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  1. My next cruise, I must try the Thirsty Frog Beer. I read here somewhere, you can taste different beers - true?
  2. Carnival is going to Tortola on their 2/29/20. Antigua was original port, but Carnival & Antigua were not getting along.
  3. Well, things have changed in 8 years, as others will post. You can no longer bring bottled water onboard, unless it's in a can. Your Sail&Sign card is now left in your cabin's mailbox. If you want to purchase anything before your cabin is ready, you must use your boarding pass. When filling out your online check-in, you must select an arrival time, unless you purchase FTTF. Tablecloths are only used on "formal" night(s). These are a few things I can think of at the moment. Happy Sails.๐Ÿ›ณ๏ธ
  4. https://www.worldtravelguide.net/guides/caribbean/martinique/passport-visa/
  5. I believe when we went to Martinique in 2004, we needed a passport. That's when me & my mother got our first passports.
  6. PhillyFan, this is so true. Coincidentally, today on John Heald's FB page, he talked about surveys. This is the latter part: One of my now since retired CD colleagues would say, โ€œI am not one to beg โ€ and then he would go down on his knees and with his arms open wide he would, while in the begging position, say, โ€œPleeeeease give us an excellent.โ€ There was fierce competition between the ships to be number 1, to be in first place, that drove us on. Here in 2019 things are very different and review cars are sent on the interweb and not everyone gets sent a review and of course guests send their reviews here to me and post on other social media channels. But every ship wants to be the best but we also know that there are many factors that we have to take into consideration. Guests sailing from Galveston seem to be easier going with their ratings than say a ship sailing from New York.. There are weather factors and other things that will affect the overall rating but one thing is for sure, every ship wants to be the best So if you do get sent a review card online please take the time to complete it. Your feedback is truly valuable as is the praise you give the crew. Thank you for doing so.
  7. I agree. Bring cans of pineapple juice & coke - put in your fridge. Happy Sails. ๐Ÿ›ณ๏ธ
  8. Thanks for the explanation. Please keep us posted with your progress.
  9. Well said OC! You can't fill out the surveys "hot headed". Take a day or so, compose your thoughts and have at it - politely. My last cruise in 2017, I did NOT get a survey email from Carnival. Sooo, I went to Carnivals website and searched for one, found it and submitted. Fortunately, we had a great time. Everyone should fill out the surveys after their cruise. HOPEFULLY, the surveys will let the "suits" at Carnival know how they are being rated by their clientele.
  10. Sorry for your loss, prayers of comfort for your family. Good job Carnival!
  11. I also printed a list with everyone's cabin numbers on nautical or beach paper for my group. OP - have your group take a picture of the "Phone/Cabin" list for convenience. Happy Sails! ๐Ÿ›ณ๏ธ
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