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  1. Good evening everybody I know this thread has already Been posted ,but I had to post this .the wife and I have been enjoying a few days in Winchester and we decided on a day trip to Weymouth on arrival we was greeted by The very sad site of 7 ghost cruise ships as they sat idle in Weymouth bay . Britannia,carnival Valor,all 3 cunard and 2 Marella looked very impressive but Like many of you we should all of been enjoying the fine luxuries of these great ships I don’t think it had actually hit home with me until I’d actually seen this sorry to repeat the thread and sorry there’s only 6 ships in the photo
  2. Yes we booked port side balcony cabin midship
  3. Hi everybody next year I reach the grand old age of 50, and to celebrate this landmark birthday my wife and I will be joining(hopefully ) the Azura in October in Malta for a week around Italy and Corsica and then across to the Caribbean 23 nights in total .my question is what can I expect weather wise/ seas conditions from Madeira onwards I know it’s impossible to predict but I-am guessing that their is a few people on here that have experienced this route .also what sort of entertainment would normally be on with so many sea days. We have done 20 plus cruise but This will be our first trans Atlantic cruise so although very excited I also feel that we are going in to the unknown a little . You’re feedback would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi everybody just thought I’d post this as a bit of fun really, I was wondering to what famous people you have seen or met on your many cruises,as paying passengers only and not as acts to be honest the only famous people my wife and I have seen are Cheryl baker sat having a meal in Sindhu on the azura ( I was told that she s a regular cruiser and friends of p&o)and the other one was liz kershaw ex radio 1 do on board Oceana sat in Tiffany’s
  5. Havana really does sound like a great place to visit ,just out of interest does anybody know when was the last time a p&o ship stopped there as a scheduled port of call ,and secondly why do you think p&o do not take advantage of going to Cuba in there itinerary especially with the current ban on US cruise ships ?
  6. Just to throw this out there, why do p&o not go to the Dominican Republic anymore it seams to be of the radar also for some reason even the new port of amber cove doesn’t seam to feature of late .i know it’s a man made port and mainly geared up for the Americans but outside of the port gates their is some fantastic places to see and visit.we have been a few times and have had some fantastic day trips
  7. Cuba is a great shout, I’d love to visit Havana.guadeloupe seams to of disappeared of the p&o radar as they used to go there . Jamaica would be nice Trinidad / Tobago.personally I’d like them to go over to Mexico/Cozumel but not sure if that is a little too far west for the 2 week itinerary s that they offer
  8. 😂😂You’re not kidding Kalos I think because myself and the wife have done the Caribbean for the last 10 plus years we. are looking to visit new and different islands I love it if they dropped st Vincent completely I just don t get a good feel for the place doesn’t feel particularly safe to have a wander round like the other islands id like them to add st Barts but I doubt that very much because of the proximity of st Maarten we did the day trip to st barts in feb and wow what a experience that was three quarter of the boat were all sea sick including my wife very very choppy crossing well worth it tho we renamed it st barfs 😂😂
  9. Hi everybody I hope that you are all keeping safe and well in these very very strange times I like to think of myself as a seasoned cruiser, like so many of you ,and I for one cannot wait to get back on a cruise ship.so my question to everybody is why do you think p&o do the same Caribbean islands year after year after year.the itineraries just do not change just wondered what your thoughts and maybe p&o s reasoning behind this ??
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