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  1. I'm alive and counting down to the Symphony! #21 days Not sure I will do a live thread without an app. Sorry.
  2. No worries. I’ll just fill the thread with a whole bunch of trash talk about @Yorkvillain.
  3. Is it sad that I’m on a cruise and I want to sit here and watch Mighty Ships featuring Oasis? Can you believe this was almost tens years ago!? Oh well, off to see the Headliner show with a pit stop in the pub.
  4. Table. In that respect, the cucumber martini is one expensive cocktail. [emoji6]
  5. Not at all. It’s only an issue when looking to the side. No onstructions looking at the ocean.
  6. After shutting down the Suite Deck Zone this evening, it’s now time for Hibachi in Izumi.
  7. Wow, that was amazing! Staff Captain Marshall (Canada) joined Captain Gus as well. 45 minutes talking Royal Caribbean and nerding out. He just wanted to thank me for all I do for the brand and understand my back story as he expects we will cruise many more times together.
  8. Captain Gus just asked me to meet him at Starbucks. Not sure if I should be excited or pertified. Stay tuned.
  9. Breather, which was the intention all along. I booked the second leg so I could come back refreshed and relaxed, instead of my normal hungover and dead. Being back in the gym and getting full nights of sleep has made a world of difference. It’s a different type of cruise, but still very enjoyable. This ship and crew feel like home. 62 days until I’m back on her, I guess I should get off before counting down. P.S. The Vitality Spa has asked me to speak at the detox seminar, as I have done the program many times. That would have never happened last week. [emoji12]
  10. So for those on Instagram, you may have seen some photos of the Crown and Anchor Society crew and I last week with guns a blazin’. Well apparently the ship’s photographers felt left out and asked to be part of the action last night. The original. Last night. Some other shots that have made their way onto the interwebs.
  11. Is this new? Bloody Mary station outside the pub.
  12. The one and only cucumber martini. The best cocktail on the high seas.