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  1. I got my full refund only after a dispute with my credit card company. A month ago my CC statement showed a new charge from Regent. It's says "REBILL from Regent for nearly $1,000! Today I see a credit from Regent for $329? The charge and credit makes zero sense. No email, no explanation of any kind for either. Please check your credit card statements everyone. The Regent folks are getting creepy now. Yes, I will dispute this new charge as well immediately.
  2. Even if you have an FCC from Regent, dispute it with your CC company and or insurance company. You will end up with your money back. Don't wait.
  3. I would suggest all who have their deposit or FCC that was originally on a credit card, immediately dispute the charges. You will get your money back via your bank getting involved.
  4. So sorry to report there is 4 dead on the Holland America Zaandam. Four passengers have died on a cruise ship near Panama after 138 crew members and guests reported flu-like symptoms. According to Holland America Line, four older guests died on the ship. https://wsvn.com/news/us-world/4-guests-dead-on-port-everglades-bound-cruise-ship-with-138-ill-people/
  5. Shippy Cool Cruiser July 21, 2001 2,805 posts Report post #1 Posted 3 hours ago Currently on Explorer. Yesterday, the captain assured us that there was no one sick onboard but corporate has dictated new safeguards would be put in place immediately. What we have noticed so far.... Had breakfast in LaVaranda. Half the stations closed down. You had to ask for everything, from jam to juice. NO more self servi
  6. The parent company is Norwegian Cruise Lines. NCLH (traded on the stock market) Onws Norwegian, Oceana and Regent. The company is more than sound financially.
  7. United is fee waver is for travel thru June 30 departures.
  8. Both United and American are already offering no change fees for flights thru April 30 for most of Italy. Also offering a future credit good for 24 months instead of refunds. Check the websites for more details. It's at the top of the landing page.
  9. I'm having trouble visualizing a luxury Regent cruise that has a say 25% to 50% of it's passengers with face masks on. At dinners, on excursions, in the spa, pool, theater and all the lovely spaces around the ship. Dinner jacket with tie and an N-95 mask or dressy gown with jewelry with your N-95 face mask in place for dinner.
  10. There are no courtesies being offered at this time. You forfeit all your money. Period. Their website only shows updates re/Covid 19 through Feb 28.
  11. All Italy schools and universities are closed until at least mid March. They are calling for all retired doctors to come back to work and accelerating nursing students credentials. They do not have enough doctors, nurses or hospital beds to respond to the crisis. This is not a good sign for those of us on the Splendor for upcoming cruises through the Mediterranean. COME ON REGENT! Give us all some options or update news!!!
  12. I've had zero emails or contact from Regent regarding my upcoming cruise to Venice except to remind me I need to fill out a health screening before I travel with them. Their website has very little and not up to date info on Corona virus with regards to the guests. If Regent does not match this offer, I will never travel with them again. I'm sticking with Viking.
  13. We too have an upcoming cruise with Regent. Regent has very little info on it's site and no communication with us so far. We are booked Barcelona to Venice April 30. There is no way the USA will allow a return from Venice without quarantine. Both United Air and American Air have allowed all booked flights to & from VCE (Venice) to change without fees. That will teach me to stray from Viking as well.
  14. I just got this from Viking Cruises. It's the right thing to do. If only Regent did the same for its customers. Dear Viking Guest, As you undoubtedly know, the coronavirus COVID-19 is causing concern in the general public and among those of us engaged in travel. At Viking, the safety and security of our guests and employees has always been our top priority. We have implemented enhanced health screening procedures for all guests and staff before boarding our vessels and everyone is required to complete a health care questionnaire before embarkation. We continue to reiterate t
  15. We are taking the Splendor Barcelona to Rome in late April. We are excited and ready to go. DH says alcohol kills germs...planning on enjoying as much as we can while participating on what will be a wonderful cruise. I love Rum. DH prefers Bourbon. :) I’m a hand washer in normal times. We’ve been on many cruise and land programs where fellow travelers came the first day with a cold/flu/bronchial thing. We watched it pass around to other guests. We have yet to become ill. Stop the fear and panic folks. Enjoy your lives.
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