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  1. Princess obviously haven't updated the UK website yet as the winter 2020/2021 Enchanted Caribbean sailings plus repositioning April 2021 still for sale.
  2. Yes totally agree. Have now had 3 cancelled cruises. I have transatlantic flights from Ireland booked separately for an Enchanted sailing in early March 2021. It would be our first Princess experience. If Princess know now that Enchanted is definitely not going to be in the Caribbean in March 2021, I'd rather they tell us soon. At least that would give me an opportuniy to get on another Princess ship in Caribbean around the same time.
  3. Also on the 27th September 2020 sailing. Greece seem keen to open up to tourists again. It's whether that welcome will include cruise ships. NCL Spirit is smaller, at 2000 capacity, so maybe that might be more acceptable to Greek authorities. Getaway has a cruise around same time but is a bigger ship. Quote Edit
  4. I'm on the 27th September 2020 sailing. Hoping that Greece extend their welcome to cruise ships. As NCL Spirit is smaller, at 2000 capacity,maybe that might be more acceptable to Greek authorities.
  5. Hoping this is extended to include MSC UK customers.
  6. Apologies my initial post didn't make it clear that we won't have luggage on the first day in port. Just need access to city to go exploring using MTR. We actually disembark on the second day. Just simply interested in shuttles available on first day in port.
  7. Will be disembarking in Hong Kong after NCL Jade cruise. We actually dock the day before in Hong Kong. Is there a free or paid shuttle from Kai Tak to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station or if not where do the shuttles go to?
  8. Been a few years since we sailed with NCL. We booked a BX balcony cabin few days ago for Jade and already we've been allocated a B2 family balcony on Deck 10. Have now received a 'bid for an upgrade' email and wondering would it be worth our while trying to bid for a Mini Suite Balcony? Lowest bids are $40 per person. Is there much difference between the B2 family balcony and mini suite? Just husband and I cruising.
  9. Will be on NCL Jade which will port for 8 hours in Chan May. Doed anyone know if NCL offer a do Hoi An on your own option as ship transfer?
  10. emerald6273

    Phu My port

    Do you remember if NCL had a HCMC transfer option? We would like to pay for ship transfer to ensure we make it back on time. We want to do our own thing in HCMC.
  11. I could sail in a Seaside Inside YC for just a bit more than an Aurea Balcony on Armonia. Never sailed in an inside before in 15 cruises. Yacht Club sounds good.
  12. First time MSC cruiser with future booking on Armonia which I only booked for Cuba. Considering changing to Seaside. Have an Aurea Balcony on Armonia and looking at Yacht Club Inside on Seaside. Always had balcony cabins in previous cruises. Does Yacht Club live up to the hype?
  13. I would like to move to Seaside but it's working out more expensive than Armonia. It's disappointing not to be sailing to Cuba and I'm definitely not paying more to sail on Seaside for similar itinerary on Armonia. Glad it worked out for you to change ships.
  14. Oh no. Armonia will be my first MSC experience. Unfortunately if I cancel lose deposit 😔
  15. Bollinge , I can appreciate your disappointment as by this stage you will have made all your travel arrangements including the transatlantic flights. I know how I'm feeling about the prospect of a 7 day sailing on a older ship doing the same ports I've done many times before. A 14 day back to back is a lot longer. Really hope you get 2 x $400 for a start. You deserve a whole lot more.
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