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  1. 17 hours ago, joat said:

     We did 2 twelve day cruises b2b in 2016 in the Med.  Loved the whole experience.  This also gave us 2 days in major ports (Naples, Venice, Athens, Santorini) so that we had the chance to visit part of our site choices one day and others the next.  Great.

    We were on HAL Oosterdam. Loved the ship.  In fact we have sailed on three of the compass ships of HAL.  Zuiderdam, in July will be the 4th.   As some HAL cruisers say, 'Love those dam ship!'

    What line and ship are you sailing for your 'small' ship?


    RCI: Rhapsody of the Seas. First time to Croatia and Montenegro for us......also Santorini....😀

  2. On 4/12/2019 at 12:52 PM, balkor2 said:


    For my Husband and I, this is how we see it from a RCI perspective. Which other cruise lines it might the exact opposite


    Smaller Ships such as Grandeur, Serenade, etc


    Service seems more personal. Crew to Passenger ratio is closer. Seems to be more Intimate. Cruise is perceived as slower because of the more chill/relaxing time. Getting off and on the ship seems faster and smoother.


    Less "Shows", not as many shops/resturants, less "entertainments". Can seem more crowded 


    Larger Ships such as Harmony, Allure, Anthem, etc


    More things available. Shops, shows, resturants, bars, entertainment. Can seem (except when at shows) less crowded 


    Getting on the ship/off can seem confusing, crowded, slow ...

    getting into shows or out can be overwhelming

    ELEVATORS - People can seem more rude and impatience, probably due to there are more people versus the smaller ships.

    For us there seems to be more children on the larger ships versus the smaller, now for parents this would be a Pro versus a Con. For us .. .our children are older and married, so not yet ready for children LOL.


    So the Long Short

    What is your Goal or Purpose?

    if you are wanting to get away and read a book, relax under the sun, drink a drink or 5 and not be concerned what the Cruise Compass has or if you just want to Socialize ... I would recommend the smaller ships

    If you're in need of constant input ... broadways, musicals, Karaoke,  music halls, etc

    then the mega ships are for you.



    Hope this provides a perspective from a logical and functional view 




    Thanks, your insight is really useful.  Trying our first “small” ship in June, looking forward to experiencing the difference.

  3. Complimentary breakfast menu in Chops, includes Eggs Benedict etc.

    Reserved seating in Chops during the busy Windjammer lunch period.

    Small buffet in Suite lounge throughout the day, with complimentary tea/coffee

    Concierge can sort out Dining reservations for you, but the meals are not complimentary

    Free room service

    Ask the Concierge about getting onto one of the ship tours at no charge

  4. Anything more on the rumours of Anthem sailing from Southampton in 2020?



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    Still very much rumours regarding a Quantum class from Southampton in 2020. Last I heard it would be Quantum herself based on her being released from Asia following the expected deployment of Spectrum into the same region........but hey maybe Cape Liberty needs a change in ship......

  5. So Independence is literally just back from a refurbishment, so we'll be finding out soon what has changed.........

    But last time we sailed, they used a paper ticket/voucher system for all of the shows. Grab a “Cruise Compass” (daily activity guide) when you board, it'll let you know when and where to pick up tickets. TIP: Make sure you arrive at least 15 mins early, as normally they let anyone into the venue 10 mins before the show starts....

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