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  1. Just booked a Norwegian Fjords cruise from Southampton in Summer 2022. Already counting down the days 😄
  2. Norway is stunning, we would definitely cruise there again. Iceland is on our to do list. Fingers crossed for you.
  3. But at least you'll be cruising and in a suite to boot. Hubby works for the NHS, so we've entered into the free cruise ballot RCI are offering, we'll find out on 30th April. He has pretty much been working 6/7 day weeks since COVID kicked-off, so fingers crossed.... We'll make a call a bit later on as to whether we book something later in the year
  4. So not a major surprise that our May cruise was cancelled, glad they called it before the final payment was due. Last time it took a full four months to get a refund. Looking with interest to see what UK only cruises might appear later in the year.........doubt they'll open up the Med in time for this year. Worst case we'll have to give the Norfolk Broads a go. Fingers crossed for everyone else.
  5. Just waiting for our May cruise to be cancelled 😞 I expect we'll move it to 2022. We'll keep a close eye on how things develop as the vaccine roll-out picks up....... who knows maybe we can find a way to squeeze a 2021 cruise in from the UK somehow 🙏
  6. Fingers crossed for you.....ships will probably sail, but you’re right not all ports could be open.......
  7. Don't blame you, they sound great itineraries......definitely worth the wait 😀
  8. Definitely on our to do list, need to do this before it melts away 🥺
  9. Fingers crossed, sounding much more promising 😀
  10. not brave enough to fly and cruise....... sailing out of the UK next year, if at all........hope It works out for you.........
  11. fingers and toes crossed for you
  12. wow, those sounds fun itineraries....... funnily enough we also have a number of future credits to spend...... we're thinking of putting all of them towards an Alaskan Cruise in 2022....... which will be a once in a lifetime adventure for us..........
  13. Iceland is supposed to be stunning, you'll have a great time. We're keeping everything crossed that our cruise will happen, we'll make the call right up to the final payment date......... we had quite the adventure getting our money back for one of cancelled cruises this year.
  14. Don't blame you the Fjords are stunning, as I expect are the Norwegians. You'll have to report back on which ports/itineraries are the best. It won't be our last visit I'm certain.
  15. We were very much waiting and seeing........ but withdrawal got the better of us........ just booked a 2021 cruise. Just wondering if anyone else has been brave / optimistic 😀 and what you opted for? We've gone for a Southampton sailing to the Norwegian Fjords.
  16. So the latest news is Susan Calman, Scottish Comedian who was on Strictly a while back, will be taking over........ Let's see, but yes the CV timing is a good observation..........
  17. Following, interested to see how all the predictions pan out.
  18. Following, considering doing the same itinerary on Anthem next year. Thanks for sharing your photos and insights.
  19. RCI: Rhapsody of the Seas. First time to Croatia and Montenegro for us......also Santorini....😀
  20. Thanks, your insight is really useful. Trying our first “small” ship in June, looking forward to experiencing the difference.
  21. Thanks for the review, looking forward to our 1st time on Jewel in August!
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