to admit that there hasn't been room in our luggage the last few years to continue. Should this change, less hassle and cost for checking luggage, we will resume doing so.

  7. Last year we did the 5 day Denali Explorer followed by the 7 day cruise to Vancouver. I had been to Alaska several times for work but my family hadn't been at all.


    I priced both the Princess Denali Explorer and doing it on our own. It came out to cost a total of $1,018 more for the three of us to go with Princess than doing a similar tour on our own. The advantage that threw it in favor of Princess was the access to the Denali Wilderness Tour. The park reservations were sold out with a long waiting list while the Princess Tour still had seats available. Yes we could have waited out the list or 'shown up at the door' hoping for vacant seats but I didn't want to gamble. That tour plus not having to hassle with individual reservations was well worth the extra cost of the whole package to us.


    Our meals were not included in the Princess Cruise Tour. We ate most of our meals at the lodges, The cost per plate wasn't much different that meals in Copenhagen or Barcelona.

  8. We are going to Alaska May 20. Are the mosquitoes bad enough to need repellent? I have heard that we do and that we don't.


    At sea probably not. On land probably yes. It will normally be warm enough (above 50 degrees Fahrenheit) for the beasties to be out. The further inland you go, the more there will be.

  9. The first night and the next day and the last day and night the course takes you through the "Potato Patch" so named for the 'lumpy' seas. The name has to do with the Humboldt Current interacting with another current (I don't remember its' name). If there is a storm near the seas get more interesting. The area of the Potato Patch is huge, making it difficult to plot around.

    We've been through a hurricane in the Caribbean and a North Atlantic Low (what the ship's officers called a storm with hurricane force winds). If those were 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 then the Potato Patch would rate between a 2 and a 4.

  10. From the Oceania web site.


    Bridge Program

    An American Contract Bridge League accredited master instructor will be on board to conduct classes and tournaments.



    Departs May 2, 2017 | 21 Days | Insignia



    Departs May 19, 2017 | 18 Days | Sirena



    Departs May 23, 2017 | 28 Days | Insignia



    Departs June 6, 2017 | 15 Days | Sirena



    Departs June 20, 2017 | 16 Days | Insignia



    Departs June 21, 2017 | 16 Days | Sirena



    Departs June 25, 2017 | 20 Days | Nautica



    Departs July 6, 2017 | 20 Days | Insignia



    Departs July 26, 2017 | 15 Days | Insignia



    Departs October 16, 2017 | 21 Days | Nautica


    Hope it helps.

  11. We've used the balcony level above the Lotus Pool (deck 15) when the roof is closed. There are some nooks and crannies there that we enjoy sitting in and reading. The another spot that some use is a table at the very front of the Horizon Court. It is at the bow end of the ship, not the stern like most other cruise ships and the view can be splendid (you won't be alone there). Else there is the Wheelhouse Bar and the Library. There are window seats and tables and chairs in various public areas that might meet your needs. The search for that special spot can be fun.

  12. When you get to your first lodge you will be given some "Meet Me Onboard" tags. You fix these tags to the luggage you want sent ahead to the ship. These bags are collected from the hall outside your room on the morning after you arrive at your first lodge.


    Our first lodge was at the Fairbanks Princess Lodge. There is a shopping center about a mile from that lodge with at least a Fred Meyer store. We bought our soda there and put it in a duffel and sent it as part of our Meet Me Onboard luggage. All was in our ship's cabin when we boarded at the end of our land tour 6 days later.

  13. From the research we did before we left the States we found that it was cheaper to purchase a 3 day Metro Pass than the Copenhagen Card. Our style of touring is more walking around different areas than rushing from one 'must see' to the next. We did go to Tivoli Gardens and the Canal Tour which were great and well worth it. We did go the the major historic districts of Copenhagen but elected to do self guided walking tours. Most hotels and district tourist offices have such maps for free. It was really enjoyable. An added plus is that just about everyone in Denmark speaks English.

    Copenhagen is a very walkable city and the Metro system is one of the best we've seen. It was cheaper to buy our Metro Pass at our hotel than just about anywhere else.

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