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  1. RE: Internet. Internet access is included in YC for 2 devices.. to be precise 2 devices per person.. *smile* Speed is surprisingly faster via SatelliteInternet@Sea compared to cruises pre-pandemic in Europe. Login was easy.. connected to WiFi and registered on mscwifi.com.
  2. Thank you for the info. Yes, the wristband doesn’t always work opening certain doors. I couldn’t open the door to YC pool deck 19 after walking up the stairs from deck 18.. coming back from the jogging track on deck 16.
  3. RE: Ocho Rios - Excursion Konoko Falls & Park , Beach Break. The tour was for All Guests.. that means “bubble”. Tour went smooth.. being escorted by YC butler from the ship.. small group of 10 passengers.. hand sanitizing protocol in place (before entering bus), temperature check and hand sanitizing on arrival at Konoko Falls. Lunch at the beach: Waiting in line.. choosing meal.. served in styrofoam container (like take-out food). All staff at Kokono Falls and at the beach are wearing mask. Local tour guide and bus driver.. MSC excursion staff member ensuring safety protocol. We had to take cruise card, passport and vaccination card onto excursion.
  4. RE: Yacht Club Wristbands. No more blue YC wristbands.. All passengers get black “fitness tracker style” wristband with silicone band. Wristband must be worn all the time when outside the stateroom. Wristband of YC passengers are programmed to access Yacht Club and to operate Priority Elevators. No information if wristbands are waterproof.. I took my wristband off before going into the pool.
  5. We noticed the letter with the itinerary change when we first went to the stateroom. Travel documents still show the old itinerary. I guess it was a last minute change not announced to passengers ahead of embarkation.
  6. “operational reasons” ..as per letter in stateroom.. new itinerary listed with switched ports Jamaica and Bahamas and 2 consecutive days at Ocean Cay.
  7. .. MSC Meraviglia left Port of Miami at 5:00pm Saturday afternoon .. .. time stamp of photo 5:08pm ..
  8. Re: YC Restaurant & Top Sail Lounge .. some tables and seats are blocked off for social distancing. .. no condiments on table (sugar, salt & pepper, ketchup, jam, butter) .. waiter brings condiments on request.
  9. Re: Formal/Elegant Night .. No Elegant Night on this cruise. We were told it’s now called “Enhanced Night” and it’s more casual. I didn’t took my tuxedo on the cruise.. just suit & white shirt. 2 Enhanced Nights during this cruise. One on sea day (yesterday) and one on Ocean Cay (last night of cruise).
  10. We are currently on MSC Meraviglia, 7-day Caribbean, 10-16-2021 , Miami. Our first cruise since pre-pandemic Baltic Cruise in 09-2019 (MSC Meraviglia). Arrival by car at Port of Miami at 12:45pm ..dropped DW and luggage off at YC tent Terminal C ..drove car to Parking Garage G (for MSC passengers) ..took shuttle bus back to Terminal C (was the only passenger on shuttle bus) ..DW had luggage tagged ..pre-check documents (Boarding Passes, Passports, Health Declaration Forms, PCR Test Result Sheets) ..escorted to YC check-in (only couple in waiting area) ..escorted through port security onto ship directly to stateroom ..Arrival at Port 12:45pm ..in Stateroom 1:10pm ..registered credit card at concierge desk on way to YC restaurant for lunch ..back to stateroom , luggage was delivered ..4:15pm Safety Video (TV channel 4) and confirming via phone ..4:25pm walking staircase down to Assembly Station A (Broadway Theater) to get cruise card scanned ..6:00pm Dinner in YC restaurant ..9:00pm Show “Born to Rock” in Broadway Theater (for vaccinated passengers) MSC Meraviglia has capacity of 4,500+ passengers.. only 1,066 passengers on this cruise. YC occupancy is less than 50%. Itinerary has changed from: Ocean Cay -> Bahamas -> Jamaica -> Ocean Cay to: Jamaica -> Bahamas -> 2 days Ocean Cay Today is sea day, sailing from Miami to Jamaica. ..only handful of passengers in Galleria ..only few passengers in shops ..Yacht Club feels like private yacht at times..Lol Covid safety measurements: Temperature check daily at breakfast. Mask required indoors (except in restaurant and lounge). Crew is wearing mask. Mandatory sanitizing of hands in Galleria shops. Limited seating in Broadway Theater (social distancing). Impression so far after being 24 hours on the ship.. 10 out of 10 Service in YC is over-the-top superb.. YC Crew is very attentive.. Food in YC restaurant is very good.. It feels good to be back at sea..
  11. My wife and I are getting tested on a regular basis in our Lab. We only perform RT-PCR tests.. no Antigen tests. Regular Covid-19 PCR with same day turnaround time and Covid-19 PCR STAT test with 30 minutes turnaround time (STAT test includes Covid-19 and Influenza A/B). We don’t offer Rapid Antigen tests due to inaccuracies (false negative results).
  12. Entering credit card information doesn’t work at the moment.. I checked in and got the same message.. reviewed all information.. uploaded pics.. and had the docs send to my eMail.. printed all pages today.. including luggage tags & boarding passes.. All good for next weeks cruise.. ( MSC USA website. Meraviglia. Port of Miami )
  13. Request for Healthcare Hero Discount was processed and got approved overnight within only 12 hours.. very quick and painless procedure.. “Thank You” to MSC USA..
  14. I got the answer from MSC USA that Healthcare Hero Discount can be combined with Voyager Club 5% Discount but NOT with additional 15% Voyager Club Discount. I booked Caribbean cruise for October on short notice yesterday.. they applied VC 5% and 15% for immediate payment.. I submitted supporting documents for Healthcare Hero Discount.. approval of HCH Discount deleted 15% VC Discount from booking and added 30% HCH Discount .. plus 5% VC Discount.. I saved 30% and 5% .. the difference was credited to OBC.
  15. I got basically the same answer to my inquiry if Healthcare Heroes Discount and Voyagers Club Discount can be combined. They applied 30% Healthcare Heroes Discount and 5% Voyagers Club Discount but not the 15% Voyagers Club Discount in addition.
  16. MSC USA website shows different dates for cruises from Miami and Orlando (Port Canaveral).. “ Must book by November 14, 2021 “ WE WANT TO THANK YOU You deserve a vacation and we've got just what you need. Spread out and relax on over 2 miles of pristine beaches, rent a private cabana for the day with endless views of the ocean, or pamper yourself to a well-deserved beach side massage. Our exclusive private island, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is your rejuvenation getaway and exclusive only to MSC Cruises guests. What's more? Every cruise from Miami and Orlando (Port Canaveral) visits this tropical paradise. YOUR EXCLUSIVE OFFER: + UP TO 50% OFF (select sailings and discount based on season) Combinable with other promotions* Must book by November 14, 2021 and depart on or before April 30, 2022.
  17. CDC developed RT-PCR tests early when the pandemic started and no commercial tests were developed and/or available. CDC will discontinue these CDC developed tests by the end of 2021. Hospitals and Laboratories using these CDC developed tests are now required to implement commercial tests. There is no change of methodology.. it’s still PCR testing.. Hospitals and Laboratories can just no longer get the reagents from the CDC.
  18. We are using 2 kind of PCR testing methods in the Lab , both from Roche Diagnostics. PCR specific for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).. batch testing with same day turn-around and PCR for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) plus Influenza A & B on single specimen analyzer.. STAT test in 30 minutes. Since Covid-19 and Influenza A&B have similar symptoms the combination tests make sense but the cartridges are very expensive.. Roche added SARS-CoV-2 to the Influenza A&B cartridge in 2nd half of 2020. We have learned that insurances cover SARS-CoV-2 test but not the broader tests including Influenza A&B.
  19. Please provide source and/or proof of your statement.. Covid-19 PCR Test is considered “Gold Standard” in diagnosing infections.. No hospital or physician will rely only on Antigen Test. Antigen Test is for screening only.. Positive Antigen result needs confirmation by PCR and negative Antigen result (patient has symptoms) needs confirmation by PCR too since Antigen Tests are sometimes inaccurate. We have seen symptom free patients with up to 4+ weeks carrying active Covid-19 virus. They are highly infectious and can spread the virus.
  20. ICD-10 Diagnosis codes are usually not on Lab Results.. ICD-10 codes are required for submitting insurance claims. Which ICD-10 code is on the BinoxNOW Rapid AG result ? I am seriously interested from a professional view. Thanks. Lab EIN is not required for test resulting.. most companies don’t give out their EIN .. only for Tax purpose.. Most important is Lab CLIA number.. CLIA certifies accredited Clinical Laboratories.
  21. What have HIPPA regulations to do with it ?
  22. Are you saying Walgreens is administering Covid-19 booster (3rd) shots and violating FDA rules ? Who approved your 3rd shot ? I don’t understand the scenario.. Fact is that booster shots are not approved except for patients mentioned above .. as per today.
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