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  1. Bob!!! I miss you too. Will you ever sail Oasis Class again!?
  2. Why is Oasis listed as in drydock until February? I'm pretty sure nobody has told me she won't make it to Miami in November.
  3. This might be me saying “hi” and “bye” in one post. Have a great week everyone!
  4. Thriving at 32,000 feet. In addition, my “shenanigans” will be memorialized in periscopes for which I have the ability to delete. Ciao ciao
  5. Hi Joe, I might make an appearance soon. Depends on what York and Andrew do during our Symphony sailing. I hear Tapatalk works again, so I may give CC another chance. Hope all is well with you too.
  6. I was Googling pineapple briefs and I was somehow directed here. In any case, he is indeed a one week wonder.
  7. Have a great trip Nick. Just curious as to why your sailings on Allure in 2015 and 2016 have been forgotten. Hope you love all the improvements on Symphony!
  8. #GiGiLooksHungry I’m Baaaack! This is not an illusion. I’m not going to start this off with a long introduction because many of you already know that being here means you believe in the theory of chaos and are hoping for a thread full of unpredictability and surprise! Here is what you need to know… In less than 24 hours I will be heading to San Juan to spend two days pumping some money back into the Puerto Rican economy and pumping some rum into my bloodstream. I will be boarding the Adventure of the Seas on Saturday for a seven day Southern Caribbean cruise, which will be visiting St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. Adventure seekers travel in herds (better known in 2018 as squads…high-five T Swift). So for this trip I will once again be teaming up with @OurTwoSuitcases to hunt out the thrills and excitement that have become synonymous with vacationing in the Caribbean…the Royal Caribbean! This trip will be free of kids (you know small versions of adults). So if you are here for pictures of Sailor and Crew, you may want to go follow their live thread for the next week titled “Why is Mommy on Top of a Table?” We have spared no expense. We have enough camera equipment amongst the three of us that we could probably successfully film the next season of Royal Crush. Most importantly, I am still on the lookout for a future ex-Mrs. Cincotta. So you can consider me the official dinosaur skirt checker for the next week. Except for those Velociraptors, clever girls always see right through my act. So hold on to your butts, because as you know, Adventure, much like life, finds a way! Welcome…to Adventure Squad! P.S. If after careful consideration, you have decided not to endorse our squad, please exit the ride quietly. Host Clarea will be on this sailing so expect a zero tolerance policy! P.P.S. Bonus points to those that identify the number of Jurassic Park references in this post.
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