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    Just off Ruby: March 15 (5 nighter)

    Hi! We have booked the Ruby for March 29th. Did you ladies check out the specialty dining? We are celebrating my husband's 40th birthday, just the two of us. I was wondering if you think it was worth it? First time taking Princess so we have no clue but thanks for your review!
  2. yukongrl

    Adventure Ocean/Babysitting ?'s

    Hi -- There are a couple of options- One is to hire an In -room babysitter - the child must be at least 1 year old- and it's 8.00 per hour up to 2 children. So if you have a group - you may have to work this out at the desk - they might want to assign a few babysitters. Or...If some of the kids are old enough or just older - and you want to spring for the extra money-- I think it's $5.00 per hour Per child, after the A.O.kids club closes until I think 1:00 they can stay for the late night- my son loved that -they watched movies, played games, and a few nights the Older A.O. room was not full so they let the 6 to 8 yr olds go into the older A.O. and they got to play video games- he thought that was awesome. I came in at 11:30 to pick him up and he asked me to come back later-- I was tired and wanted to go to bed! - so I gave him a half hour and begged him to come back to the room with me and my DH !! You should check the compasses listed on these boards they give you an idea of how the A.O. club works- many people do not realize that the A.O. club closes 2 to 3 times a day on sea days. At least you could plan some things in advance while makingsure the kids don't miss out on the Johnny rocket nights where the A.O. counselors take the kids to eat during the dinner hours! Good Luck & Have Fun!
  3. yukongrl

    Infant/Todler advice

    [quote name='rdy2cruz07']I know how terrible of me to want to bring my kids along right? I must me a terrible mother for wanting to spend time with my family. (SIC) Also with my husband traveling alot for work, he hardly sees them so this will be different and fun for us. Challenging yes, but you know when they are out of the house we will have all the time in the world to do things on our own, the boys are only young once. I think RCI only does in room sitting for those under 3 if I am correct. At least that will give us hopefully a couple of nights on our own after dinner and such so we will get enough of a mix of family and alone time. I agree, if it is that important for those to be on a crusie without children, there are cruise lines that will cater to those people.[/quote] Hi, - I think it's great bringing your kids - I do it every year and I cruise! I hate to say it but we do not bring anybody with us to help because we have a better time on our own with our kids - than to bring or beg somebody, we go with our own agenda -- based around how the kids are doing - and that way we are not ruining somebody elses plans - it's our vacation after all! there's no work schedules to keep, no sports for my son- and best of all no cell phones unless we power them on. Last year we traveled with our 2 children, ages 7 years( son) and 7 MONTHS ( daughter) we had a junior suite on the aft which is even larger than the normal Junior suite. We had so much fun, and the baby was with us in the dining room every night, sometimes our son was not because the kids club had a special dinner in Johnny Rockets and he would ditch us. ( ha ha ) We had a late seating for dinner and yes the baby was still up half the time because she would nap late it worked out - we mainly did beach excursions with the kids when we got off the ship. I know people leave older children on the ship to do excursions BUT I had never left my son behind to get off the ship to do an excursion-- makes me nervous that nobody could reach me if I am in the middle of the sea and there was an emergency! With the exception of last year because my daughter was only 7 months old- and they need to be a year old to have a babysitter in the cabin, I have used the inside babysitters since my son was 4 years old - they were great - the first time we used the service we met with the babysitter, Carolyn, (who was a house keeper during the day) she walked around with us for a while and then we took her to our cabin and our son was fine with the whole thing - so we went to a late dinner at Portofino - I called to check in and she said he was fine and watching tv, and then we came back with dessert for Carolyn - really we were just checking in - but it looked good! - our son was sleeping - so we went back out for another hour and then returned. We booked Carolyn 2 more times for a drink but after we had our son out until about 10:00 then we just got him ready for bed - he was ready to crash at that point and Carolyn took it from there. If you feel comfortable- leaving your guys - I say spend the day with them and then get them fed etc... and then try to run out for a short while like say an hour then call your room and see how things are going. If you walk right in the kids might not let you walk back out even though they are fine - once they see you it might be over! I would say if you can bump to a balcony I would-- while the kids are napping at least you and your husband can sit on the deck and have a drink - order room service and have a snack - or just vege without chasing your guys. This year we will be traveling with the kids and my daughter will be 19 months by the time of travel so I can agree it will be a challenge but it beats work!!! Last year I did bring a blow up pool- I did bring the car seat but it was an infant seat that locked into the coach, BRING disposable or should I say lose-able everything. LOTS of Diapers, Bibs if they will still wear them and LOTS Of clothes - they charge to even wash a baby's bib ($1.00.) Some how I thought they might cut a break for a baby like 2 bibs for a buck but no they do not! I would not bring car seats -they are heavy to lug - I have done it before, there is no wear to strap them into a taxi, or a bus -some people say they wait for a taxi with seat belts -good luck trying to find one! I would bring anything that makes your life easier - A back pack( carrier) that your child(ren) could fit into might be an idea - that's what I am planning to bring for my daughter. Bring something to keep your guys happy around the pool that they can not get into!! like small tub toys to put in the blow up pool. I also used the Fisher Price toddler time class - my daughter had a blast and was able to play with the other babies - there you find parents with ideas too! I recommend walkie talkies or renting a phone on board so in case you and your husband split up on the ship you can reach each other. Good Luck and Enjoy!!!
  4. Hi - I had a similar problem a few years ago with our son- He seemed like he was trained-- and then a month before the cruise--Only at my home, he started saying "oops Mommy" --which the end result was wet pants ! So we tried a reward system-- and that worked for a week, - but then it sarted up again-- only at home - not Pre-school -- it was making me crazy! He would just get invloved in an activity and get lazy and then well you know another accident would happen- Then my husband showed our son the ship on the computer and told him if he kept having accidents he would not be allowed in the pool or the kids club-- and at that rate he might want to stay home with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop while Mommy and Daddy go on the ship--- well that was the last accident- he made it onto the ship - no accidents at all - I was shocked - I thought he might be nervous on the plane ride- but he was a champ. As for you -- I am sure your patience is wearing thin - but it sounds like you have a lot going on at home. The only reason my son did not have accidents at his daycare/pre-school was that they refused to change his wet clothes for him-- If he had accident- he had to take the wet clothes off - clean up and re-dress - of course they would be right there- but he had to do it for himself-- I thought that was a little much - but he did potty train rather quickly. or at least so I thought!! but it does work out. My Mom said that our son would not go to College in diapers- but that wasn't a consolation. -- I agree I think Boys are just tough in the potty training department - my nephew was close to 4 when he got it mastered. My Mom had 3 daughters and we were all potty trained at 2 years old. -- So good luck and hang in there.
  5. yukongrl

    Infant Vacation Question

    Hello!!! We left our son with our parents - they split the week between the two sets of Grandparents -- Our son was 14 months at the time. I missed him soooo much, but I know my husband was just trying to give a tired Mommy a break. But he was having a problem missing the baby too! My phone bill was insane in our cabin-- that I would not recommend- buy phone cards and use them in port- or your cell is even cheaper then the ship --providing you get service. I could only get service in certain ports. We had a great cruise, But that was the first and last time we left him behind for an extended period of time. We now have our son who is 7 and our daughter is 14 months - it's a matter of personal preference but we take them with us on a huge vaction for 10 days, every year and then we take one weekend just for ourselves, you need to get a break. -- that I can handle. You guys may want to take a test run if you haven't already. And as my Mother In Law says/ laughs "You know, I raised 3 boys" -- She's all in good humor with that but she knows that I am attached to my rays of sunshine too!! -- Good Luck and listen to yourself!
  6. yukongrl

    All Things Mariner Of The Seas

    Hi Guys, This is a great thread--Thanks for the helpful Info. We are going on the Mariner October 2007 Western in a GS. Does any one have any suggestions for excursions with our DS who will be 8 years old and our DD who will be 18 months old by then. Our Son has been on 3 cruises And we cruised last year with both kids. Our DD who was 7 months old and did beach excursions with no problem - she loved it. She had never slept thru one night since being born BEFORE that cruise-- and then once we got back - she must of missed the rocking motion of the ocean, she went back to her horrible sleep patterns! I had read it somewhere on one of these threads, but now I can't find it:confused: -- about a private catamaran that has a lady captain-where a couple had taken their baby with them - they said it was pricy but totally worth it! but I forget all the details -- just thought I would throw the question out and see if any one has any ideas! Thanks! from another spoiled balcony gal :p
  7. yukongrl

    Babies on Caribbean Princess

    Thanks for the advice Stone Harbor and Toto. Seeing which it might be hard to find another couple who might want to do the swap-- not sure how I feel about that either. I know I would leave my baby with a crew memeber but not another couple???? I guess I am just still stunned about Expedia being misleading when I mentioned the baby's age at the time of travel and everything! At least the balcony dining would be an option. -- I didn't know they offered that service. Thanks again!!
  8. I NOW know that Princess does not offer in room babysitters as RCCL does - but does anyone know if there are any alternative - such as hiring somebody privately - We are loking for 1 dinner together, not a person to dump our 19 month old baby on for a full week. We booked with Princess after being misled by Expedia that they have group babysitting - but found out it's for potty trained children and most likely 3 and up. We already went on RCCL last year when she was 7 months old and had the in room babysitter privatley hired -our cabin steward arranged this RCCL only starts at 1 yr old for in room babysitters. Now we don't know if we should change our plans and change cruise lines, just for 1 dinner.
  9. yukongrl

    Taking a 4 mth old on cruise

    Hi if I may ask -- What cruise line are you going on?? We traveled last year with our 7 month old daughter on RCCL - Explorer of the Seas. And because we drove to the port we brought alot of bulky items if we flew we could not have brought things like an exasaucer -- I know your thinking - are you crazy on a ship-- but it was my husband's idea - and it worked out great - especially when we were both trying to get dressed on the formal night. I would say bring, a snugglie or a sling - it's great for walking around the ship and you don't have to wait for the elevators because of the coach. Bring lots of bibs - or a big box of disposable ones - RCCL charges for washing of bibs I think it was a dollar. Unless your ship has a passenger laundry facilty bring lots of changes of clothes. I would also get one of those Graco traveling bouncy seats it folds up very small. Also most ships do not allow babies in the pools no matter if you have a swim diaper or not. We brought a blow up plastic bath tub -- we only used to bath her but we planned to bring it to the kids wading pool and use. Also bring one of those Pop-Up mini baby tents for the beach. We met a couple who brought 2 cases of bottled water onto the ship to mix their babies formula they slapped labels on it and the crew brought it right to their room. I was told by a RCCL Rep. that we could NOT bring bottled water to mix formula. We traveled with a travel system - the Huge coach and the car -seat that locks in-- we used the car seat in a bus to the beach in St. Thomas. BUT there was no seatbelts so we held on to the handle tight! Alot of these boards can be very helpful so keep checking in from tme to time. I'll write you as I think of more stuff!!
  10. Dear PelicanBill, Thanks for the info-- we leave for the Voyager on Oct 21 st - We have our 6 year old son coming with us so please God he does not get sick - thanks for the info about the kids club NOt having pagers for parents for kids 6to8 -- that makes me a little nervous but I will call them to check in. So what kind of room/ suite are you guys in. Hoping things calm down soon and you can ENJOY the ship! Yukongrl
  11. yukongrl

    Kids club and children withADHD

    Hi - My son does not had ADHD -- he was four years old when we sailed the Navigator( 2003) he had an expressive speech delay at the time of our sailing and we asked as we were signing him up for the kids club in the aquanauts room if there would be a problem - they said no they have dealt with all types of kids. We only had one time in the middle of the cruise that our son had difficulty in the kids club -- but we had a pager on us at all times - and they paged us to let us know he was upset and we ran right over to the kids club -- he lost his shoe which they were trying to locate it but he was really upset even though we found it-- so we ended up leaving the area and then he wanted to go back but we made him hang out with us the rest of the night. but the very next day when he woke up he was looking to go back. I have to say the staff is wonderful with all the kids and if you tell them your situtation I am sure they will notify you if there are any problems. I was told by another passenger that they really try to keep your child happy and entertained because the more fun your child is having the more fun the adults can have and buy more drinks, etc.... We never left our son on the ship "alone" in the kids club - to go on a land excursion - I couldn't do it, because I was too nervous to leave our son and the pagers do not work off ship. Other than the mentioned incident, My son always wanted to go the kids club which we convinced him that he could spend all day with us and then after dinner he could stay as long as he wanted in the kids club -- in which we had to beg him out of there at the end of the night - he kept saying " No Mommy - No Daddy, go back to work - I'm with my friends" Good Luck in your venture !
  12. Radio - Thanks for the great info and pics - it really helps us knowing about what we should expect - we have never left from this pier -- We are sailing on the Voyager on Oct 21st to the western carribean. Did you leave your car at your hotel parking lot -- or are you parking at the pier? thanks for all your helpful info- yukongrl
  13. yukongrl

    Miami hotel for pre-cruise stay?

    Hi, we stayed at the Holiday Inn - same places as the other posters recommended above,--in October 2003, I have to say - it was super clean and the people were very nice and we walked right across the street to what I referred to as an outdoor type mall- Bubba Gump's was there- although we didn't eat there I heard it is good. My son (just turned 4 at the time) adored the fact that there was a few rides to go on. and there were other shops and restaurants to choose from. I booked directly with the hotel through their website for Holiday Inn- and got an online reservation special rate $68.00!!!! which you had to be charged for immediately for at the time of booking but we didn't care about that it was CHEAP!! for a King size bed and when we woke up in the morning we could see the ships at the pier from our room. we took a cab over to the pier for I think about $8.00 but we had a babyjogger and alot of luggage to bring over to the ship so we had the front desk call for a MINI VAN Cab - so it might be cheaper, if your just taking a regular cab over to the pier. I highly recommend the Holiday Inn, I would stay there again. ;)
  14. yukongrl

    Live from the Voyager 8/28/2005

    Hi we are going on the voyager out of Cape Liberty- Bayonne NJ, October 21st, 2005, We wanted to know how things were at Cape Liberty - and what time you arrived at the port. we have never left from Cape Liberty before and we don't know what to expect. And when you mention vibration - do you mean rocking of the ship? Enjoy your cruise and hope the weather improves QUICKLY! :p
  15. When I was there in 2000 -- they did have wine and a great selection! I bought several bottles and my Dh got 3 cases of beer -- we had no problem getting them on board and into our room and the cabin steward made sure everything was kept ice cold for us. We never brought the wine to the formal dining room.